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Long Thought a Rollin

"Sir, I don't believe I got your name, what is it?" Subaru asked the man in the kindest manner he could, he noticed the slight smile across his face, but couldn't ignore the scent of alcohol that lingered in the air.

"They call me Old Man Rom, just call me Rom." He reached out his hand to shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you." Subaru shook his hand in as kind a manner he could.

"The pleasure is mine. My name is Subaru Natsuki. Just call me Subaru." Subaru looked around at the various weapons and other trinkets scattered about the Loot House. "This is quite the collection Rom. Has felt gathered all of this?"

"Yeah, she has, actually. She was supposed to be here sooner, but I guess something's got her caught up." A knock at the door distracted the two before their conversation could continue. Subaru noticed Rom reach behind the counter and set a large club up. "You can never be too sure. Could you check that for me?"

"Yes, of course." Subaru walked over and opened the door, noticing a young woman in black clothes, with a black cloak to top it off. "Hello, I take it you're here to see Felt?" After the woman nodded he let out a chuckle. "Of course, of course, please come in. I must ask your forgiveness, but it seems we are at odds with each other. We both want the same thing. I've got high confidence that I'll be the one to get the insignia."

"Oh, is that so young man? Why is that?" She finally spoke up, seeming to be tired of hearing Subaru talk.

Subaru let out a sly and knowing chuckle. "Because I already have it." He noticed how she and Rom both took stances as if they were ready to pounce at a moment's notice. "But before we continue..." Subaru sat at a table, and folded his hands in front of him. "I want to know your name."

She was tired of this boy, he said he already has it, well she could kill him and take it right now, but she'll play along for now. "My name is Elsa. And I am willing to do anything for that insignia."

"Oh? Is that so? Now, would you, say, kill anyone in this building just to get it?" The glean in his eyes showed that he already knew. He saw her pick up.

"Nosy little, how do you know?"

"It may not show, but I've died to you before." He lifted up his shirt, and gestured a cutting motion across his gut. "Prime area to be disemboweled. I wonder if that's your preferred target when attacking someone." Suddenly, she drew two curved blades, right as she was about to reach him, he flipped up the table. "Reinhard! Now! Her name is Elsa!"

Elsa the Bowel hunter. The only one it could be. Reinhard launched himself through the window. "Elsa the Bowel Hunter. For attacking an innocent civilian and attempted murder of said civilian." Cut through the fat of it, end this now. He picked up a sword that had fallen as he went through the window.

"What? Are you not going to draw your legendary blade?" Elsa taunted.

"It only comes from its sheath when it deems the enemy worthy. You seem to be no cause for concern." Wielding the blade with absolute mastery, he attacked Elsa, not giving her a chance to recover. Subaru used this time to make his way over to Old Man Rom.

"Rom, I can guarantee that Felt is safe. You two seem to be close, so I want you to get out of here while you can." Subaru saw the betrayal in his eyes. "Rom, I'm sorry, but I had to lie. I knew she would come, so I wanted to save you, if not only for my own conscience." Subaru watched has the anger faded behind his eyes.

"You are a genuine man. So I'll believe you." He crouched down, club still in hand, and followed Subaru towards the door. When Elsa slipped past Reinhard, and slashed at Rom's back, knocking him unconscious.

"Rom!" Subaru knelt down next to him, and did his best to stop the blood from pouring from the gash. That was when Emilia burst in the door. "Emilia? What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't just stand by while you risk your life. I also never got the chance to thank you. So thank you for saving me." She knelt over Rom herself, and held her hands over his wounds as a light surrounded them. "I'm going to heal him, when I give the signal, let Reinhard know he has the all clear." Subaru looked like he wanted to ask questions, but he figured it wasn't the time. So he grabbed the club and had it at the ready. After a while, Emilia stopped healing Rom, and turned to Subaru. "Now"

"Reinhard! You're all clear!" Subaru watched in awe as the sword he wielded started to glow. The strike Reinhard delivered shown that it was meant to be a final strike. When the dust settled, most of the building was gone. "Wow. You're a powerful swordsman alright! I take it you're high ranking?"

"Of course, but for now, I think the time for celebration is now." Rubble suddenly shifted and was thrown off of the figure. Elsa still stood.

"I thought that strike would do her in." Subaru then noticed the death glare that was sent at Emilia. So he ran and pushed her out of the way, blocking with the club, as Elsa struck with her blade. "She goes for the gut!"

"You got in the way again." Elsa then threw her blade and jumped onto a pile of rubble near a wall. "One day, I'll disembowel everyone here, until the, take care of your innards." With those words, she jumped over the wall and into the night.

"Well, that was a close call." Emilia turned to Subaru. "Thank you for saving me. I thank you. I owe you a great debt."

Subaru let out a light chuckle. "It's nothing. I'm sure if you were in my position you would've done the same thing. But I don't think we've introduced ourselves." Subaru let out a courteous bow " I am Subaru Natsuki. And you?"

Suddenly he heard laughter, from Emilia. "My name is Emilia. Once again, I thank you." She gave a light bow. "But you aren't hurt for real, are you?"

"Nah, not at all." He stood up, then picked up the club he dropped. "This saved me." Then he noticed the majority of the club that was missing. "Huh, I'm surprised it hasn't opened yet."

"What?" That was when Emilia saw his clothes fall open at the gut, and blood started spewing from his abdomen. "Subaru!" Quickly she set to work healing him. After she finished, she stood up.

"Well, I will take the girl back with me to headquarters. Would you like me to take him as well?" Reinhard gestured to Subaru, whom Emilia had placed so that he was in a comfortable resting position.

"No, I'll take him." With that, Reinhard went over and picked up Subaru. Making sure to be careful with his freshly healed wound. "Thank you Reinhard."

"Not a problem at all, Miss Emilia." They then began the long walk back to the headquarters.

When Subaru awoke, he was in a strange room, that seemed to be of a high class. "How long have I been asleep?" He looked around and noticed that the room he was in was empty except for himself. "I may need to stretch, just to get feeling back." Subaru carefully got out of bed, and started to walk through the door into the hallway. As he walked, he couldn't help but notice a strange occurrence. "A looping hallway? Ah, then the person behind it, must be behind this door!" He opened the door, and saw a girl who appeared to be young sitting in a large library. "Ah, are you behind the looping hallway?"

"I am, I suppose. Now please leave, I don't take kindly to pests in the library, I suppose." The girl was tired of this person who had the audacity to just barge into her library.

"May I ask a question though, will the hallway loop? And who are you?" He noticed the girl get up and place a hand on his chest.

"The hallway will be normal when you wake up, I suppose." Subaru was about to talk again, when he felt all of the energy be drained from his body. He then collapsed, and slipped into unconsciousness.

A/N: I hope you guys like chapter two/ episode two. I'm going to be honest, this is all based on the anime, I've yet to actually read the manga, but at some point I will. I wish for you to read and review, and if you have any critiques about this story, feel free to let me know in the reviews. Thank you all.