Chapter 1
The Empty-Handed Invasion

[Everything in this chapter is fiction. Names of people, places, organizations, events, and other things are just coincidence.]
[Added Note: This is just a side story so don't expect much. Some chapters may come out later and they are going to be long.]
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In the year 2007, a boy name Aaron van Dyke became a student at Hillcrest High School in Utah. He is 5'3'' with short-brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles on his face, and usually wears green or blue shirts with jeans and sneakers. He hates formal attire and doesn't socialize much. Aaron however, has autism which is why he doesn't socialize much or get a girlfriend. He views real-life girls as ugly and only has interests in fictional girls.

So basically, he is a lover of anime and video games which he spent most of his time with rather than hanging out with other teens or attempt to join clubs or sports. Basically, he doesn't care about his social status or being ambitious. If he tries, misfortune happens almost all the time. Even if he tries some good deeds.

However, on the 18th of December of 2007, something tragic happened. While walking his way home through a blizzard, a commercial truck with a Wal-Mart logo on it was going 60 mph on a 25 mph school zone crashed into him and shattered his spine. He was unable to move his limbs, his body, or anything lower than his neck. After being taken to Intermountain Hospital, the doctors found that his spine is completely shattered. Unable to fix every nerve tending in his spinal cord despite their best efforts. In other words, Aaron is unable to move ever again.

He is now a broken young man who will no longer to enjoy his walks, ride his bike, or ride on a train on his own. Poor Aaron wishes that he should have died when the run away truck ran him over. But around the 27th of December of that same year, a strange man in a black suit came to him. Aaron thought that he could be bad news since he has seen enough movies that involves the government doing things to broken people. The man told him about Project Ascension, a highly top-secret project that is not only conducted by the USA, but the United Nations.

This project involves genetic research and manipulation and digital immortality. Aaron thought about it for a moment after hearing this project. 'A chance to walk again?' he thought. Yet he realize that after hearing this project, he would have a bullet though his brain if he refuses. And so, he agreed to it. Aaron's broken body was transported to a research base in Switzerland where the project is taking place. From here, he chose digital ascension, realizing that he would have full control over everything with a whim. Then his brain was cut out and placed into a jar with electrical cords and surgical tubes are attached and everything that makes Aaron Aaron is tranfered.

After achieving this and have access to the internet, Aaron created a vast galaxy that has everything. Starships, mages, and everything that mankind has created in the realm of fiction.

10 years have passed and Aaron van Dyke is 25 years of age. 10 years since his brain was cut out and given digital ascension. He controls the many space governments ever known such as the Starfleet Federation, the Imperium of Man, and so forth. He also controls certain systems that have people that use magic and different races from fantasy MMO's that serve him. Slavery is abolished and resources are infinite with everyone being happy to some extent. Yet now he faces his most difficult challenge: Boredom.


On the red desert planet of Ares in the Crimson System of his empire, he watches from his starship the different factions from Warhammer 40,000 fight each other. Ares is a proper name of this planet since the red sands have been dyed red from the blood of many battles and water being crimson from iron oxide. Yet there are a few plants that grow over the many corpses on this desolate world that is ravaged from many battles. On this planet, The Blood Ravens Chapter, his favorite chapter, fight along side with 412th Cadian Shook Trooper Imperial Guard and the Adepta Sororitas Order of the Sacred Rose against the other factions from the 40K Universe.

The other factions are the Night Lords Chaos Space Marines, the Dark Eldar of the Kabal of the Baleful Gaze, the Eldar of Craftworld Biel-Tan, the 'Ead 'Unter of the Ork horde, the Tau Forces, the Nekthyst Dynasty of the Necrons, and the Tyranid Swarm of the Hive Fleet Leviathan. Yet a sandstorm has appeared that made it near-impossible for the forces to fight each other yet fight anyway. All these factions are given infinite resources and the only limit is no air units.

High in orbit, Aaron sighs in boredom while sitting on a bean bag chair while wearing his usual outfit from the real world while watching via holoscreen. A door then open with a man saying, "Your hot mint and caramel chocolate and triple chocolate cheesecake, my lord."

Aaron turns his head, "Oh. Thank you, Sebastian." Sebastian from Black Butler approaches the man with his sweets and set it down. Yet he has a Roman numeral 2 on his left chest which means that he is the second Sebastian and the first is pretty much get it.

"Something wrong?" the butler asks.

Aaron gets off of his chair and approaches the window with his head facing down. "It's just that...things have been boring as of late." he says in a melancholic tone. "Don't get me wrong, it is nice to control and have everything that I ever wanted. But guess it is true about the old saying, 'Having everything is the same as having nothing.' Pretending to be a god is good and all but can be boring after a time. Yet I keep wondering if I made a mistake."

"I am uncertain, my lord." Sebastian says with a confuse expression.

Aaron took another bored sigh, "But here I am with a large harem of wives, an empire made in my own image, and create whatever I want. But here I am with soldiers fighting against each other for my own amusement. Nothing seem to bring joy to me anymore." Then he turns his head towards Sebastian, "But thank you for the sweets. And listening to me."

Sebastian smiles, "But of course." Then he places his hand flatly on his chest, "If I couldn't serve my master sweets and listen to your problems, what kind of butler would I be?"

"You are simply one hell of a butler." Aaron smiles and chuckles a little.

But the moment was interrupted with a Vulcan on a holoscreen saying, "Excuse me, sir."

Aaron turns around and looks stern at the Vulcan, "What is it, captain?"

"We detected an unknown energy a few miles south from the battlefield. We have also detected what appears to be a large force outside the sandstorm near the energy site."

"On screen." he orders. Another holoscreen appears and shows some sort of archaic Roman-style structure with wyvern riders, Roman-style soldiers, and bands of monsters march from the structure.

Aaron walks up towards the screen and gets a closer look at the screen. "Is that... A gate? From the Gate anime?" This is confusing as he didn't create or order the gate from the anime. "I didn't create that. Nor did I order its creation. Captain!" He turns back to the holoscreen of the Vulcan captain, "Did anyone create this without my orders?"

"No sir." the captain replied, "It just appeared, sir. The gate appeared on its own along with the army."

Aaron then rubs his chin, "Then it might be a glitch? There are still a few around."

"No, sir." the captain replied, "It is not a glitch. Nor is this a bug. In other words, someone done this on purpose. What are your orders?"

Aaron then gives a devilish grin at what is happening. What is happening is an opportunity for entertainment. "Keep an eye on them." he ordered, "I would like to see their faces when they approach."

Back on Ares, the invading army of the Saderan Empire continue to march on. Yet the wyverns remain on the ground because of the sandstorm that prevents them from scouting from the skies. The soldiers continue to march in organized fashion despite getting sand in their boots or sandals.

"Why are we in a desert?" one of the soldiers complained.

"Well I don't know, I can't see anything because of this sandstorm!" the other soldier argued.

In the middle of the army formations, the commander is on his horse and keeps focusing on the path ahead.

"Commander!" a captain on his horse ride up beside him. "Commander Sulla!"

"What is it, Captain Agrippa?" Commander Sulla replied when the captain rode up next to him.

"Do you know why the gate appeared in this desert? What is the significance of this place? The other gate might be leading to someplace more fertile than this." the captain asked, but Commander Sulla did not answer. Because he is wondering about that as well. What is the significance of this desert? Why have the gods send them to such a place.


Everyone heard an explosion a head of them at the heart of the sandstorm. "What was that?" one of the soldiers asked. "I don't know." says one of the other soldiers, "But I'm sure the storm is-"


More explosions have been heard and they can actually see the fires just a few miles ahead through the shifting sands. Then they hear many more noises that they don't recognize. The army then stops just a mile away as they try to make out what is going on.

Back on the ship, Aaron smiles as he pinches a part of the hologram replica of the planet. Then he plucks the sandstorm.

Back on Ares, the sandstorm lifted and reveal the chaos that is happening in front of the Saderanian Army. What they see are horrors unlike anything they could imagine. They see Kroots feasting on the dead corpses, Daemons of Chaos unleashed on the armies, the Sisters of Battle scorching everything on sight, the Orks trampling over their enemies with their numbers. Along with seeing the Avatar of Khaine fighting against the Ork Squiggoth, the Unclean One fighting against the Living Saint, the Deceiver facing off against a Hive Tyrant, and the Baneblade gunning down its enemies.

Yet the sight of Tyranids, Daemons, Orks, and other monstrosities is enough to make their stomachs churn. But they are at awe with the weapons and machineries that surpass the empire's. Their faces went pale as they witness this battle of advance civilizations slaughtering each other. Some of the troops are about to panic and retreat, but that would mean treason and death. Some of the veterans are even scared shitless at this sight of slaughter.

"What have we marched ourselves into?" Commander Sulla says under his breath at the horror in front of him.

"Everyone, stop what you are doing! Turn south!" Aaron ordered over their comm channels. All the armies stop and face southward. Then they notice the Sederan Imperial Army standing in formation.

"Prepare shields!" Sulla ordered his troops. The infantry prepare their shields in typical Roman army fashion. "Wyvern riders! Take to the skies!" The wyvern riders did as they were ordered and take to the orange skies of the planet.

"Kill them."

Space Marine: "CHAAARRRGGE!"


Imperial Guardsman: "STORM THEM!"


Ork Slugga Boy: "WAAAAAGGGHH!"


Dark Eldar Mandrake: "DIE!"

Sister of Battle: "WE WILL BE MARTYRS!"

Necron Warrior: *Creepy roars*

Tyranid Swarm: *Loud and deafening roars*

"Advance!" Commander Sulla commanded, but that is a big mistake.

Bolter, plasma, and laser fire cut through their ranks and the majority of the expedition force have been cut down. Even the wyverns are no match for plasma, rockets and lasers as they came tumbling down with the riders either being crushed to death by their own mounts or crippled by the fall. It wasn't a war, it was a one-side massacre. Some of the more monstrous soldiers from the Saderan Empire's forces have also been destroyed by many grenades.

Commander Sulla falls of his horse and it got scared from all the sounds it has never heard before. The Commander got half-way up and witness the horror in front of him as the imperial forces get slaughtered.

"Commander! Commander!" Captain Agrippa ran up to the commander, "What do we-" Before he finishes his question, Sulla took a shot to the head by a bullet and lies dead. The captain looked back at the opposing forces and gritted his teeth.

"Captain!" one of the soldiers screamed in horror, "What are our orders?!"

With no other option, the captain gave out the only order he can give. "RETREAT! FALL BACK AT THE GATE!"

And so, the invading forces retreat with no new slaves, riches, or trophies. They ran back empty handed while being chased by the combine might of the armies of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Over at the gate, some of the men made it back but are driven crazy after the slaughter. Yet only seven soldiers made it back through while the rest have been cut-off by something even more terrifying: The Zerg Swarm.

Some zerglings popped up from the ground and attack some of the lower ranked soldiers have been killed along with some of the monsters. The rest have been captured as POWs including the captain. With that out of the way, the POWs are taken to a ship to be taken somewhere far away for interrogation.

But back on the ship, Sovereign Aaron van Dyke now faces a challenge that he has been waiting for and prepares for war.

Over at the Capital System, which is well, the capital, Aaron has a council with some of his faithful councilmen on the planet Coruscant. The Capital System, however, has four capital planets in the habitable zone. These planets are Coruscant and Holy Terra, which is covered in cities; Earth, which has most of its environments intact; and Altea, Aaron's personal planet where it is more wild than civilized where 95% of the planet is more of a garden or a national park.

In his council, the Collective Council, are certain individuals from certain franchises. Varys the Spider is the Master of Shadows, originally from Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire as the Master of Whispers in the Small Council, which he is suitable for the tasks of intelligence gathering and assassinations. Despite from being from the Feudal Systems.

Go'el aka Thrall is the Master of War, originally from Warcraft and former Warchief of the Horde. His wisdom in warfare makes him suitable for the council and represents some of the non-scientific races.

Spock is the Master of Stars, originally from Star Trek. His wisdom in starship warfare makes him the...logical choice to command the navy.

Mentat Kolinar Koltrass is the Master of Laws, originally from Emperor: Battle for Dune. A Mentat of Assassins of House Atreides that is now serving as the chief legal advisor of the council.

Bela Kiwiiks is a Jedi Master, a member of the Jedi Council, and is the Master of Peace; originally from Star Wars: The Old Republic. She is a Torgruta and since the Jedi are of peace, she is granted the position of head diplomat.

Arch-Mage Savos Aren is the Master of Magic, originally from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is a Dunmer and his knowledge of the arcane is valuable in certain times and represents some of the non-scientific races.

Kinjo is the Master of Credit, originally from Log Horizon. He is from the Feudal Systems and is in charge of all the wealth and money of the empire. Which means he has full control of all the finances around this digital galaxy.

Here, the council gathers with the senate and debate on what to do with the gate.

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