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A few months ago

Darkstar squatted on the floor against a wall in his secret hiding place. He had finally managed to escapefrom the Null Void. He was as energy hungry as always, though. There were many drained bodies lying around him. A bunch of highschool girls couldn't give him what he needed.

His thoughts then drifted to Gwen. And to Kevin. In this state of hunger and anger, he planned various schemes in his head to kill Kevin. He wanted Gwen all to himself, not as a 'trophy' like he wanted years ago, but as a soulmate, a lover.

" You don't hide very well," a voice broke into his thoughts.

Darkstar gasped. He couldn't see whoever it was in the dark, but it sound a lot like Gwen. When put on the lights, he saw a girl who resembled Gwen a lot, except that she had black hair and bright blue eyes.

"Who are you?"

"Babe, we share the same goals," the girl said. " I am Sunny, Gwen's cousin. And I am here to ask you for help," Sunny said.

"For what?"

"I want to tear Gwen's senses apart, and what better way than to keep that boyfriend of hers away. And I know some real tactics to make her suffer..." she smiled an evil smile.

"And you think, I am gonna help YOU with that?" he glared at Sunny.

" I see someone got the hots for my couz!" she teased him. " And what about that Levin boy? You friends with him too?" Sunny asked, very aware of the response.

" I want to kill Kevin Levin," he snarled.

" Now we're talking," Sunny laughed, " help me get to Kevin and then you can do whatever you want with your precious girl."

Mike considered the proposal for a moment.

" Fine. But I need you to give me something in return for my help."


" Energy. Manna."

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