"All Characters and Background storyline belong to the amazing William Shakespeare. The only Characters that are mine are the origional ones."

Three happy couples were wed that day.

Lord Theseus and Hippolyta

Lysander and Helena

Demetrius and Hermia

Egeus ignored the fact that his daughter Maya missed the wedding. She was a rambunctious child with a wild heart. Soon Egeus would do something to break her into the perfect wife. .

When she did not show three more days Egeus went to Duke Theseus to start a search for his wayward daughter.

Duke Theseus searched for the long lost daughter Maya. He searched all of Athena and those cities around him however she was never seen again.

Years went by and soon the missing girl was forgotten.

The three couples grew, had children and died a mortal life.

Their children grew and had their own children.

A story was told to the children by the two wayward couples about the strange midsummer's night.

Midsummer's night had appeared again and a new duke was soon to be wed.

A Fairy appeared in a field. She had golden hair and pale skin. Dressed in a dark green skirt and a blue sleeveless shirt she glowed with her purple fairy wings this night. She glanced around and started picking the flowers from the ground.

She froze when she felt it. She smiled and turned toward the trees.

She tilted her head and asked "Why do you hide my friend? Do you fear me goblin? Has the loyal one lost his bravery?"

The fairy squealed at arms wrapped around her waist. They pulled her close as the figure breathed into her ear. "Fear? Why would I fear you? One who is named after our moon? I am stronger and know how to turn a fairies head. I fear nothing accept my lord Oberon."

The fairy turned in the goblin's arms "it has been long Puck. My queen has kept me busy and away. A new changeling girl she has collected this day."

Puck smiled. "Yes. Busy was I. training a new nave for my lord. But now we come to bless the new bed. A follower of my king and his bride a follower of your queen. We will bless this marriage bed just as we did that late midsummer night. Come away we are being summand this night."