This is a poem, Obviously! Well it was meant to be written in the perspective of Yuri, (if he did write poems)

Yuri: Me write poems, you have to be kiddin' I cant even write.

That's true but I make up what you can do, so you wrote this okay and be proud, its rather good.

Yuri; *coughs* yeah right.

Ohh be quiet. It has to do with Alice being so shy, and how she wont give into her feelings. (The only problem is that its a little soppy)

Yuri; HEY! That isn't fair I can't write besides I don't do soppy.

Tough, don't pick on me boy, you don't know what I'm able to do, grrr! (heh that should have scared him) *Yuri runs away*

Never leave, just hold me

If I could hold you would you turn away?

Would you shy away from me because you care,

Thinking that if you had to leave me, it would be for the best,

You trying your hardest not to hurt me.

But don't you understand I fought for you,

Making sure no-one would take you away,

For you I have been to the ends of the world,

And I would do it again.

Just so I am close,

To your light,

To your love,

To your soul.

With you I want to spend my life,

Time would stand still,

It would be just us,

You are the only thing that signifies life,

Never again would I let you out of my sight,

Just in case the opportunity to be with you passed,

If you could hold me, would you leave my arms, in search of something new?

Would you leave me behind?