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Amy's faint snore was the music to her room. The sun was out and honking cars were heard outside. Another school day which meant another day for Amy to be home alone. She groaned and hid her head under her pillow, refusing to open her eyes. But the sounds of outside was enough to wake her up. She annoyingly sat up and stretched her arms.

Amy lightly yawned and rubbed her eyes. She looked out her window and spotted teens around her age walking towards the direction of school. Amy sighed and got out of her bed. She was for sure not going out again. But what could she do at home?

"What the hell can I do around here?" Amy asked, looking around her room. As she looked around, nothing had caught her interest. She decided to freshen up first and walked to the bathroom.

After 10 minutes in the bathroom, Amy made her way to her closet and picked out the first outfit she saw. A pair of black leggings with an oversized white shirt was definitely the mood she was in. She placed a pair of sandals on and tied her quills in a high pony.

"Oh yeah. I am feeling this. Now, I am kind of hungry…I'll eat and then figure out what to do." She thought as she walked downstairs.

"Ugh, I am so done with school." Sonic groaned, banging his head on his locker.

"The school year just started though…" Silver chuckled.

"We still have until June Sonic." Shadow rolled his eyes.

Sonic whined and closed his locker, walking away with Shadow and Silver. As they were walking down the halls, a bunch of girls had surrounded them, asking them a bunch of questions while others flirted. Sonic rolled his eyes while Silver and Shadow simply ignored them.

"I don't know how much longer I can take all of this." Sonic mumbled.

"Tell me about it. If only we had girlfriends already this wouldn't be a problem." Silver replied.

"Hey idiots." A cocky voice greeted.

"What the hell do you want Scourge?" Sonic asked, growling.

Scourge shrugged. "Nothing. Just wondering where that cute pinky friend of yours was."

"Leave her alone." Silver spat.

"And how are you going to make me?" Scourge smirked.

"We won't. But you'll be asking for it if we see you near her. She's not going to be with someone like you." Shadow responded, shaking his head.

"Describe 'someone like you.'"

"Well-" Sonic started.

"Shut up. I don't want to hear it. You can't hide her from me. Who is she to you guys anyway?"

"Our sister." The 3 responded in unison.

"I see…interesting. Well, see ya around losers." Scourge said as he walked away.

"One of these days I am going to lose it." Sonic mumbled.

"You just want attention! You don't want my heart. Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new." Amy sang as she washed the dishes. After eating her breakfast, she washed her dishes. She was always raised to do the simple things around any house. Whether it was washing the dishes or sweeping the floor.

"Yeah you just want attention. I knew from the start. You're just making sure I'm never getting over you. Ohhhhh" Amy continued singing as she danced around the kitchen.

A/N: I am so sorry but this song by Charlie Puth is my life.

"Ugh it's barely 9 am. What am I going to do until the boys arrived at 4? Hm…maybe I can just take some random quizzes on my computer. Yeah! I'll do that!" Amy remarked as she ran to her room. She sat on her chair and logged on to the home screen.

"Let's see…what quiz should I do? Oh! Maybe what element am I?" Amy asked herself, clicking on the page.

"What is my favorite color? Uhh let's go pink. What is my favorite season? Hm…I guess winter. Favorite food? What does food have to do with elements?" Amy asked laughing.

Hours had passed and Amy hadn't realized how the clock had gone by so fast. She was very into the quizzes that she was unaware of noises downstairs. Amy yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"I need a nap…" Amy mumbled, walking to her bed and slowly making her way on it. She pulled her blanket and hid under the pillows. In a few seconds she was already out. Her door slowly opened revealing Sonic. He looked towards the bright that had caught his eye and walked up to it.

You are Cotton Candy!

You are bubbly and sweet. You love positivity and making new friends. You are sensitive and love to have a good laugh. But, you sometimes lack confidence and that's something you should work on. Good things will come your way soon.

Sonic read what was on the screen and chuckled, looking at Amy. He closed her computer and quietly walked out of her room. He walked downstairs and met with his brothers who were in the kitchen doing homework.

"Geez, you guys start without me. You know I hate being behind." Sonic sighed taking his homework out from his backpack.

"Where's Amy?" Silver asked.

"Sleeping. I guess she spent the whole day taking quizzes. She must've been bored." Sonic shrugged.

"Well, I mean…she has nothing to do here really. I don't want to risk her getting lost either. Especially with Scourge and his gang around the city all the time." Shadow rolled his eyes.

"Wait, did you show Amy the game room?" Sonic asked, looking at Silver.

Silver face palmed. "I forgot about that! Oh gosh. Do you think she's a gamer?" Silver asked.

"Maybe. When she wakes up maybe we can ask. We have a ton of games." Sonic excitedly replied.

"Less talking and more homework." Shadow mumbled.

"Party pooper." Sonic and Silver spat.

"AMES WAKE UP!" Sonic yelled, shaking her.

Amy was startled and immediately woke up. Her head quickly looked around and her eyes scanned the room. Amy's eyes met Sonic's and she screamed.

"Sonic what the heck! Why did you scream?!" She asked, annoyed.

"You've been asleep for about 3 hours now and I was concerned." He grinned.

Amy laid back down and covered her face with her blanket.

"No more sleeping!" Sonic whined as he grabbed her by the feet and dragged her out of bed. Amy held onto her bed like her life depended on it but luck was not on her side.

"Soooooonic what are you doing?!" Amy asked as she was being dragged.

"It's a surprise." Sonic chuckled as he walked further into the hallway.

"Are you going to kill me?" Amy asked, closing her eyes.

"Maybe." He replied.

"You idiot you dragged her out of bed?!" Shadow asked, walking up to Sonic with his arms crossed.

"Oh my gosh! This is hilarious!" Silver laughed.

"What is all of this about? I was sleeping!" Amy cried.

"We introduce you to our game room!" Sonic introduced.

"Woah! Look at this place! There's everything here!" Amy excitedly remarked.

On one side of the room, a flat screen TV was hanged against the wall under a fancy looking drawer that contained games and controls. A bunch of bean bags surrounded the area. On the other side of the room, a series of arcade machines were all perfectly lined up next to each other. In the middle of the room were 3 small tables that consisted of ping pong, Pool, and foosball. The walls were colored a dark purple to give the room the arcade vibe. A white cabinet was next to the door that was full of board games. A mini fridge was spotted next to the arcade machines.

A series of random colored carpets were placed all over the floor. Amy was in awe, not believing what she was seeing. Shadow lightly chuckled while Silver excitedly jumped and Sonic crossed his arms grinning.

"I-I don't know what to say…" Amy was able to say.

"Then don't say anything! Just play with us!" Sonic offered.

Amy nodded.


"Silver he's right next to you…" Shadow growled.

"Shoot. I didn't think anyone was able to break my record. You guys couldn't do it…" Sonic said as he watched Amy dance.

"Is the song almost done?" Amy asked, taking deep breaths.

"Almost. But I doubt you'll master that gold mo-" Sonic remarked until his eyes widened.

"OHHHH SHE DID IT!" Silver yelled, jumping on the bean bag. Shadow rolled his eyes but applauded. Sonic's jaw dropped. Amy turned around and wiped a small bead of sweat forming on her forehead. She sat down and relaxed her body.

"That was so intense. I don't want to get up." Amy muttered.

"Okay I am impressed that you beat my record by a couple of points but let's see how you'll do in this shooting game." Sonic smirked.

"How about we play in teams first? She needs to warm up." Shadow suggested.


"I'm sorry! You were approaching me and I panicked." Amy chuckled.

"Okay your goal is to get to that target without getting killed." Sonic explained.

Amy nodded.

"W-W-Wait! No! That's me!" Sonic yelled, rolling off his bean bag.

"Haha suckers!" Shadow smirked.

"Oh no!" Amy said, pressing the button as fast as she could.

"Amy no!" Shadow frowned.

"Great. You just killed your team." Silver sighed.

"Heh, Sorry…" Amy nervously laughed.

"Okay well shooting games isn't your thing so how about ping pong?" Sonic suggested.

"Alright! Let's do doubles! I call Amy!" Silver said, standing next to her.

"Fine then." Sonic rolled his eyes.

A few minutes later…

"Oh! Nice hit Amy!" Silver commented.

"Thanks." Amy smiled.

"No fair! You two have fast reflexes." Sonic whined.

"And you call yourself the fastest thing alive?" Silver laughed.

"BURN!" Amy laughed.

Sonic and Shadow growled. They both looked at each other and nodded with a serious face. Before Amy and Silver knew it, they were being hit with multiple ping pong balls. They both screamed and ducked under the table for protection.

"That hurt!" Amy said, rubbing her arm.

"Cheaters!" Silver remarked.

"Never underestimate our speed kills." Sonic replied.

"Now what?" Shadow asked.

"Hm…life?" Silver recommended.

"Sure why not?" Sonic shrugged.

The 4 got themselves comfortable enough to play a round of Life. Sonic took out the box and separated the pieces and cards. The money was perfectly stacked with the different colors.

"I call pink car!" Amy called.

"Blue for me." Sonic said.

"Red I guess." Shadow shrugged.

"I like the yellow one." Silver exclaimed.

A few minutes into the game, Amy was the first one to land on the marriage spot. She blushed and looked at her car piece alng with her small pink figure.

"Ohh Amy is getting married! You know what that means." Sonic teased.

"BABY!" Silver chuckled.

"Psh…who says I'm going to have kids?" Amy asked, frowning.

A few more minutes later.

"TWINS!?" Amy shrieked.

Sonic and Silver laughed. Shadow rolled his eyes.

"2 girls huh?" Amy shrugged.

"Better step my game up. I am behind." Silver sighed.

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