My Characters

Name: Maya

Father: Egeus

Sister: Helena

Mother: Catharine (Deceased)

Age: 14 years old

Likes: Her sister, Lysander, Climbing Trees, Running, Swimming, Riding Horses, Playing Pranks

Dislikes: Corsets, Dresses, her father's boring dinner parties, school classes and chores.


Maya is a fun loving 14 year old girl. She has always been fascinated by the stories of the Great King Oberon and His Beautiful Queen Titania. Every Midsummer when it is rumored the fairies are out Maya would leave gifts in the forest hoping one day to see the great fairies. Maya is very unladylike which greatly upsets her father Egeus. She hopes to one day see the wonders of the world rather than end up like her sister forced to marry a man she does not love. Maya does not have many friends as she does not like the idea of pretending to be something she is not. She is often seen outside in the stables with the horses or in a tree reading about faraway places.

Name: Alla

Age: 53

Likes: Taking care of Maya, telling stories of the fairy court, watching plays preformed, gardening

Dislikes: Egeus, Mean people, Athens rules against women

Bio: Alla is the caretaker of Maya. She was employed when Maya's mother died when the girl was two. She believes in the stories of King Oberon and Queen Titania. She passed these stories onto Maya as the girl was growing up. She is usually the one who stands between Egeus and Maya, Protecting the girl from her harsh father.

Name: Tumbleweed

Age: unknown

Bio: a fairy in Queen Titania's court

Name: Thimble

Age Unknown

Bio: A Fairy in Queen Titania's Court