Hadrius Reaper

On this cold night of All Hallows Eve, in Little Whinging, a cloaked figure watches little kids trick or treating and parade in their Halloween costumes with a gentle smile on his face. He always loved children, because they have pure souls. Rare were the adults that have kept a pure soul and if there was one thing that he hated more than anything was those that hurt children. Seeing a group of kids pass in front of him dress as grim reapers, his smile widened behind his bone mask. You see this cloaked figure was none other than the Grim Reaper himself, Death given form.

Surrounded by pure happy souls, Death trekked down the street whistling a merry tune. You may be asking yourself what he was doing there walking among the mortals. Well he simply was in the neighborhood collecting the soul of an old lady that died that night and he was not going to miss the chance to be able to walk around without using his invisibility cloak for fear of scaring anyone. Suddenly he heard a soul cry in agony and fear. The pain and emotion was so powerful it was like being hit by a tidal wave. Falling to his knees, Death try to get his breath under control and once he did he took off running so fast in the direction of the cry that his passing was a dark purple almost black blur. Normally he wouldn't go to a soul that fast, but the one crying and calling for help was a child. A child with the most powerful and purest soul. He had only ever seen one like this only five years ago in a baby that survived the killing curse. It shone so bright he didn't have a problem finding it. Running in Privet Drive street, he stopped and did a double take, every house were the same.

Since he was so close, with his enhanced earring not only could he hear the soul but now he heard the child itself sob and cry for something to stop. Not even bothering to activate his invisibility cloak, Death barged into number 4 taking the door off its hinges. What he saw made him turn into his Reaper form, on the floor of the living room was a six year old little boy trying and failing to protect himself from a whale of a man beating him with everything he had. Shaking in rage Death threw the whale across the room and placed himself in front of the child, boney bat wings open wide to hide the little one from the man's gaze.

"HOW DARE YOU BEAT AN INNOCENT CHILD!"roared Death in total rage. Gigantic skeleton hands holding his scythe so hard it could brake and barely holding himself from killing and cutting the man in little pieces with his weapon. Skull concealed in the shadow of his hood, only his molten lava eyes could be seen burning with murderous intention at the man who was getting back on his feet. If Death had possessed a basilisk stare that man wouldn't have been dead fast enough.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO...!?"start to scream the whale but abruptly stop once he saw who or more what had attacked him. "W-what are you?" the man ask in obvious fear if the wet spot on his pants have anything to say.

"WHO AM I? I AM DEATH YOU DISGUSTING CREATURE! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BEAT A CHILD? ANSWER ME!" raged Death and taking a threatening step in the whale's direction.

"He's a f-freak just l-like his p-parents" squealed the man in terror.

"NO HE'S NOT! HE'S A CHILD AND NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE BEAT FOR WHATEVER SPECIAL ABILITY THEY MAY POSSES!"screeched the Grim Reaper in absolute fury. "DUST!"called Death. Not seconds after that a black raven with green eyes came flying inside the house and landed on his shoulder.

"Yes master?"croaked Dust.

"Will you watch that disgusting creature for a minute" asked Death pointing the cowering man in the corner of the room.

"With pleasure master" answered Dust before taking off to perch himself on the back of the sofa and glare at the man with evil little green eyes. Calming himself a little Death made his scythe disappear in a cloud of purple and black smoke before turning around to look a the sobbing child on the floor. Crouching next to the little boy to asses the damage done to him, Death felt his heart break at discovering that this little one was the same baby that had survive the killing curse five years ago. The kid was so small that he looked like a four years old. The child's soul was in so much pain and loneliness that he could almost feel it as if it was his own. Looking at the soul closely, Death discovered that a little piece of soul didn't belong to the child but to the evil monster that had tried to kill the little one all those years ago. That dark piece of soul was trying to hide itself from him. He put that information in the back of his head for later use.

"Hush little one, it's going to be alright now. I won't let anyone hurt you again. I promise" croon Death. He had made his decision. He will take the child with him and raise him as his own. Taking a vial of glowing green liquid from it's hidden place in his cloak he tried to coasted the boy to drink it. "Here little one, drink this it will make the pain go away" he said gently holding the boney hand with the vial in front of the child and hoping that his Reaper form wouldn't scare the little one too much. The child eyed the vial in the hand with distrust, then the orange eyes glowing under the hood before slowly reaching for it with a trembling hand. Helping the kid drink, he almost chuckled when the child's eyes widened in surprise and awe when all the pain, bruises and injuries disappeared after two seconds. "There you go no more pain" said Death putting the vial back in his cloak. "What's your name child?"

"H-Harry, Harry Potter" said Harry in a whisper.

"Nice to meet you Harry. Would you like to come with me? I will take you away from here" asked Death gently.

"No come back?"asked Harry with hope shining a little in his emerald eyes.

"No, you will never see them ever again and no one will bring you back here either. If anyone tries, I will stop them" reassure the Reaper waiting for the child's reply to his offer. He hopes that Harry will want to leave, because he already felt attached to the boy.

"Yes" whispered Harry.

"Yes?" repeated Death unsure he heard right.

"Yes I want to leave" confirm the child and surprising Death, lifted his arms in the air in the universal pic-me-up motion. Careful to not hurt the child (because hey! raw bones can hurt when they poke you in the wrong place), the Reaper took Harry in his arms and held him gently to his skeletal chest. It sadden him that he could feel the child's ribs from under the three time too big hand me down shirt. The absolute trust Harry display toward him to hold and protect him from harm, made the Reaper wonder what have been done to the poor child.

"I won't be long Dust" he told his partner. The raven just nodded his head. Stepping outside in the cold air Harry shivers and Death folded his wings around him to bloc the wind, since he didn't generate heat when in Reaper form. "Tell me Harry, do you like horses?"he asked.

"You have a horsey?"asked Harry.

"Yes I do. Do you want to see him?" he confirmed.

"Will he hurt me?"asked the child.

"No he won't. Despair is a very gentle horse. I just ask you not to be afraid of him" he explained. Harry looked at him questioningly."Despair doesn't look like a normal horse"

"He doesn't?" asked Harry curiously.

"Why don't you see for yourself?"said Death before a low whistle broke the silence of the night. Not long after a haunted neigh was heard and a circle of green flame appeared in front of them. Then what could only be described as a gray-green zombi horse came out of the flame circle. The same flame taking the place of the mane and tail. It was also surrounding it's hooves. On it's back a creepy intimidating metal saddle with chains and design of monsters skulls. All in all, had he been a normal horse he could have passed as a Clydesdale. Once he saw little Harry, Despair nickered happily in greeting and extended his nose to be petted. Which Harry did hesitantly before a big smile broke on his face.

"Your horsey is not scary but do the flames burn him?"asked Harry.

"No they're just warm. Now I want you to stay with Despair while I go have a talk with your uncle. You two can get to know each other. I won't be long" said Death while setting Harry on the ground next to the horse. While the Reaper went back into the house, Harry looked at Despair, from the ground Death's horse was titanic for a six year old. The child head only reaching the horse's front knee. As if sensing the child's thoughts Despair bent his legs and settled on the ground. That way the child wouldn't need to crane his neck to look at him. He robbed his nose gently on the child's chest as if asking to be hugged and petted. Despair could never say it, but he loves to be hugged and since normally people run away in fear when they saw him, hugs were a really rare thing. Harry smiled and did hug the zombi horse's head.

"Hi Despair, I'm Harry" said the child. The horse nickered gently and nuzzled the child's chest resulting in Harry giggling happily.

"Giggling is healthy for hatchling" croak Dust startling Harry who looked at the raven perched on Despair's saddle.

"Hello" said Harry shyly.

"Hello hatchling" croak Dust. Not long after that the Reaper came out of the house again and turned to face it. Summoning is scythe, he started to move it in intricate movements and begin to chant in the lost and forgotten language of the nephilims. He cast a curse on the family that reside in the house not taking into account Dudley since he was a child. A curse of sickness and bad omen that no one would ever be able to brake not even the strongest wizard in the world. No cure would work and they will eventually die after many years. It was a curse that he'd cast only a number of time since the beginning of man kind. Each time was recorded in history and always sparing children and adults that still had a pure soul (not that they knew that).

As he finish casting the curse he looked at his scythe sadly. It was powerful but not as much as Harvester, his first and most powerful scythe ever created. The one he had now wasn't sentient like Harvester was either. Sighing softly he made it disappear before walking back to Harry and his two partners.

"...Well you three seem to get along just fine" he stated eying the horse laying in the middle of the street with a raven on the horn of his saddle and a child happily hugging his face. Quite a thing to see if anyone happened to come to this street. Harry turned to look at him and smiled shyly before lifting his arms to be picked up. If Death could smile in this form he would have a smile of adoration has he looked at the child. Walking to the little one, he pick him up gently and held him on his hip which Harry didn't seem to mind the lack of flesh. It made Death wonder why the child was so trustful of his Reaper form and not afraid like everyone else. "Now I think it's time to leave don't you think little one?" he said. Harry just nod his head. "Alright then but first I need to change"

"Change?" asked Harry curiously.

"Yes I don't always look like this. This is just the form I take to scare bad people like your Uncle" explained the Reaper.

"Really?"his only answer was a nod before Death started to glow. Once the glow disappeared, a 7 foot tall Nephilim stood holding the child in it's place. He was slim but muscular with deadly pale skin and long midnight black colored hair that floated in the cold wind. A dark purple cloak was draped across his shoulder and he quickly wrapped it around the child. "I like your mask" said Harry sleepily before snuggling on Death's warm shoulder and falling asleep right after. Chuckling the Reaper mounted his horse and placed Harry in front of him. Securely wrapping an arm around the child's waist so he wouldn't fall, they disappeared through a portal leaving behind a cursed family, a burned circle in the middle of the street and Despair hooves tracks.

No one would ever find out what happened that night and the wizarding world won't heard from their missing savior again until five years later.