Hey everyone! I got a Christmas present for you guys! It maybe days before Christmas but I have a lot to do. I made a wiki site for something that you might be interested. You all wanted a sequel, but I wanted to do other stories and I just did this Gate fanfic out of boredom. In other words, no sequel. So I had an idea! How about you guys make your own sequel? I mean, this is fanfiction and fanfiction is meant to use whatever to make our own stories. So I decided to let you guys make your own sequel story in an entirely new universe. Plus I also thought of an idea to mix wikia and fanfiction, but I can't remember much on why I did it. It maybe incomplete because of my crazy schedule, but hey, the whole point is to have fun. Here is the link below (to the best I can to write it down) and I hope you guys enjoy this little project for you guys to enjoy, make crazy stories, and even add your own thing to the wiki like your own little empire or something and make a story around that on fanfiction. Remember: Have fun!


Yeah, so I had to make (d0t) to replace the . or the site would remove it. Like below:


Have a good time!