Well I've seen every comment to be put here and let me just get this said:

after growing up from when I first saw Re: zero, I have to say I was wrong to try and "fix" it. I realize that, yes, his personality and the way he acts is the whole point of the series. However, I am still standing by the fact that i don't care for his personality at all. It reminds me of, well, myself, and I hate that I used to be like that. I'm twenty now. When I first saw the series I was still in school seeking that escape from reality. I don't remember when I first watched it but I know I was much different. So for that final "here's what I learned" I understand that his personality is the main point, but i still take issue with it. Therefore I've lost particular interest in this series, this fic is now abandoned, so please stop reviewing it if you're just going to say something like, "you're dumb the fact he's a horrible person is the whole point."