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- OH RIGHT! This takes place right before Juvia is about to stab herself. Like the exact moment before she does it. So, yeah.

If you didn't read the summary, spoilers to Chapter 499.

Suddenly, Juvia felt a sharp pain in her stomach and gasped, the water she had begun to form instantly disappearing. The pain throbbed in her guts, it was deep and warm, but not in a nice way. It feels like someone had their hand in there and was squeezing her organs first gently and then as hard as they could. She shook, her gaze drifting downwards and then focusing on the large sword crafted from ice impaled through her body.

And holding it, was her beloved Gray.

His blue eyes were glazed over, and he was panting, completely unaware that he had just mortally wounded his comrade.

No! Juvia was too late!

But her vision was beginning to blur, and she had already lost so much blood. Juvia's legs shook beneath her as the dark red blood made its way out of her body. It oozed between the space between her fingers as she attempted to cover her wound with a shaky hand. Her vision became blurrier, and all she could see was the scarlet blood that once flowed in her veins. Her mouth opened and closed, trying to speak but nothing would come. Everything felt so heavy...

Stay focused! If Juvia dies now, Gray-sama will surely blame himself for Juvia's death!

The water mage's pale, trembling hand touched the blood-soaked blade sticking out from her stomach, the liquid warm and sticky. Slowly, she brought her hand up to Gray's face, staring into his eyes. Her palm cupped his cheek, and she smiled at him.

" sorry th-that she was too late, Gray-sama..."

She couldn't feel her fingers or toes anymore. Everything was going numb as she barely supported herself on shaking legs.

"Please...d-do not blame yourself for..for Juvia's..."

As her vision faded, and her body collapsed, all she could hope for was that her beloved Gray wouldn't be too sad over her death.

Goodbye, Gray-sama...Juvia loves you...

Gray screamed.

Juvia's cold, unmoving form lay in his arms, her blood dripping out onto his skin and covering it in dark red liquid. The violent red stained his shaking hands, and the color burned in his mind along with what he had just done. He could feel a sickness crawling within him as he tried to wipe the stains off in a panicked frenzy. Yet, the stains stayed etched into his mind - an eternal reminder of the act he had just committed.

The tears then burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down his face. He felt the muscles of his chin tremble like a small child, staring at his friend's corpse in horror and disbelief. There was a static in his head once more, the side effect of this constant fear, constant stress he was experiencing. He heard his own sounds, like a distressed child, raw from the inside.

"No- Juvia, no, you can't be dead...please, just open your eyes, damn it!"

His voice tumbled from his mouth in desperate tones. Gray hugged the water mage in his arms, cradling her as he continued to sob brokenly. Oh god, he could feel her blood on him...her wound, which he had made... Gray then caught sight of the full extent of the damage done and almost gagged.

Where there had once been smooth skin was now torn muscle and blood, as raw as any carcass at the butchers. The blue haired girl lay still, her skin so pale as to make the oozing blood a deeper shade of red. Her once wavy, azure blue hair was now matted with blood. And her life, her eyes were every shade the night sky possessed; but in death they are black. Her pupils have exploded to fill so much of her eye. Gray wanted her to blink, to sit up and laugh at him for falling for this joke. She wouldn't. Her eyes were so still. She was always moving with every part of her being, with her limbs, her facial expressions, her never ending fidgeting no matter what. Now she lie still, an unmoving corpse in his arms. Gray opened his mouth and let out another piercing scream, though his throat was already raw and sore.

Invel smiled at the scene before him. It was just as he calculated, Gray had come out victorious. Now, all that was needed was a final push, and then the darkness lying dormant within the young devil slayer would awaken. He would become the warrior to defeat E.N.D., and all that stood in the way of the Emperor would be annihilated! Not to mention, if his predictions were correct, the devil slayer could prove to be a formidable comrade.

The ice mage walked forward briskly, a victorious smirk set upon his face. He stopped before the raven haired teen, who was still kneeling on the ground, clinging onto Juvia's body like a lifeline. Gray gave no inclination that he had even realized the Spriggan's presence, too preoccupied with the now dead body of his friend in his arms. Then, as if from a distance, Gray heard someone speak.

"It's all your fault. You killed her, Gray. She trusted you, and you brought about her demise. It's your fault she died."

That was all he needed. His remaining thread of strength frayed before breaking completely, sending him plummeting over the edge and into the darkness. Hysterical sobs shook his frame, threatening to tear him apart from the inside. He then let out a wailing noise, his arms releasing Juvia's body, which slumped to the ground. Gray's fingers clutched his head, and he sobbed, the black markings staining his skin beginning to spread. The corners of Invel's mouth twitched as his smile widened, seeing the glorious result he had foretold finally unfolding before him.

"Good boy..."

Invel whispered, leaning down and gently touching Gray's back. Gray did nothing, only continued to cry, letting the last gift his father had given him consume him. It was comforting to the ice make mage, in a way. And then there was the darkness. Darkness suffocating his body like a damp, musty, thick blanket, clinging to every inch of his pale skin.

Invel's pale fingers traced over the black stained skin on Gray's back, inwardly admiring the Fairy's well-toned form.

The markings had spread to cover most of Gray's body now, reaching all the way to his left eye. Not only that, but others of Gray's features had begun to change into a more demonic aspect as well. His teeth had become sharper, his pupils turning to black slits, and the once midnight blue color of Gray's eyes had changed to a glowing purple.

"I'm s-sorry...I'm so sorry, Juvia…I...I killed you..."

Gray was talking to himself, his body rocking back and forth as Invel dared to take another step closer. The ice wizard sat down, smirking as his hands moved to Gray's shoulder and traveled down his arms. They eventually wrapped around the devil slayer's chest, and Invel hummed in approval of the chill emanating from Gray's flesh. He leaned forwards slightly, his mouth moving to Gray's ear.

" are going to be the one to kill END. Then, nothing will stand in the way of His Majesty's path..."

Invel sighed, letting his head drop to Gray's shoulder, who had suddenly gone silent. The sinister black markings had spread all the way over Gray's left shoulder now.

"You're going to be the ultimate warrior to vanquish that demon. Your heart is almost completely dyed black with darkness, and no one is going to be able to save you from becoming a monster...and killing everyone who opposes Lord Zeref, Gray..."

Invel smirked, a thought forming in his head.

"A lot of your former allies of Fairy Tail will try and stop you, of course. Do you wish to know why?"

Everything was numb. All Gray could focus on was listening to this man. Invel, he vaguely recalled...and then there was the foreign urge to kill. Images flashed through his head; bodies torn to ribbons, masses of decomposing corpses carelessly piled atop each other, milky white eyes staring blankly forward–

Gray panted a bit, the thought of mass destruction and gore somewhat...arousing to him, in a way…

"Because E.N.D. stands for




The ice mage flinched, his eyes widening a bit. Na..tsu...? The name sounded...familiar. A brief picture of a teen with pink hair and a goofy smile appeared in his mind before disappearing.

Ah, yes. Someone that he had know from when he was human...and he now remembered the promise he had made to his father...

To kill E.N.D.

Nothing was going to deter him from his goal. He was going to strike down all in his path...


The devil slayer blinked, his now luminous, amethyst colored eyes glancing over to the silver haired mage.

"Time to go."

"..I'm going to...kill END..."

Gray's voice was low and husky, but Invel managed to hear him. The Spriggan grinned, the beauty of all this overwhelming for him. "Soon. But I'm afraid we must wait until the Emperor gives his permission."

Gray frowned at this, before trying to stand up, his body still numb. He finally stood up and blinked, the world spinning around him.

"But you can kill other people while we wait. May I suggest– your old friends?"

Gray grinned, baring his newly sharpened teeth in a creepy smile.

"Let's go."

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