Gate, a mysterious structure that appeared in Japan opening a gateway to another world, this one of fantasy. Who is to say this is the first time it opened on our planet? The gate has demonstrated on the other side lays creatures only found in our myths, even having similar if not identical names. Our myths had to come from somewhere and they can always have a grain of truth,

What if the gate opened in the past and let some of these creatures come through, it would explain some of our myths and ideas of magic. Who is to say the gate doesn't just open shortly and takes random people as well, there are many cases of mysterious disappearances every year of people vanishing without a trace.

So the idea for this is what if an archeologist was investigating an ancient ruin and found in inactive gate. While examining it he accidently turned it on shortly and was walked in to see what was on other side only for the gate to shut down and leave him stranded. Now he/she must survive in this new world, what he/she might do is full of possibilities, at least until the JSDF comes from another gate at Alnus Hill.