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The 34th Hunger Games

Caleb Wellington,18, D5M

Day 1, 24 tributes left

I stood still on my platform, scared of the mines around me. I had seen loads tributes explode when I was watching the games back in district 5 and I didn't want to end like one of them. I looked around to find Jason, the district 7 male and my only

ally, shaking. I didn't question why. The cold snowy wind blew through my hair. I tried to warm my body by moving around. The countdown had already reached ten seconds when I accepted getting cold.

After those last quick seconds the games finally started. The most tributes sprinted forward to the cornucopia. But I and Jason only took the nearest supplies and ran to the forest. I hated the thick layers of snow already, my legs were wet and cold. The games just started and I was complaining already. I laughed because I knew the quickest games took three days. So it would take some time.

Suddenly a girl jumped out of the bushes. She was crying and had blood all over her neck. I knew she was the district 8 female and guessed why she would be injured. Then I remembered that in training this girl slapped the district 1 female in the face! And I was right. A hundred meters behind the girl stood Vanessa with a bloody knife in her hand. The girl from 8 screamed something about things not being fair when the knife flew into her stomach.

Before I could even think Jason was already rushing towards Vanessa with his hatchet in his hand. I took action after Jason and took the knife from 8's body. I threw it to Vanessa and it hit her in the leg. Jason then finished her off.

Jason Redwood,18, D7M

Day 2, 14 tributes left

Fourteen tributes remaining. That was something I liked to hear. The bloodbath was one of the biggest and it was just thirteen others including Caleb. I liked Caleb because he helped me with my problems. With things like my past and my emotions. I saw Caleb as the bigger brother I never had.

Caleb woke up from a cannon and asked me who I thought it was. I instantly answered: "The district 12 girl, she has no chance in the cold snow on her own." Caleb looked disgusted and I said: "You asked. Who do you think?" Caleb thought and after a long time he answered: "The boy from 4, none of the careers liked him." Later that turned out to be true.

The rest of the day went by quickly, another outlier died, Caleb and I moved our camp and hunted for food.

Caleb Wellington, 18, D5M

Day 3, 12 tributes left

I knew Jason had to die. There was no other way to get home. I wasn't going to do it now but he had to eventually.

Jason and I went out to hunt. Tributes this time. We were walking for hours when we finally saw someone. It was the boy from 8. He reminded me of a rat. Jason and I sneaked up to the boy. When I felt a knife in my back. I screamed and saw Jason's hatchet flying through the air over my head. The hatchet landed in the head of a boy. Probably the ally of the rat tribute. I saw the rat running away and Jason coming to me. I told Jason to leave me behind. Because there was no way we could cure the giant wound in my back. The blood spread in the snow and I laid down completely. When Jason left my last words to him were: "Keep it classy."

An hour later I had already lost loads of blood. But suddenly a parachute dropped from the sky. I was honoured to see the sponsor gift. On a little note was written:

You got this man ~Selma

I found a little jar of ointment and put it onto my wound. It felt cold on my skin but it also felt good.

Jason Redwood, 18, D7M

Day 4 (morning), 10 tributes left

My hatchet landed in the girl's head, that was kill three. Killing didn't feel good but it was nice to know I was a step closer to home. It wasn't nice to know that Caleb might be dead. I heard one cannon this night.

I walked away from the body to let a hovercraft pick it up. A few seconds later I heard a loud voice through the arena:

"Today we will have a feast at the cornucopia. It will start at 5 pm, attendance isn't necessary"

There were four careers left so the feast wasn't an option for me. But I did plan to watch the feast from a distance.

A giant clock was projected in the sky. I had six more hours to walk to the cornucopia. I heard another cannon while walking. and when I got to the edge of the forest I looked to the cornucopia. The four remaining careers were preparing for the feast. I picked a spot in a comfortable tree and waited.

Caleb Wellington, 18, D5M

Day 4: The feast, 8 tributes left

I felt better. I was scared of the careers and didn't forget about the fact that Jason could be dead. I wasn't fully healed so I didn't plan on going to the feast. But I just wanted to catch a glimpse of it.

I arrived at the edge of the forest at 4 pm. I was cold and felt like getting sick. I slowly walked the last few meters and found a perfect bush. The bush wasn't big but it was a perfect hiding spot. Then I watched how the girl from 3 ran out of the forest and instantly got a spear through her stomach. Her cannon sounded. The careers were looking around for more tributes when suddenly the girl from 4 took her knife and slit the district 2 boy's throat. The boy fell to the ground and the girl from 2 took revenge. She took her sword and decapitated the other girl.

The boy and girl started a sword duel.

Suddenly I heard a creepy laugh behind him. The rat boy was standing over me with a knife in his hand. I kicked the boy of me and ran onto the open field. Instantly I saw Jason who also ran onto the field. The rat followed me and threw his knife at me, luckily I dodged it. But the knife hit Jason, who was standing behind me, in the neck. I jumped onto the rat and drilled my own knife into the rat his stomach. His cannon sounded.

I ran to Jason, who was laying in the snow. Jason whispered to me: "Keep it.." Then he stopped and his cannon sounded.

I heard another cannon and saw the district 1 boy standing over the last career girl.

I was tired and dizzy by all the emotions going through my head. I realised that we were the final two and stood up. My back was hurting and I was bleeding from my arm. The boy from 1 was running in my direction and I quickly snatched the hatchet from the ground. With my knives and hatchet I felt confident about this fight.

Leander Graeper, 18, D1M

Final 2

I was tired of the games. I hated myself for volunteering. I hated myself for killing and most of all I hated myself for bullying Samantha back in district 1. But I was confident about my chances to win. My days in the arena weren't as bad as most outliers and I was a career.

I charged Caleb through the thick layer of cold snow. With my sword in my right hand and a knife in my left hand I looked at my target. The boy was large and was wielding a hatchet. He didn't look afraid like someone should look like when a career is attacking him. The cold wind was blowing even harder in my face. I stoped running when I was about five meters away from Caleb. We circled each other and Caleb waited for me to strike. I stabbed Caleb in his right shoulder but before I could even pull back my sword Caleb buried a knife in my neck.

I fell to the ground. Into the snow.

The last cannon sounded.

"Caleb Wellington, you are the victor of the 34th Hunger Games!"

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