That was the conclusion that the formerly named Uzumaki Naruto, now Sawada Naruto can come up with.

When he died, he expected himself to be at the Pure Land or Hell (He hoped it's the former). To be with his precious people who died before him. But instead of that, he ended up in an unknown place which was quite cramped for him.

He still remembered not being able to even open his mouth to say something, nor was he able to open his eyes to see whatever the thing that keep him caged. It was so damn frustrating!

It even limited his movement. When he tried to move his body, he can only manage to move a little bit. And whenever he tried to reach out his legs, they hit something like a wall of some sort. It wasn't hard like a real wall, it was a bit soft but still a wall. That was the thing that prevented him from going out.

Again, it was so damn frustrating and getting on his nerve.

Despite that, it wasn't always frustration that he felt over his situation, sometimes he felt warm. A good kind of warm and he kind of liked it. He also heard people voices from outside of the soft wall. They were unfamiliar people that tried to communicate with him.

At first, Naruto was unsure about these people, he thought that perhaps they were the reason this weird thing happened to him. But after a while, these people keep trying to talk to him and even though he couldn't grasp what they were saying, he can feel that they meant no harm to him. So he gave them a numerous kick of his own. He guessed that they liked it since he felt positive emotions coming from them.

The times when he was in the cramped place, he had been wondering about Kurama. His bijuu partner was still sealed within him when he died. But if Naruto wa here instead of in the Pure Land, that meant he might still be alive after all right? And he hoped that Kurama was still with him. Or at least be free.

Just to be sure, he tried to focus and feel Kurama's presence. It was hard at first because he didn't feel anything. He started to get anxious and worry. Luckily to his relief and happiness, he found a small portion of the Kyubi's chakra still inside him. But he reminded himself that just because he still had that small portion of Kurama's chakra, didn't mean that the Kyubi himself still exist within him.

As time went by, the place become more cramped than before. This time, he didn't even have to reach out his legs to feel the soft wall. It's uncomfortable and Naruto wanted to get the hell outta there.

And he did. On 10th October.

The process of being out was completely weird.

Very weird.

The first thing he noticed immediately was something unpleasant and slimy covering his whole body and hands touching him. He felt cold before he was covered in something soft and warm.

He still couldn't open his eyes but this time he can open his mouth. So he tried to talk, but the only thing that managed to come out of his mouth was just a war of cry.

Now he felt really confused than ever. He wanted to say something but words just couldn't come out properly. The words had appeared in his head but he just couldn't bring himself to say not even one proper word.

Something was really not right, he thought.

Then, he can feel that whatever was currently holding him was passing him over to another one. And this time, he was welcomed with a warm embrace. It was rocking him gently and it's action was soothing him and calming him.

Next thing he noticed was a smell. The environment around him had a very familiar smells. Smells that he really hate. A sudden memory rushed into his head. A memory of him being forced to stay in a hospital room by Sakura. It was the smell of medicines and a little bit of blood. The word 'hospital' appeared in his head.

For the love of Uchiha Madara, what in the nine state of hell was happening!?

Then he heard a bunch of different noises around him. He heard a beeping sound, people talking, sounds of footsteps and one very familiar voice talking to him. Naruto recognized that one voice as one of the people who always communicated with him. The more he listened to this person talking, the more he felt at ease. So he only focused on this person alone, ignoring everything else as he realized that the voice belonged to a female.

The face of his redhead mother, Kushina, suddenly appeared in his mind. Then he disappointingly thought to himself that his mother had been dead for the past 17 years of his life.

His mind was processing everything that he currently know. He was in one of a hospital room, the people talking are nurses and doctors, he was small and light enough for someone to hold and carry him, right now he was in the arms of a woman, before this he was stuck in a cramped place with soft wall surrounding him and limiting his movement, he cried instead of talking and he still couldn't open his goddam eyes.

He suspected one thing happened to him. And refused to accept it. And before he even had the chance to be panic, he suddenly felt tired and sleepy.

"Sleep now darling, Mama is here and will always love you."

That was the last thing he heard before he fall asleep.

When he opened his eyes for the first time since forever, he saw a man.

His vision was a little bit blurry but he didn't fail to see a man with blond hair, tan skin, and sharp blue eyes staring down at him. The man was holding him in his muscular arms with a gentle smile on his face.

Naruto first thought was his father, Minato but as his vision was getting better and clearer, he can clearly see that it wasn't his father. It was someone else.


That was his only conclusion. He suddenly felt mortified that all those times he was actually inside a woman stomach, given birth by said woman and he still remembered the process.



Anyway, whoever this man was, he made Naruto felt safe. There was something about this man that made the now baby Naruto felt something that he couldn't explain. It was a feeling that he felt numerous times in his past (he already come to terms that this is his second life) and he just couldn't tell what was it. It also didn't help that his new father felt kinda familiar to him.

Few moments after observing his father, Naruto suddenly felt tired again. And his (baby) instinct just told him to sleep.

And so he did.

When he woke up, he didn't immediately open his eyes. He heard two people talking, one male and one female. 'Probably my new parents.' he thought.

And by what he can hear, they were discussing a suitable name for him. 'I want my original name.' he thought desperately.

After all, 'Naruto' was a name given by his godfather, Jiraiya. It was a precious name for him and he's proud of it. He would love if Fate decided to let him keep his original name through his new parents.

"Name?" a male voice spoke. 'That must be my new father.'

"Of course! We haven't think of a name for him yet." this time the female spoke. It was his new mother. The one who kept him in her stomach for nine months. Even though Uzumaki Kushina won't be his mother this time around, but that didn't mean that his love for his redhead mother and his father, Minato would be less than his upcoming love for his new parents.

"How about Naruto?" his father asked, "Sawada Naruto?"

Thanks God he would keep his real name! 'Please new mom, just say yes!'

"I like that. His name would be Naruto then."

And just like that, he finally opened his eyes, staring at the face of a smiling woman who brought him into this new world and given him a chance of having a family. He then turned to look at his father who grinned upon seeing him with eyes opened. With that, he gave both of his new parents a smile and waved his tiny fists at them.

"From now on, your name is Sawada Naruto." his new father said as he ruffled Naruto's small tuff of hair. He then clapped his hands together, smiling at his two parents who looked at him lovingly.

From that moment, Naruto promised to protect his new parents. Because something in his gut telling him that his life wouldn't be a nice comfortable life without any dangerous adventures.

Years later, he was facing a bunch of dangerous people with either gun or sword and other dangerous weapons.

But Naruto wouldn't be Naruto if he couldn't handle it.

Two years after his (re)birth, Naruto started to notice some things about his new parents.

Especially his father, whose name was Sawada Iemitsu, and always dubbed himself as 'Papa' to his precious son. And as Naruto didn't want to disappoint him, he said 'Papa' as his first word. And his Papa couldn't be more happier than that. He even cried! And his Mama just laughed it off.

Naruto started to notice a few things about his father. He always never home. Before he went away, he held him and said "Papa will go far far away for a while. When Papa is not here, Naruto needs to be a big boy and protect Mama."

At that time, Naruto's childish mind didn't really quite understand what his Papa was talking about, but the adult part of him thought that there was always a deeper meaning behind every word.

If it wasn't the words, then the emotions that Naruto sensed from his father made him realize that...

He sensed guilt.

His father was feeling guilty about something. Perhaps for leaving him and his mother for a long time. But Naruto can sense there's more than meet the eyes.

His father was hiding something.

And whenever the older blond came home, he would smell like something that resembled a gunpowder that was used to make a normal bomb by bandits. There's tiredness, guilt, and relief flashed through his father's eyes whenever he returned from wherever he went.

Tiredness and relief, Naruto could understand that. But why guilt?

Naruto didn't understand that. Not at all.

Then when he was almost three years old, his father was home to celebrate his third birthday. It was 5 days before his birthday when Naruto found something that can be assumed as a weapon inside a drawer of his father's desk. The weapon kinda looked like Naruto's favourite water gun.

Only... his father's gun was made of metal. So Naruto knew that it was a real gun. A real weapon. And when there's a weapon, it was either used to shoot someone or something. Just like how the bad guys in his favourite cartoon show always did. He considered the possibility that maybe his father was a cop, only for him to threw away the idea when his mother told him that 'Papa is working traffic at a construction sites.'

So three days after he officially turned three, his father was ready to leave again. When Sawada Iemitsu done hugging his 'little fishcake', said 'little fishcake' immediately asked him about his work. And as expected, he said exactly what Sawada Nana had already told their son.

And Naruto can sensed lie. His father was lying.

Then the older blond told his wife that he would become a star before ruffling Naruto's hair and kissed his 'little fishcake'.

Iemitsu's grinning face was the last thing Naruto saw before the door was closed.

It would be a few more months before his father would come back home.

Now Naruto was four and a half years old.

As always, his father was not here. It's almost a month since he went away for his job. Only Naruto and his mother, Nana stayed at home.

Right now his mother was in the kitchen, busy with making lunch for both of them. And Naruto was in his room.

Sitting crossed legs at the middle of his room, he had his eyes closed as he put his palms together. Naruto was trying to meditate and get into his mindscape to check on his bijuu friend.

He really missed the furball. So he decided to meditate, get into his mindscape and see if the gate was still there and meet Kurama.

That was his original plan.

'Who know meditate can be quite hard?' he thought.

It had been almost thirty minutes since he started his meditation and yet, nothing happened. So he tried to be patience. And next thing he knew, he felt a burst of energy from somewhere inside him and then whoosh.

Opening his eyes, he noticed that he wasn't in his room anymore. Instead of sitting crossed legs on the floor, he was sitting on a wide field of grass. He expected a sewer, not this. The sky was blue with some clouds roaming it freely. And he saw a bunch of flowers with different colouring not too far from his right.

He stood up and turned his body around only to see a thick forest which reminded him of a forest around Konoha. Sensing a familiar presence there, he made his way towards the forest, hoping that Kurama would be there.

As he was walking, he noticed that his physical appearance was still the same. An appearance of a child who was no older than 5 years old. Shrugging his shoulder, he reached the first tree before walking deep into the forest.

As he was getting deeper and deeper, he couldn't stop the huge grin forming on his face. The presence was getting stronger and Naruto who thought that walking was boring and wasting time, attempted to use his chakra to hop from tree to tree, but instead of landing on the tree's branch, the chakra burst through his feets and made him jump so high until he landed hard on the ground.

"Ooookkkkaaaayyy, that wasn't supposed to happen." he groaned as he picked himself up. "Is it because of this body that I can't control my chakra anymore?" he said to himself, frown appeared on his face.

"That is to be expected you fool." a grumpy voice which sounded awfully familiar to the child spoke up from somewhere. The deep voice echoing through the forest and Naruto wasted no time as he run as fast as his short legs can carry him towards the voice.

Not even a minute later, the little Sawada found himself in a beautiful meadow. And right in the middle was Kurama. The nine tailed fox was lying on the grass with his hands/paws resting underneath his chin. He was looking at Naruto with his indifferent gaze. But Naruto knew that the orange furball had been waiting for him.

Naruto immediately made his way to the oversized fox and stood before the bijuu. He looked up to him and give him a large grin. "Kurama."


"I knew you would be here with me"

"Hah. It's not like I chose to be here." Kurama snorted.

"Acting like a tsundere won't change our situation, y'know?"

"I might as well hit you now you ugly monkey," the fox said with a hint of annoyance. Really, it wasn't even a minute yet and he already called him a 'tsundere', whatever it meant.

"If you're wondering, tsundere means-"

"Silence you moron. Instead of telling me something pointless, shouldn't you be telling me about what happened to you?" Kurama said, red eyes gazing towards the person who still had that stupid grin on his face.

"Wait, I thought you know what happened to me?" Naruto asked in confusion. "Didn't you see the outside world through my eyes or something like that? Cause y' know, you always seem to know things about me that even I wasn't aware of. Y'know, like a stalker?"

"No you fool. I just woke up not too long ago."

Kurama said, irritated by what his jinchuriki called him. "And no I'm not a stalker, I happened to know things about you because I've been sealed within you from the beginning of your life." he paused for a while before he continued, " Your first life. You don't exactly look like this since the last time I saw you, and with the lack of your chakra control, your physical appearance, the new outside world, the couple that has been taking care of you... It looks like Fate has given you a chance to live a new life."

Naruto was silent for a moment, Kurama's words keep repeating in his head. Does his rebirth can be considered as a second chance to live a new life? If yes, then why him? Is there a reason for him to be reborn?

"Stop thinking," Kurama said, snapping him out of his train of thoughts. "Whatever question that you have in your thick head, I can hear it too."

"Really?" Naruto asked as he blinked his eyes to the giant fox, who looked at him with a bored expression. Kurama didn't bother to answer his question and just yawned, feeling tired all of a sudden.

"Now go away. I want to take a rest and your presence here will only prevent me from getting a good sleep." Kurama said as he made a 'shoo shoo' motion.

"But I still have a lot of questions that need to be answered!"

"Later. You need to go now, your second mother is heading to your room" Kurama warned him.

"Mama?" Naruto asked.

And just like that he was back in his room. No Kurama in front of him. No meadow. Only him and as if on cue, the door opened to reveal a smiling Sawada Nana with one hand on the door's knob and another wiping itself with the baby pink colored apron around her waist.

"Naru-chan, your ramen is ready," Nana said, giving her son a sweet smile as the child gave her a wide grin of his own.

"Yeay ramen!" Naruto jumped on his feet and immediately rushed out of his room to the kitchen. Rebirth or not, ramen was still his favorite food. It wasn't not Ichiraku's, but ramen still ramen. He pushed away the memory of his encounter with Kurama and their conversation at the back of his head.

Nana just smiled at her son as she followed him.

Making a mental note to talk to Kurama again later (He still got a lot of questions to ask), Naruto entered the kitchen with his mother trailing after him. He made his way towards the dining table, climbed up the chair, and stared at the bowl of ramen in great happiness.

"Itadakimasu!" he said as his brunette mother handed him a pair of chopstick that was made especially for kids like him. His father was the one who bought it for him. Naruto knew how to use chopsticks but for the sake of his quite sentimental of a father, he used it. The small toad head on top of it was just a plus.

Slurping down his mother's handmade miso ramen, he noticed that his mother was quite happy than normal. She was humming cheerfully as she washed the dishes. Naruto always knew that whenever the brunette woman was like this, it only meant one thing.

"Oh Naru-chan, guess what? Papa is coming home!" she said as she twirled around to face him after putting the last cleaned plate near the sink.

And Naruto was also happy to hear that.

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