Chapter 1: time to get our game face on.

author note: Lupin the Third special operation return treasure and RWBY cross cover special. I do not own anything.

after when Lupin stole all the money from the casino.

meanwhile somewhere else Weiss was walking and her summer outfit.

to do on the summer vacation? Weiss said.

where I first to have fun. Weiss said.

I can take you somewhere for fun. Lupin said behind Weiss.

Weiss jumped with surprised to see a Lupin.

Lupin when did you got here? Weiss asked.

Lupin open the door for Weiss, she got in the Fiat. they drove off.

Lupin did not know that Cardin and his Pals were watching him.

damn Lupin here to!? Cardin said with rage.

look like they're not doing anything. Dove said calmly.

besides it's summer vacation we should just take a day off. Russell said.

I don't care we should follow them! Cardin said very angrily.

I'm going to get that asshole for what you did to me, for humiliating me making me look like an idiot! Cardin said with rage.

man he is really can't take a break. Sky said.

Cardin buy the Lamborghini from the car shop and followed them.

To Be Continued...

Arthur notes: the special of Lupin the Third Return to Treasure and RWBY this special will be good. team RWBY, team JNPR, team CAML and team CRDL are in the story. hope you like it see you in the next chapter. :)