1 Year Old: Quality Time with Uncle Jace

Dark blue eyes, tight in concern, laced in anxiety, glanced over at the clock for the fifteenth time in the last minute.

That clock was mocking him, the small hand firmly stuck on the six, the big hand moving at a pace that made a snail seem like a cheetah.

Wait…it was moving…it was moving…

Then, as if to mock, swept back to its original spot, six ten.

Damn it!

"Alexander, you need to calm down. I can feel the wheels in your head turning and they sound rusty." Magnus said.

If Alec was the picture of anxiety, Magnus was the picture of serenity, perched on the couch, helping himself to a vodka soda as he flipped through the pages of his magazine. As if their son hadn't been out with a manaic all day.

"You are the one who okayed the little uncle and nephew trip." Magnus added.

"I didn't think Jace was serious." Alec defended. He hardly was.

Usually Magnus and Isabelle were in charge of clothes-shopping for Simon, talking the toddler with them, going all out and coming back to the loft apartment with over twenty to thirty bags. Only Izzy was taking over a weapons class at the Academy as a favor for a friend, Magnus had a few customers coming in for potions and spells, and Simon was still in need of new clothes since a good eighty percent of his were already in the hamper.

This afternoon, Alec was trying to think of the best places he could take Simon when out of the blue Jace dropped as a volunteer.

"Why?" Alec asked, suspicious. Simon was innocently playing with his Star Wars plushie on Alec's lap.

Jace brushed him off with a one-shoulder shrug. In all the year he'd known him, his brother never did anything without some agenda. "Just wanting to spend time with my nephew."


Jace turned that sly smile over to Simon. "Whatca say, Si? Wanna hang out with your favorite uncle?"

Simon giggled and didn't resist when Jace pulled up, propped him on his hip, and left with a two-finger salute.

"See you later."

Alec watched him with an uneasy twinge churning his stomach. Now that twinge grew into a ten-pound lead weighting down on his gut.

"Next time I ever let Jace be alone with Simon-"

"Someone call my name?"

Heads whirled over to the door, where Jace leaned against the frame, wearing that sly smile.

"Warlock, worry wart," he announced, sliding right in. "Presenting the new and improved Simon Lewis." Jace let out a sharp whistle and coming in waddling was Simon.

Or someone who looked like Simon.

Cloaked in a black leather jacket over a black t-shirt, dark jeans, and dark shades to complete the look. He was even pulling off the same pose as Jace, hands tucked into his pockets, head tilted back. Like a miniature Jace.

Oh dear God..."What have you done to my baby?" Alec asked, horrified.

"I thought it'd be fun to give him a little makeover."

"Where? Hell's heathens?"

'at," Simon said. "to."


"'atto." Simon tugged the left sleeve of his jacket to reveal to Alec's horror, something black smudged on his upper arm.

Magnus came over and kneeled down, stretching the arm out so he could read it. "Born to Misbehave."

"Jace!" Alec stormed over to him.

"Relax," he laughed. "It washes right off. And you're making a bigger deal about it than it actually is. It's not that different from the standard Shadowhunter gear."

Except for the fact Alec didn't want his son anywhere, anyplace, any part near their Shadowhunter life, but that was a whole other story for a whole other day.

"Alright, Danny Zuko," Alec scooped Simon into his arms and tickled his stomach. "Let's give you a bath and clear that tattoo off. Then we'll donate your new costume to the fireplace and kill your uncle later."

Simon giggled.

As soon as they were out of hearing range, Magnus casually slide next to Jace and asked, "So how many numbers did you get?"

Jace smiled, caught. Alec may not had guessed Jace's sudden act of kindness, but Magnus quickly put the pieces together, noticing how the days after Jace's time with Simon, the rest of his week would be booked with dates charmed by the caring uncle with his adorable nephew.

"Simon outdid himself. Helped me get ten phone numbers, including the tattoo artist from the shop who did it for free."

Magnus arched a brow. "The tattoo or you?"

His reply was a cheeky smile.

"Well, so glad you enjoyed yourself."

Jace was under the impression Magnus didn't mind his flirting game. It was honestly a win-win situation. He got to hang out with his nephew, Simon helped him win dates.

Or so he thought until he was woken up the next morning by the shrilled screams of his "date" who tumbled out of bed, naked, backing away from him like he was a monster.

A monster with swollen, red lips that looked they were sealed inside tiny jars three hours straight with puffy, blown-out cheeks like they were stuffed with cotton balls.

Written in red lipstick across the dresser's room was:

Next shopping trip, try to be a little more creative. And the next time you use

my son as a dating chip, you'll get webbed feet to match


That little conniving- "MAGNUS!"