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Skipper loved his boys. That much was clear. He would do anything for them and to ensure their safety. Including...give himself in to their nefarious foe Doctor Blowhole.

A shiver went through Skipper's body. A ghostly chill. He could only imagine what would be his fate once he gave himself up. Would he be tortured? Brainwashed? Killed instantly? Kept prisoner?

The possibilities were endless and not at all pretty to think about. He tried not to think. He could think after he surrendered himself. Only then would he allow himself to think of his own fate. When Kowalski, Private, and Rico's fate didn't hang in the balance.

Skipper quietly slipped out of his bunk, taking a moment to stare at the three sleeping shapes of his men in the bunks. His heart skipped a beat and then another. He placed a flipper over his frantically beating chest.

This was okay. He was okay with this. He would do anything. Anything, in order to save his boys.

Anything. He reminded himself.

The leader took a steadying breath. He puffed out his chest with an air of boldness and strength.

For his boys. Always. Anything.


Skipper gave himself one final look over his men. Kowalski, Rico, and young naive little Private.

With a look of determination he scribbled a note on a post it and placed it on his own pillow. They would find it in the morning and hopefully with time they would forgive him for the betrayal. He was going against the penguin credo.

Never swim alone.

The motto swirled around in his head and for a minute he thought of tearing up the sticky note and going into battle alongside his soldiers. But it was a mere fantasy in his head and couldn't be a reality, sadly. It was a mere illusion. A promise that everything would be just peachy keen.

Life seldom was that predictable and easy.

And so Skipper left the sticky note, heading up the ladder and out the hatch.

He left the zoo, left the park, left Manhattan. Skipper was gone in the morning without a trace. All that would be left of him was his legacy he left behind in the form of three penguin soldiers. That and a sticky note that read: