Hiya! Im somas and welcome to my story. now if you have seen my other story then you know that i havent finished it yet. So why start another? Well normally i wouldn't (unless i had no plans of finishing it) but i had been playing a bunch of megaman zero lately and i wound up having an...interesting dream because of it. That gave me some really cool inspiration and i wanted to at least get some of it down before i lost it. And now you have this.


"Once upon a time, thousands and thousands of years into the past. There was a man named Thomas Light, but he preferred Doctor Light.""Doctor Light was a very smart man who specialized in the field of robotics. He spent most of his days building all sorts of different robots to help change the world! with the help of his good friend Albert Wily of course (though he preferred Doctor Wily). Though it was the year 20XX when everything truly changed. It first began when Doctor Light and his two robotic children had finished the very first Robot Masters. Whom were designed to do the jobs that were very risky for humans to take on. But before they could unveil them to the public, Doctor Wily betrayed Light and stole the Robot Masters, reprograming them to conquer the world alongside the mechanical army he had already built up."

"No matter what humanity threw at them the Robot Masters utterly destroyed it. They had been designed to take on dangerous work without taking a scratch. What could Humanity possibly throw at them? The evil doctor was certain that the plans he had been plotting for years would come to fruition."

"After seeing the chaos, Doctor Light had given up hope of stopping Wily and was consumed in his sadness. Until his robotic 'son' Rock, Told him that he would fight. Even if it was on his own he would fight to the bitter end. That he wouldn't stand for the tyranny Wily had planned for them all. Doctor Light was amazed and inspired by the boys bravery in the face of such strength. So he gave the boy weapons and armor to take on the robot masters and save the're world."

"It was then, that the original Megaman was born."

"Branwen! Your supposed to be waiting tables! not thinking about...whatever it is you kids think of these days!" My boss snapped, cutting off the thoughts on my history lesson I had been given earlier that day.

Hello. Like my boss said, my name is Rose Branwen, and I'm just an ordinary human. I work at a fairly large diner in Kisaragi city, I'm 18 years old and unlike most people my age I love a good history lesson. The only problem with that is I tend to get a little...TOO far into my own head and if someone doesn't snap me out of it I could be like that for quite a while.

I swiped my long, white hair out of my face (what? It's normal these days!) as I went to the next group who was ready to order.

I've had this job for about 6 months now. I had been late a few times but never by much. As much as this job sucks sometimes it does have decent pay and with all the Reploids around it would be pretty hard to find another job that paid like this.

I finished with the group's orders and relayed them to the kitchen like I had done 20 times before that day. I took a second to glance at the 59 year old, large man who was my boss. He gave me a small nod and turned away.

My boss isn't that bad a guy. He's not spiteful or anything. He just gets tired of me spacing out sometimes. He also has cancer so that would probably have something to do with it as well.

It was only me and two others working today so I couldn't afford to space out like I had again. I resorted to keeping my dark blue eyes on where everyone was to keep focus as I went about the monotonous labor. And for a while that's how my day was.

"Hey Rose, whacha up to?" I heard a female voice from behind me.

I turned my head briefly behind me to see one of my many Reploid friends, Fyrus. He had a humanoid shape for the most part except the tanks of liquid nitrogen on his back. Said tanks were connected to superheated flamethrowers on his wrists.

Was I worried about that? Well no. Why? When you haven't had a maverick outbreak for the last two hundred years or so you tend to have a little faith that the guy in front of you isn't just gonna suddenly turn and burn you alive.

Come to think of it. We haven't had any kind of wars for the past two centuries.

"Yo Rose! Your doin it again!" Fyrus said and waved a hand across my face.

"Oh sorry!" I cried and rushed to get to the next table cleaned before another order was sent. Fyrus followed along.

"So how things been for ya lately girl? Other then geekin out over the past that is" He teased.

"Oh you know. Just waiting for my college application to be accepted, working here, going on digging tours, the usual" I said casually.

I love digging tours. Going to visit the ruins of an old civilization is right up my alley!

"Haha, yea same old stuff on my end to, though I was wondering if I could with ya when you go off to them ruins?" He asked hopefully.

Wow. Fyrus had never taken an interest in the digs before! It would be nice to have someone I could talk to about my interests besides my ever supportive parents (they're awesome).

"Y-Yea! That would be nice! The next tour is tomorrow at three. See you there?" I asked.

"You becha! Thanks a million Rose, I owe ya one." Fyrus smiled and turned to leave.

This was unreal! Almost no one I knew had ever been interested in what lay beneath our city. From all that I've seen down there myself it looks like the old city has been a sort of safe haven for its inhabitants. Maybe they found some new technology recently! That would be amazing to look at.

But judging by the glares my boss is giving me right now I should probably focus on my job. Hard as that's gonna be...

So thats the end of that. I wanted to add more but if I did I would have had to add at least another thousand words. I just cant do that in a timely fashion.

In anycase thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed :)