Just before the bell, the hallway is filled with students heading to their classes, Tatum and Stu at their lockers with Sydney. "This is a mistake. I shouldn't be here." Sydney said looking at Tatum and Stu whom turned to face her. "Oh come on Syd. It'll be boring if you just stayed home right?" he asked looking between Tatum and Sydney. The blonde just rolled her eyes and looked at Sydney "I want you to meet me right after class. Ok?" Tatum asked as Sydney nodded.

Billy appears in the crowd. Loke tagging along. "Shit. What is he doing here?" Tatum scoffed rolling her eyes as Stu looked over. "Awe man, he looks pissed" he said with a small sigh. "You're right Stu. He's pissed at the both of us" Sydney said looking at him. Tatum looked at Sydney and Stu "Just ignore him Syd, you had a good reason to do what you did" she sighed before looking at Stu. "And thanks for siding with us Stu" she said with a smile as he smiled back. Billy and Loke approach, Billy's face had a soft expression.

"Hey Syd... Can we talk?" Billy asked looking at her. Sydney could barely look at Billy, Tatum intervenes "You know if i was accused of carving up two people, I'd take the opportunity to skip school" Tatum said rudely eyeing the dirty blonde man. "Go easy on him Tate. He didn't do it" Stu softly said looking at his girlfriend. "Actually." Loke began looking at Tatum pointing at her. "That's a pretty good answer" he said with a chuckle.

"Please. Talk to me Syd" Billy said looking at her. Suddenly a scream erupts. All eyes go to a ghost masked student running down the hall screaming wildly. He passes and the group glared. Everyone besides Stu who was laughing. "Why are they doing this?" Sydney asked fear masked with sorrow. "Are you kidding? This is like Christmas" Stu said with a laugh. Billy glared as he punched Stu in the side. "Owwwww" Stu said holding his side. "Easy easy" Loke said looking at Billy. "I'm talking to you later Stu" Billy said, an angry undertone in his voice. Believing that last night Stu turned his back on him.

"You open your mouth and stupidity spills out!" Billy hissed as Stu looked down. "I'm sorry Billy" Stu sadly said, Tatum glaring. "Hey! Lay off Billy!" Tatum growled now standing next to Stu. "Before I punch you for him!" She hissed. Clearly upset Sydney takes off down the hall Billy in quick pursuit. Stay away from her Billy!" Tatum yelled angrily before looking at Stu. "You need to crack him in the face next time" Tatum said before walking away. Loke looked at Stu with a shrug. "Seriously man. Are you sure Billy is even a friend?" Loke asked before walking off as well.

With first period underway the halls cleared, one or two distressed students running to class. Sydney quickly moves down the hall, rounding the corner running right into Billy. The two collide hard catching Sydney off guard scaring the life out of her. Sending her reeling backwards, Billy catching her before she fell. "Jesus! Shit!" Sydney yelled in fear and surprise. "Hey, hey. It's just me" Billy said offering a smile. Sydney quickly pulls away from him eyeing him warily. Billy's smile disappeared. "You still think it's me?" Billy asked with a sigh.

Sydney catches her breath "No.. I don't... But Jesus Billy someone was there. someone tried to kill me" she said looking at him. "Yeah, and the cops said i scared him off. It wasn't me" Billy replied with a shrug. "I know. He called me when I was at Tatums house. Attacked Loke and Casey at his dad's gym." Sydney explained. "See it couldn't have been me. I was in jail that night" Billy said looking at her desperately hoping that she didn't think he was a psycho killer.

"Billy. I. I'm sorry. Please understand" Sydney sighed as Billy was shaking his head with a sigh "Understand what? That I have a girlfriend who'd rather accuse me of being a psychopathic killer than touch me." Billy asked with narrowed eyes, clearly pissed. "Billy. You know that's not true' Sydney said looking at him. "Then what is it? Is there someone else?" he asked looking at her.

"What are you saying? Of course not!" Sydney replied immediately. "Is it the sex thing? Am I being too pushy?" he asked confused. "No. It's been a year since she died" Sydney said referring to her mother. "It's been a year Syd" Billy replied with a sigh. "Tomorrow. One year tomorrow" Sydney said correcting him. "When are you gonna let that go? When my mom left my dad- I accepted it. That's the way it is. She isn't coming back" Billy explained.

"Your parents split up! It's not the same thing. Your mom left town. She isn't in a coffin somewhere!" Sydney said sharply. "Come on Syd. You gotta move on" Billy sighed. Sydney glared at him before turning her back "I'm glad you're coping so well with life Billy. But some of us aren't so perfect. Some of us are trying to hold on" Sydney said storming off leaving Billy alone. He slaps his forehead pissed with himself. "Idiot!" he muttered

Sydney enters the bathroom as two girls were midway in a conversation from their respective stalls. "She was never attacked i think she made it up" The first girl said. "Why lie about it?" The second girl asked. She seemed to be a decent human being. "For attention. The girl has issues" Girl #1 said with a chuckle. "Ok. What about Loke and Casey?" Girl #2 asked curiosity filling her "He may be telling the truth" the first girl said as girl #2 laughed. "You only think that because you slept with him"

Sydney listened intently a toilet flushes and Sydney rushes to a stall. hiding just as the two girls left their stalls, wearing cheerleader uniforms. Girl #1 looked like a generic stereotypical bitchy blonde. And the other was a brunette. Both were very attractive so Loke being the playboy he is, she was probably right about the blonde sleeping with him.

"What if she did? What if she killed Veronica and Matt. Attacked Loke and Casey" girl #1 said as she looked into the mirror putting on pink lip stick. "And why would she do that?" Girl #2 asked "Maybe she was hot for Matt. And killed them both in a blind rage. Maybe Loke wouldn't sleep with her so she attacked him and Casey" the blonde explained.

"Why would Sydney want Matt or Loke. She has her own bubble but boyfriend Billy" girl #2 replied. "Maybe she's a slut like her mom" the blonde chuckled coldly. Inside the stall Sydney listens, her face weakening. "You're an evil bitch" Girl #2 laughed.

"Please, her Mom was a slut." Girl #1 said as the two snotty girls stand in front of the mirror adjusting their faces. "Cut her some slack. She watched her mother get slaughtered" the brunette said looking at the blonde. "And it fucked her up royally. I mean think about it. It makes perfect sense. Her mom's death leaves her distraught and hostile as a cruel and inhumane world, she's disillusioned. Completely suicidal. And one day she snaps. She wants to kill herself, and realizes teen suicide is out this year and homicide is a much healthier therapeutic expression."

From the stall Sydney listens. Her heart pounding. Her jaw quivering. "Where do you get this shit?" Girl #2 asked "Ricki Lake" the blonde replied as the two girls left the bathroom.

Sydney leaves the stall fighting tears, catching her reflection in the mirror. "Pathetic" she muttered. Water drips from a leaky pipe as the wind whistles in from the crack transom above the bathroom door. It almost sounded like someone was whispering her name.

She spins around "What the..." she muttered curiously. Sydney checks the bathroom. The doors to the stalls closed. She scans underneath the doors looking for feet. A no go. Sydney looks back to the mirror but suddenly someone whispered her name again. It's unmistakable this time. The voice strikes Sydney like a nail through the eye.

"Is someone there?" Sydney asked looking around the bathroom. Heart racing. A long silence. But out of nowhere a voice rang out. "Guess who Sydney" a soft and simple voice came.

Sydney spins around. Fuck no! He's here! Terror floods through her body. She eyes the exit. Then the row of stalls she has to pass to get to it. She checks them again. Nothing. Where the fuck is this creep? She takes a step forward when.

Two feet step down from a toilet onto the floor in the last stall. Sydney's face draws tight as the stall door begins to creak open. She booked it forward. Making a run for it. But slips on the wet floor sending her off of her feet. Sydney reaches out grabbing onto the sink saving herself from falling. She glimpses a ghost mask in the mirror coming for her. A hand grabs her shoulder before she turns around grabbing his head slamming it into the mirror and ran out of the door.

Sydney slammed into a man moments after she exited, before she falls two hands grab her shoulders. A familiar voice ringing out "Shh. It's ok. It's me. Your safe" It's Loke. Sydney looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. Without hesitation she hugged him tightly sobbing into his shirt. "Why is this happening to us?" she sobbed. "I don't know Syd" Loke sighed hugging her back