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Gwen's POV

"I had already made it clear that I don't want any surprises ," I said. It was my 19th birthday. I knew Ben and Kevin were planning something big but I didn't want big. I just wanted to spend the day with Kevin . Like, just the two of us.

I looked around my house. It was beautifully decorated with balloons and stuff. There were so many people- and a few aliens as well. There were so many presents plied up on the table.

"C'mon Dweeb , it's your birthday , we couldn't just let it pass," Ben smiled warmly. "I think you should get into your party outfit." He said glancing down at my Donald Duck pajamas. "Oh , and by the way , Julie's waiting in your room ," he called out as I was walking up the stairs.

"Need help getting dressed, princess?" Kevin teased appearing out of nowhere onto the stairs. A crooked smile-the one I have always loved- spread on his lips.

"I'm obliged, but no." I stuck out my tongue at him and raced upstairs to my room. As I entered my room panting, I saw Julie look up from her phone.

"Happy birthday." She exclaimed and came running towards me and enveloped me into a tight hug.

"Not 12 yet." I informed.

"I know. Now , pick one ," Julie said opening my closet. I took out a box from the back of the closet that contained a new dress I had bought just for this occasion. And for Kevin.

It was a red colored V-plunge maxi. "It is perfect," Julie murmured in appreciation. I got dressed and then Julie helped me with make-up. When I was done, I stared at myself in the mirror. Each strand of my fiery red hair was curled up beautifully.

"I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin faints." Julie joked. I laughed at what she said.

"This wasn't what you planned, was it?" Julie asked. Girls can always read each other's minds.

"No , not really. I wanted to spend my birthday with Kevin. Just me and him, you know?" I sighed.

"You really love him, don't you?"

" As much as you love my cousin!" We laughed. Someone knocked at the door. It was my Mom and Dad.

"You look so beautiful, sweetheart!" Mom said. I only smiled.

"You're ready?" Dad asked.

" Just one thing," I quickly put on the necklace Kevin had given me. "Keep me in your memories ," he had said. I smiled at the memory. " Ready."

As I went downstairs, everyone turned to look at me, which made blush a little. All the boys looked dapper in smart tuxes , though I wasn't surprised to find Grandpa in his vacation clothes. All the ladies wore beautiful dresses and looked gorgeous , even my surprise visitor- my Grandma- who was in her human form.

Everyone then started giving me presents.

Grandpa gave me an old spellbook. It belonged to some great sorceress. Helen , Manny, Alan and Pierce gave me an intergalactic ATV. Cooper gave me a small box and a folded letter. He wanted to read it when I was alone, and of course he couldn't contain his blush as he handed it out to me. I was Grandma's turn next. She took out something from her pocket and gave it to me. I gasped. It was the Charm of Pyrokinesis.

"Where did you get it ?" I asked her. " All Charms of bezel were destroyed."

"My old friend named Tatia gave it to me," she said. " She is sorceress, too. Much more powerful than Charmcaster or Hex."

"Whoa! Thanks Grandma." I smiled.

I turned to look at Kevin. He flashed that brilliant smile of his. In these four years, I understood what true love is. I couldn't bear the thought of being separated from him.

I stretched my hand out, in anticipation of a gift from him.

" Let's get out of here first ," He offered.

I turned back to see if anyone was looking. Everyone seemed busy , talking to each other. I quickly made an escape.

We walked out, hand in hand. We got into Kevin's car and he drove us to Grandpa's favorite fishing hole. Kevin parked his car near the tree on which Grandma had written ' Max+Verdona'. As we got out of car, he pulled me closer to him and kissed me. Just as it was beginning to get heated up, he pulled away.

"Why did you stop?"

"It's time for your gift." He replied sweetly. He then pulled out a box from his pocket and got down on me knee . It took me a moment to process everything that happened. I was nearly paralyzed with excitement .

Kevin opened the box. Inside it was a beautiful cushion-cut diamond ring.

"Kevin-" I started but he interrupted me.

" Will you marry me, Gwen?" he asked. He just proposed to me. Kevin Levin just proposed to me. The love of my life just proposed to me. I felt the tears of happiness come quickly to my eyes.

" Of course, I will." I said and flung onto him.

I heard Kevin groan beneath me.

" What happened- ahhh!" I could feel a needle pierce through me. I lost my balance and fell to the ground . So did Kevin.