Way eight: Be a sponsor magnet

Harper's backstory starts on day 2

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Harper Smith, 18

district 4 female

The 89th Hunger Games

The arena was warmer than expected. No wonder because it was inside. I took off my bandana, it was my trademark. I had worn it every time I got on tv. People really liked me there, I wasn't bad looking, I was likable and when I told the nation I wasn't going to join the pack they went wild. The 11 in training helped even more. I didn't want to join the pack because I had left the academy when I was 17, so Thomas wouldn't let me join the pack. Now he was one platform away from me. He wasn't aware that I would kill. The countdown slowly ticked away his last seconds of life. When the countdown reached zero I sprinted to him. He was on his way to the cornucopia, but I was a bit faster than him, with his huge torso. I was known to be way too confident. But this was a risk that I had to take. If Thomas got his favorite weapons I would be dead before I could put a bandana on. Because of me being the faster one I reached him. I kicked his legs, which were running rapidly, and he tripped. Falling down with him to the ground I landed on his back. With a quick move I bound the bandana, that I took with me as token, around his neck and pushed the air out of his lungs. I tightened the knot exponentially and after a few seconds he stopped trying to throw me off and completely stopped moving. I left my bandana for what it was and took off into the arena.

Beside overconfident people also call me distracted. I would go with overfocused tho. In the bloodbath the overfocusness showed up. I hadn't even looked around at the arena, but just went for the kill. While running away I found out the arena was some kind of museum, a big one. I planned to camp until someone gave me supplies. After an hour of running around the museum's rooms I found a map. The red dot that resembled me was on one of the outer ends of the arena. After an hour the first gift arrived, probably a reward for killing Thomas. With hands shaking from excitement I opened the tender silver wrapping paper. Three knives laid on the paper. A bit disappointed I picked up the knives, quickly thanked the sponsor and went on with the games. Thankful behavior would only give me more sponsors. If I contained my behavior, combined with my looks and training score, the sponsors would keep coming.

When I arrived at the Romain section my eyes spotted movement in the other end of the hall. Probably one of the stronger outliers was running sitting somewhere behind one of the many gladiator statues. I quickly ducked behind a table with a maquette of colosseum built on it. I peaked over and instantly an arrow pinned into the wall behind me. I quickly rushed to another statue while the shooter was reloading his bow. Three more statues were between us. When he missed another shot I rushed forward. Another arrow planted in my thigh. With high speed I jumped onto the pedestal and with all my weight and momentum I pushed over the statue. The big statue tumbled and missed the boy holding a bow. It was indeed one of the stronger outliers. I jumped on top of the boy and took out my knives. Then I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. A knife. I turned and my eyes met Tristan's. The career boy looked at me with a snarky grim and sparkles in his eyes. Without him having time to respond two of my knives flew to his leg. The outlier boy took his opportunity and punched my remaining knife out of my hands. Then he tried to punch me, I blocked. He tried again, and I blocked again with my arm. With my other arm I looked for anything that could function as a weapon. My hand found something and I smashed it into my prey's skull. I saw it was a rock from the statue I had destroyed. A cannon exploded. On instinct I turned to Tristan, who had vanished behind one of the many statues. Quickly I tore out the knife that he had thrown to me. I scanned the hall and looked for the spot I would hide. Then a sponsor gift fell from the sky. I opened the box with my, a bit bloody, hands and found myself a katana. It wasn't my weapon of choice but it would do. Behind the chariot, that was where Tristan should be. It was close enough to the exit so he could ambush me if he wanted to, but he also had the option to stay out of conflict by hiding. The ideal situation for a tribute. I walked from pillar to statue. It was weird that a strong career like Tristan had teamed up with some outlier. I rushed to the chariot and found no one. Flabbergasted I stood there. Suddenly a knife entered the ancient wood of the chariot next to me. While turning I grabbed the knife that Tristan had thrown into my shoulder earlier. Tristan was standing in the open, a perfect target. My knife tore it's way into his stomach. The career fell to his knees, both hands clammed around the knife's iron handle. I sprinted over and holding my katana with two hands above my head. Then I brought it down onto Tristan's face, the grim from earlier was long gone.

My first night was in that same hall. Two male careers had died the first day as well as six outliers. That made sixteen remaining tributes.

Harper Smith, 18

district 4 female

Day 2, 16 tributes left

The games were no fun, like expected. I had left the academy after my seventeenth birthday. It was a big statement because I was the chosen volunteer for the next Games. Many other girls followed me and the academy panicked. They threatened me into volunteering "willingly". That was my only choice. They would kill my little brother if I didn't. I knew I still had all the techniques under control. Because I wasn't in the pack others, like Tristan, left too. Not because they all adored me but because they felt like they were better off alone, or with an outlier.

After my visit to the Roman section of the museum I walked through the halls next to it, the Greek part. Loads of amphoras filled the room. Then I saw someone. A little girl was walking by all the amphoras, looking at the drawings. I didn't say anything and sat next to the entrance. It was the only way someone could get into the hall. I couldn't kill such an innocent kid. I laid down my weapons and she noticed me. She extremely frightened she looked at me. Like I was a monster.

A tear rolled down my cheek, she was right. I had killed other kids and I had even trained eight years for it. It was just too sad. My head sank into my pulled up knees. Suddenly the sadness made way for sudden anger. I jumped up and ran to the row of amphoras. I grabbed a big one and smashed it against the wall. Shards of the jar flew everywhere. The little girl looked at me from the other side of the room, rooted in place. Then she smiled and pushed over the vase in front of her. It also exploded. The falling made loads of noise and I came up with a plan. I told the girl to stop smashing vases and unsurprisingly she listened to me. Then I started stacking up amphoras in front of the only exit. I stacked them somewhat higher than the doorway so that the tribute on the other side couldn't carefully lift off the amphoras. "If you want to go on your own this is your last chance." I told the girl, named Vaness, when I was about to put the last stack in place. She stayed. If someone would try to get into our hall the tribute had to throw the amphoras all over the ground, it would make loads of noise. Vaness, such a strange name, and I both fell asleep in our own corner. My sponsors had given us two blankets and one pillow. Vaness insisted that I took the pillow.

Harper Smith, 18

district 4

Day 3, 10 tributes left

Someone slapped me in the face, it was Vaness. "I heard people talk, they are coming" the twelve years old whispered to me. She was panicking, I could see it in her brown eyes. I stood up, grabbed her blanket and put it under mine, so it kind of looked like someone was sleeping. Vaness and I both hid. I had told her to leave silently if I got into a fight, otherwise she would just get in danger for nothing. After one of the longest minutes of my life two career girls bursted through the vases. When they were at my pilar I jumped them. My katana's blade cut through the neck of the one running in front. The limb body collapsed onto the ground. From the corner of my eye I saw Vaness leaving the hall. Satisfied I looked at my last opponent. It was the girl from two, so it was the girl from one who lay dead on the floor. Two was holding an iron, two headed, spear. The girl blew her ink black hair out of her face and then attacked me. The fight was quick. She stabbed me while I smashed my katana's blade into her waist. She ripped it out and tossed it away. She stabbed, I ducked, she stabbed, I blocked. Then she suddenly tackled me. Unprepared for that attack I fell to the ground. She stepped onto my elbows, I was unable to move while she prepared her final blow. "Any last words four?" She yelled. Her voice was high pitched, paranoia like. "Vaness, now!" I yelled. Two looked around. I kicked her by swinging my feet up. It knocked her out of balance and she tumbled. My arms were free and I tried to protect my face. Two fell down, the end of her spear still pointed at me. A cannon.

I opened my eyes and saw that two had died, not me. The spear had missed me, but the other head of the spear had impaled the girl through her stomach as she had fallen onto it. It looked sad, a body resting on an iron spear that had gone through it. Vaness wasn't there, my cry for help had been a distraction. Someone yelled something. I turned to the doorway. Drake, my district partner, yelled to me again: "Don't kill the girl Harper, I've gotten your friend." He didn't know two was already dead. He held Vaness in front of him, a knife in front of her throat. I stepped away from the body: "Don't do it Drake, don't do it. She is twelve." I told him calmly while my hand slided to my jean's pocket. Then he saw two. She was dead. "You fuckin" He started, and with one slash he ended Vaness's life. Her body fell to the ground. I was to fast for Drake. Before he could rush to me the three knives I had grabbed from my pocket already hit him. One in the leg, so I would still have an advantage if the others missed. One on the torso, where the heart was. And one in his head. The one to his head landed in his arm, that he managed to use to block with. The others did hit and he fell to one knee. I ran over filled with anger and kicked his head. He stretched out onto the ground and I jumped down. I pulled the that was stuck in his torso diagonally over his body. His canon sounded and I walked away from the Greek hall, the hall of horor.

Harper Smith, 18

district 4

Day 4, 5 tributes left

It was almost the end, just four days had passed. But it was almost the end. No more careers just her and four scared outliers. Two sponsor gifts laid next to me when I woke up. Medication for my injuries wrapped in a bandana and more food. That's where my meals came from the whole games, sponsors. "A feast will be held at the main entrance, make sure to dress up." An announcer's voice galmend through the arena, with in the end a little chuckle for his own joke.

I knew the feast would be the end of the games, so I went to the main entrance, where the cornucopia was. The cornucopia had been looted, not carefully so the careers wouldn't notice but chaotic. The crates were broken and food was smashed onto the ground to make it useless. They really pushed the dress up joke and gave me a black skirt/dress as a sponsor gift. I put it on, just to be nice. I sat down with my back to the cornucopia. I had to recap the Games in my head. It was too much that happened.

After a while the table appeared, the whole floor beneath it flipped. I was sitting in the mouth of the cornucopia, hoping all tributes would come. I sat in the shadows where no tribute could see me. A minute I waited. Then I heard a scream, a girl, followed by a cannon and an insane laugh. It was just three more. A long silence followed the haunting scream. The next one I saw, a tall boy stood on the table holding a sword. Then he pierced it through a kid and he laughed again.

I covered my ears with my hand trying to push out the horrors, but I couldn't stop looking. I had to end this. With shaking hands and barf coming up my throat I went down to my pocket. I could barely hold my hand still and picked up the throwing knives. My aim wasn't off. All of my knives hit him and he collapsed onto the table filled with food. His cannon sounded. It was just one more. Tears were rolling, I was shaking and I was going crazy. I wasn't going to pick up the knives. It was too much.

A sword fell next to me, sponsored. I had passed out. Then I suddenly saw the girl looking at me. She was lying on the ground in the opening of the cornucopia. She hadn't killed me, I realised. "Hi" I said sarcastically as I stood up. Then I saw it, she was all cut up, she even missed some limbs. It was the worst thing I had ever seen.

"Make it stop please" The girl whispered, her voice broken. I walked over, still conscious. Around the girl lay a pool of blood. It would have been over in a minute for her either way. I carefully sat down next to her holding my sword.

"It will be ok..."


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