Hello all readers, both old and new! I'm glad you're all giving the new Vault of Vytal a chance. I'm sure that everyone can enjoy it. Well, here we go on an adventure!

Chapter 1: Transported

On Pandora, it had been nearly a year since the fall of Handsome Jack at the hands of the Vault Hunters. During that time, the Vault Hunters kept themselves busy. Dealing with pirates out in the desert, fighting in an illegal death match to open a Vault, taking on a crazed Hyperion scientist and even planned on blowing up the Hyperion Space Station, Helios. Which is where our story begins…

Lilith paced around the holo-table in the Crimson Raider HQ, looking over the plans for the space station. They needed to be able to get in, find the power station and blow it to hell while still being able to get out. Around the room sat the Vault Hunters responsible for ending the reign of Handsome Jack, the twisted monster that murdered so many innocent lives because he thought they were bandits.

The first was Axton the Commando. Come to Pandora for the search of glory, after he was sentenced to death by firing squad by his commanding officer… who was also his wife. He was a tall man, standing at 5'10" with dark brown hair that was slicked back, but with a few strands sticking up in the front. He wore a brown shirt that was beat to hell, but still managed to function as a shirt. He also wore his green, military cargo pants that were just as equally beat to hell but still functional. His boots were standard issue somewhat brown due to the amount of wear and tear.

He had a weapons harness with a backpack and a shoulder mounted camera, standard issue but now modified so the Dahl Military couldn't observe his movements. He still had his military rank above his right eye, can't really remove it since it was grafted into his skin. He had a chiseled jaw line, a very handsome man who was also very fit. Wasn't hard to stay in shape when you were constantly fighting for your life.

Next was Maya the Siren. She was one of six mystical and powerful women in the entire universe, able to bend the laws of reality to a certain degree. She had short blue hair with deep azure eyes, perfectly complimenting each other. She had a curvy figure, which was only made more obvious with the yellow body suit she wore with the right arm having a black sleeve with no left sleeve. She wore black cargo pants with black combat boots, the basic look for Pandora. What really made her stand out were the crazy blue tattoos that flowed around her arm, and also on her exposed left hip so it was inferred that they covered her left side of her body.

She had a look of confidence on her face, almost always a constant smirk on her face. Why wouldn't she be confident? She was one of the most powerful women on Pandora.

The third was Salvador the Gunzerker, and the shortest of the six Vault Hunters. He was only about 4'6" and heavily built, his orange t-shirt seeming like it was about to tear the second he flexed. He had tanned skin with spikey blue hair and beard with a constant grin on his face. He wore cowboy boots with spurs to complete his look. Salvador was Pandoran born, a native to the madness and chaos that was this hell hole. He enjoyed what he did, killing bandits and tearing Hyperion apart. To him… it was all fun and games.

Next was Zer0 the Assassin, the most mysterious of the Vault Hunters. He was a tall and lanky man, standing at 6' tall with long, skinny arms. He wore a black body suit with a grey chest and underarms. He always wore a helmet with a visor as the face plate. The helmet would display his usual feelings with emojis, but it usually showed the number 0 when he killed something. His head was skinny and tall to match the rest of his body… but he also only had four fingers. Zer0 would use his digistruct katana to slice through his enemies, or use a sniper rifle to blow them away at a distance.

After him was Gaige the Mechromancer, the youngest of the Vault Hunters. Standing a bit over Salvador at 5' with dull orange hair that was tied into two pigtails. She wore a red shirt with a skull on the front with a jean jacket. She wore a red skirt with black and white stockings and red and white sneakers. Gaige wore a pair of goggles on her forehead with a Band-Aid on her right cheek. She wore a work belt that had several mechanical tools as well as a piston.

The biggest stand out for Gaige was her left arm was almost completely mechanical. It started halfway down from her shoulder and the rest was metal. The purpose of her mechanical arm was to house the control rod for her mechanical masterpiece, Deathtrap or DT. She could summon her bot from digistruct space, and was meant to originally be an anti-bullying device. Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out when DT killed her high school rival, Marcy Holloway.

Thanks to her father, she was able to get away and get off world.

The final Vault Hunter was the largest, Krieg the Psycho. He was a heavily built man, looking almost like a human drumstick. He wore orange prison pants that were cut, torn, dirtied and blood stained with black combat boots that were in the same, ragged condition. He had a metal armbrace on his left arm that covered his forearm and knuckles with bolts sticking out of the top. His right arm was bandaged from his wrist to his bicep.

He wore a psycho mask, but it was heavily modified. Only his left eye was open, the right eye covered with an eyepatch with a single gas mask filter that was also on the right. He wore a harness that was used to hold his psycho buzz saw axe, which was also covered in blood and gore. He was completely bald, probably due to the cause of him losing his mind. His head would occasionally twitch, mainly since there were two voices occupying his head.

All of them were sitting and waiting for the plan to attack Helios, all of them itching to get back to work. They had a few small missions, a bit different than their usual missions. Dealing with a giant pumpkin monster, a massive snowman that froze a town, trying to end a family feud with a marriage and fighting a massive crab monster were on that list.

"Alright… we've got the way in… but no way out." Lilith questioned as she paced around the table. She wanted to tear down Hyperion after they killed her boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend but still. Hyperion needed to pay for what they did to her, to her friends and to Pandora.

"What about having a shuttle on standby? Have one person waiting in the hanger while the others make the assault?" Gaige suggested. She knew it was a long shot. In order for them to blow up Helios, they would have to set a charge without it being defused, manage to fight off the Hyperion forces and get out alive.

"I think we'd need more than just one. At this rate, we'll need the entire force of the Crimson Raiders to pull this off." Axton pointed out. He knew military tactics, and just the Vault Hunters, plus Lilith, Mordecai and Brick. Helios was heavily guarded, and was Hyperion's foothold on Pandora so they weren't going to give it up easily.

"Ugh… this is turning out to be a lot bigger plan than originally planned. I need a drink." Lilith grumbled as she headed for the door. She was developing a massive headache from all this planning, which ultimately fell through almost every single time. One of Moxxi's Special Brew should be enough for her to relax.

"We will remain here. We will continue planning. Enjoy your drink, Lil." Zer0 stated in his usual haiku manner. He always spoke in haiku, it kept him secretive and cryptic. He didn't want anyone to learn a thing about him, so he did everything he could to stop that. Lilith simply waved and left, leaving the Vault Hunters alone in the planning room. Maya paced around the room, stopping in front of the Vault Key and watching it spin.

They took the key from the Vault of the Warrior after they killed Handsome Jack, and it now stayed in a stasis field under the protection of the Crimson Raiders.

"I still can't believe there are hundreds of Vaults out there. Can you imagine how much knowledge could be there?" Maya questioned as she inspected the eridium veins of the key. Eridium was the strange alien element that flowed through Pandora, the element that made Hyperion rich and gave Jack the chance to rise to power. It was also used to charge the key faster than its normal 200 year charging period, at the cost of a Siren's life, but only ones that connected with Eridium.

"I bet there's so much cool stuff in the Vaults!" Salvador cheered. He wanted to join Brick on his quest for Vault Hunting, since he caused dibs on hunting all the Vaults. Vault Hunting was fun, and Salvador wanted in on that fun.

"WE SHALL SURF THE BLACK SEA AND SEEK THE LOST ONE'S GOODS!" Krieg bellowed, standing with his arms in the air and leaned back, shouting his words to Helios itself. Krieg was… special. His mind was broken from Hyperion's experiments, the only thing that was left of his former self was his inner voice. It was the one thing that kept him from becoming a full blown psycho and killing everyone. Inner Krieg had a bit of control over Krieg, swearing that he would turn their axe on him and kill them if they ever hurt anyone innocent.

"First we need to figure out how to take on our biggest threat. Helios is still staring at Pandora with that moonshot cannon. Then we can handle the Vaults." Axton chuckled as he stood up and stretched. His legs were tired and his ass was sore from sitting all day and listening to plan after plan after plan. Maya continued inspecting the key when she noticed the purple eridium start to turn black.

"What the…" Maya gasped a bit as the veins turned completely black. All of the other Vault Hunters stood up as the Vault Key stopped rotating, freezing in place as a dark aura started to envelope the key. Before anyone could do anything, including call for help, the aura expanded into a bubble that encompassed the entire room. All of the Vault Hunters were frozen in place as a feeling of dread filled them, leaving them cold and almost hopeless. The next thing they knew… their vision started to darken, almost like they were passing out.

All of them felt weightless… almost lifeless… for an uncomfortable amount of time. They were all sure they were dead… at least until they felt solid ground underneath them. Zer0, Maya and Axton were on their backs while Gaige, Salvador and Krieg were on their stomachs. All of them felt the dread and cold leave their bodies, replaced by the warmth of the area they were in. Wherever they were, it was a clear night that was filled with stars, lying in a field of grass with a few sparse trees.

"Hey guys… I don't think we're on Pandora anymore." Axton pointed out with a sigh. He stared up at the, honestly, beautiful night when he noticed a few things about the sky. One, there was no Helios staring them down since no matter where you went it was staring you down. Two, the moon was completely different than they were used to. Elpis was no longer where it was supposed to be… or it had exploded while they were passed out.

A large chunk of the moon was blasted away, pieces of it floating around near it. Maya and Zer0 spotted it as everyone else started to get up.

"What the fuck!?" Maya barked as she shot up, jumping to her feet and spinning around, trying to get a bearing on where she was. Zer0 merely sat up and crossed his legs, scanning his surroundings in a less panicked, more analytic method. From what both of them could see, they weren't on Pandora anymore since this new place was full of life. Everyone started checking themselves, seeing they still had all of their weapons on them, and their digistruct packs were still operational. Maya took a deep breath and calmed herself as she pulled out her ECHO device, the primary communication, both phone and internet, in their galaxy.

"I'm going to try and call Lilith." Maya stated as she found Lilith's number. She hit the dial button, but there was no dial tone… just dead silence. Maya pulled her ECHO away from her face and tried again, getting only silence once more. Maya announced "I got no signal to Lilith. Nothing, absolutely nothing."

"Okay, that's weird." Salvador pointed out. Axton, Maya and Salvador started discussing what the next move was as Gaige basically spun in place to look around the area. The field they were in was beautiful, the stars shone brightly, the air was warm and pleasant and she felt at utter peace here. But that didn't last long as Gaige spotted a large column of smoke as well as a light on the horizon.

"Hey guys, are you seeing that?" Gaige questioned to the two that were listening. Krieg and Zer0 turned to see the same column of smoke. Gaige turned to the three planning and called "Hey! Do you see this?"

"Hang on Gaige, we're trying to figure this out." Axton called as he held up a finger to Gaige. She huffed and turned back, watching the smoke rise.

Zer0 decided that he was done sitting around and stood up, walking towards the smoke. At the least, there would be something interesting to do.

"Zer0 is leaving. We should probably follow him to provide some kind of backup." Inner Krieg pointed out. The least he could do was try and guide Psycho Krieg in the right direction. Krieg started shambling behind Zer0, his buzz saw dragging behind him.

"Guys!" Zer0 and Krieg are leaving!" Gaige shouted as the polar opposite couple went towards the light. The three saw them walking away, and decided to follow since they really didn't have a plan. The group started sprinting, getting closer to the source of the smoke and the light, finding it to be a town that was burning to the ground. They could hear the sounds of gunfire and the howls of monsters.

"Finally! Some action!" Salvador cheered as he pulled out a Vladof spin gun and a Bandit SMG. He charged in with a mighty cheer. He was bored and this was the best chance he could get at getting some real fun. He leapt over a fence that was crushed a few feet away, looking like it was torn apart by some large beast. He ran through two destroyed buildings to find the street with a few bodies, as well as two large black monsters. They were bigger than Krieg, just about 7 feet tall and looked like werewolves.

They had weird skulls over their heads with red markings and piercing red eyes that glowed with hatred and rage. There were white spikes coming out of its back and arms with white claws. The two creatures roared at him with rage and charged him without a second thought, Salvador smirking as he lowered his weapons. He started unloading rounds, tearing the creatures apart like they were paper, his smile disappearing into a frown as the creatures started to turn to smoke.

"What the fuck!? That was too easy!" Salvador cursed as he lowered his weapons. The creatures back on Pandora were much more of a challenge, taking a lot more shots before going down… even landing a few shots on them. The rest of the Vault Hunters filled the street, weapons at the ready to see the carnage.

"What the hell did all of this?" Aton questioned as he looked over the people that were mauled to death.

"Some weird werewolf things. Weak though, almost like paper. Then they turned to smoke."

"Shit. Well, we should probably spread out. From what I can hear, there's some kind of defense going on. Split up and search for survivors. Then maybe someone can tell us where the hell we are." Axton ordered as he checked his magazine. Everyone nodded and spread out, keeping an eye out for anyone that was still alive. Axton headed for the largest collection of gunfire, probably also finding the largest amount of these weird werewolves. It wasn't long before Axton found the obvious evacuation point, several civilians running for some weird looking plane that was on the ground and surrounded by barricades.

There were a large number of the werewolves that Salvador mentioned, but also a few bear looking monsters. They looked similar to the wolves, only these things were the size of a bandit technical with large white plates on the back as well as spikes, like they were made out of bone. There weren't a ton of soldiers left defending the barricades, only half a dozen while the creatures pushed them. Axton aimed his Dahl assault rifle and started pushing through the enemies, tossing out a few of his bouncing betty grenades to cut through them. His three round burst tore through the creatures easily, while the grenades he through bounced on the ground, spinning and firing smaller caliber rounds that cut into the creatures.

He was at the barricade in no time, taking a defensive position and unloading rounds into the other creatures.

"Thank Dust you're here buddy. Weren't sure if we could hold this position much longer. Those are some pretty sweet weapons you got there." The guy next to Axton announced as they took shots, keeping the beasts back.

"Dahl, baby. When you need reliability and power." Axton replied with a chuckle. He could see the creatures were starting to push forward again, and they weren't going to be stopping until they were on top of them. Axton chuckled as he pulled out his digistruct packs that held his weapons "Wait until you get a load of these then."

He tossed both turrets out, both of them digistructing with shields and rocket pods on the sides with twin barrels. The weapons started to unload into the creatures, blasting them to pieces with rockets while the twin barrels barraged them with bullets.

"Holy shit! I need a few of those!" The guy cheered as he reloaded his weapons.

"Too bad the price tag is a bit high. So, any more survivors? A search party?" Axton questioned.

"There's a team here from Beacon Academy. They're searching for the last few survivors before coming back here."

"Academy? You've got kids doing this shit?"

"Hey, they signed up for it."

At that point, Salvador came running from between buildings with his guns blazing and a loud cheer as he killed the creatures.

"I… who is that?" The man questioned.

"That is my buddy." Axton chuckled as he reloaded his rifle.


Gaige ran through the burning town with a Maliwan fire SMG out, ready out start blasting at a moment's notice. She already ran into a few of the werewolf monsters and they were pretty easy to dispatch, about half a mag took care of the beasts as they were cooked alive. Most of the buildings were pretty destroyed, torn apart by the black furred monsters. Gaige was about to turn back when she started hearing the sound of a high powered rifle going off. She doubled her pace until she found a clearing that was full of the werewolves and even a few massive bear monsters.

At the center was a girl about Gaige's size wearing, what looked like, a gothic red riding hood look wielding a massive red and black scythe that was practically twice her size. Gaige took a knee and started spraying into the monster crowd, counting at least 15 wolf monsters and 3 bears. All of her rounds connected with the monsters lighting a few of the wolves on fire, but none of the bears started to burn. The other girl took the opportunity of divided interest and pointed the top of her rifle at a wolf creature.

That's when Gaige noticed that the top of her scythe… was a barrel. She fired the weapon and the loud crack of the rifle went off, taking the head off of a werewolf creature. Gaige swapped her weapons, opting for the Vladof Shock assault rifle instead of reloading. She pulled the trigger and started unloading rounds as she started stepping back as the beasts started advancing on her. Luckily the beasts would keep back from her since she was spraying bullets. Gaige knew that once she ran out of bullets, they would rush her.

Luckily, attention was diverted from her as the girl pointed the barrel behind her and fired a round. The blast propelled her forward into a wolf creature, swinging her massive blade and cleaving the creature in half. She kept going, sliding as she hit the ground and swung again, taking another wolf's legs off at the thighs. She started to get closer and Gaige was able to get a better look at her. She had short dark red hair with pale skin and sliver eyes.

She was also moving so fast Gaige was barely able to keep up with her, and the weird thing is when Gaige would lose her, there was a trail of rose petals following her.

Gaige's attention was pulled from the girl when her gun finally clicked empty, signaling that the monsters were about to attack. She looked up to see a wolf monster lunging at her with its claws raised, ready to tear her to shreds. Luckily, Gaige was able to roll to the side and dodge the claws, then slashed back with her own, thanks to her With Claws skill. The beast howled in pain, giving Gaige enough time to summon Deathtrap. The original Deathtrap looked like it was kinda built from scrap metal and stood as tall as Krieg, but twice as wide.

Deathtrap levitated thanks to an anti-gravity generator built into the bottom of the chassis. He had one larger arm than the other, mainly for the heavier striking. But now, Deathtrap looked a lot more sinister with a dark red light emanating from his chest with chains wrapped around his chest with a skull for a head and a large spike coming out of the top. There were bladed claws on his fingers, making him look that much more menacing. Deathtrap rose from the ground, grabbing the wolf creature by the throat and slamming its other claws into the beast's stomach.

"Don't mess with my bot, suckas!" Gaige cheered as she reloaded her SMG. Gaige looked around to see Red flying around the battlefield, slicing three more wolves apart with ease. Once Gaige was reloaded, she started blasting the wolf beasts again, taking a few of them as Deathtrap targeted the bear creatures. Gaige saw Deathtrap actually drive his claws into the bear and actually throw it into another one. With the combined three of them, the group of beasts were cut down pretty quickly.

Gaige and Red both reloaded as Deathtrap digistructed away, both keeping their weapons out.

"Hi there. Thanks for the help. I'm Ruby." Red greeted with a hand outstretched, the other putting her weapon away in the small of her back.

"Anytime. I'm Gaige." Gaige replied as she put her own weapon away. "That's a pretty sweet weapon you have there. What is it? Scythe combined with a high powered sniper rifle?"

"Yeah! Her name is Crescent Rose. So, what about your giant robot?"

"That's Deathtrap. Built him myself, along with his control rod that's built into this arm." Gaige pointed out as she showed off her mechanical arm to Ruby. She saw Rub's eyes go a bit wide as she reached out and caressed the arm.

"Wow… that's so cool… who designed it?" Ruby questioned as she ogled the arm. The design was amazing to have a control rod integrated into a mechanical arm while still being able to control motor functions."

"Me. I also performed the surgery to attach the arm." Gaige answered with a bit of pride in her voice. The fact that she was able to remove her arm and attach a new, mechanical one all while in her Dad's shed in the backyard was pretty impressive.

"Wow! That's so cool!"

"Yeah, your skills are pretty cool too. How do you-"Gaige started to question when a burning building started to collapse in on itself, making a large crashing sound that caused the two of them to jump. They looked around, both drawing their weapons and getting ready for a fight.

"So… we should be getting back to the airship." Ruby pointed out, keeping Crescent Rose ready. "I couldn't find any survivors in this area."

"Yeah, let's head back." Gaige agreed as she looked around.

Ruby took the lead, Gaige following as they went back to the airship for evacuation.


Zer0 slipped through the town, jumping from shadow to shadow, building to building to remain unseen. There wasn't much left of the town, with a few buildings torn apart and others burning down from fires being unattended. There were bodies lying in the street, a sad sight that Zer0 was all too familiar with thanks to Handsome Jack and other atrocities he had seen. He could hear gunfire from a small weapons going off close by, so he was investigating with his Jakobs sniper rifle drawn. Once the gunfire was starting to get clearer, he knelt down and slid quietly through the ruins and spotted the source of the sound.

There was a girl dressed in mostly black fighting off four of the wolf monsters that Salvador had mentioned. She was tall, at least 6 foot with black hair that fell past her elbows wearing a white blouse with a black vest. She was also wearing black short shorts and dark purple stockings that left a decent amount of her thighs, which showed her pale skin. She had ribbons tied around her wrists as well as a bow on the top of her head. Zer0 peered down his scope and saw that she had yellowish orange eyes… almost like they were small spheres of amber.

He observed her movements as she dodged the swipes of the werewolves. She moved like water, smooth and fluid as she swung the katana and sliced at the wolf that tried to claw at her. He pulled himself away from her to see another wolf going at her while she was distracted. He quickly found his mark and pulled the trigger, the sniper cracking in the relative silence. Zer0 was an excellent shot, finding his mark through two ruined buildings and still managing to send his bullet into the skull of the beast.

The girl continued through the attack and blocked the next attack with her blade, pushing the beast off. He saw the blade swing back and lock, revealing a pistol barrel assembly. She started putting rounds into the beast, Zer0 saw holes being punched through. He also spotted the next wolf going after her, so he took another shot and punched a massive hole in the wolf's chest. He saw her squaring off with the last wolf, so he lowered his rifle and started moving to the fight.

He watched her slide around the attacks, and actually noted her pull a disappearing act a few times. She would jump back when an attack got close, leaving behind an illusionary clone of herself to take the hit, a bit like his Deception ability. She ended up slipping behind the beast and drove her blade into the back of the wolf's neck, killing it. Zer0 stepped between the broken pieces of house, but the girl still spun around, ripping her blade from the beast as it turned to spoke and pointed her blade at him. Zer0 tilted his head a bit, amazed that she could hear him approach her, since he was the stealthiest of all the Vault Hunters.

Then again, that wasn't exactly saying a whole lot.

The girl relaxed her stance, lowering her weapon as Zer0 showed off the sniper rifle that he used to kill the beasts.

"Nice shots. I'm Blake." The girl introduced as she sheathed her blade. Zer0 was able to note the finer features of her. She was well built, toned being the more appropriate word with a slim hourglass type of figure.

"Hello there, Ms. Blake. Thank you for the compliment. My name is Zer0." Zer0 responded as he looked at the dissolving corpses of the beasts.

"So, couldn't find any survivors. Most have probably made it to the airship… or worse." Blake stated as she refused to look at the corpses nearby. Zer0 nodded and took a step to the side, allowing Blake to lead the way. She took the lead at a brisk pace, Zer0 easily keeping up with her.


Maya ran through the ruins, hearing screams of help in the direction she was going. She already had her Maliwan Shock SMG out and ready for the fight. She had seen enough death and destruction on Pandora, she just wanted something nice to have now. She rounded a corner to see three large bear monsters cornering a girl in a white dress wielding a rapier that was defending a family, two parents and three kids. One of the bear monsters charged the girl with a mighty roar, the girl reacting by taking a strange pose and a snowflake-like glyph showed up between the two.

The beast slammed into the glyph like it had hit a wall, groaning/ roaring as it did. Unfortunately, one of the other bear beasts also charged her and she didn't look like she was going to be able to block that one too, so Maya acted. She raised her Siren arm, tattoos lighting up a bright blue and the bear was lifted from the ground, surrounded by a dark purple orb as the Pandoran elements started to tear it apart. The girl in white looked around in confusion until she spotted Maya, looking at her with a confused look.

"Get down!" Maya shouted as she swapped her SMG to her Maliwan Slag rocket launcher, aiming it at the last bear creature. The girl immediately dissipated her glyph and resummoned it between her and Maya as Maya fired the rocket, shielding them from the shrapnel. The bear roared in pain as it was coated in the eridium byproduct, making it more vulnerable to damage. Maya immediately grabbed her Maliwan Incendiary pistol from her hip and fired the three rounds, igniting the beast. It bellowed in agony as Maya swapped to her Dahl Caustic assault rifle, aiming at the beast that the girl had blocked.

The girl held her rapier ready, the blade starting to glow red, and started swinging it, lashes of fire slamming into the same bear that she was shooting at. The beast roared in pain from the fire and corrosion burning through its black flesh. The bear she had Phase Locked finally broke free, angered from being burned by fire and corrosion, electrocuted and slagged.

Maya swapped her weapon again to her SMG, unloading on the bear that was freed from the Phase Lock as it started to charge her. She rolled out of the way as the beast swiped at her, clawing the ground as it attempted to tear her apart. She unloaded the rest of the magazine into the bear, opting to reload instead of swapping weapons again. The bear turned and back handed her, throwing her past the third bear beast and at the feet of the girl in white. Maya shot to her feet and readied her weapon as the girl readied her rapier.

The three bear beasts circled them again, Maya hearing the people behind them whimper in fear. She raised her SMG and started spraying as the girl in white's rapier chamber started to rotate, the blade turning a light blue. She spun and drove the blade into the ground, creating an ice field that froze the bear monsters to the ground. Maya swapped her SMG for her rocket launcher and emptied the remaining rockets into the bear monsters, blasting them to pieces.

Both Maya and the girl sighed in relief that the fight was finally over, the family crying in happiness.

"Come on, we need to get to the airship." The girl in Weiss assured as she sheathed her rapier. "I'm Weiss, Weiss Schnee."

"Maya. Hopefully the others have made it to the… airship." Maya replied as she reloaded her rocket launcher.

Weiss nodded and they helped the family to their feet, and started making their way towards the airship.


Krieg shambled through the ruined town, crashing through some of the buildings looking for any survivors. He had ran into a few of the beasts, but their ferocity was nowhere close to his own.

"Focus! We need to find survivors, get them somewhere safe." Krieg's inner voice spoke. He was doing his best to guide Krieg, but he had control so he generally did what he wanted. It generally worked for the both of them since they normally ended up killing bandits or creatures. But this wasn't Pandora, and they had no idea what to do or what was acceptable.

"I WILL FIND MY OWN WAY!" Krieg bellowed as he crashed through another burnt wall. He stumbled a bit, dropping his buzz saw, which looked like a baseball bat with a table saw blade jammed into the top. He picked it up when he noticed a person attempting to pull up a collapsed part of the roof. She was tall, about Maya's height with long, golden blonde hair. She wore black short shorts with a yellow shirt with a brown jacket. Krieg also noticed how she was very… curvy.

Krieg put his buzz saw on his back and went over to her, grabbing the roof with her and started lifting with her. Both of them growled as they lifted the roof, revealing a mother and her small child, at least two or three years old. The woman scrambled out and the two dropped the roof with a loud crash.

"Thanks for the help there." The girl thanked as she brushed herself off. She turned and looked Krieg up and down, thinking he looked… weird. "Wow… interesting attire. Very… post-apocalyptic."

"THANK YOU BRIGHT LADY!" Krieg bellowed, Yang wincing a bit at the volume.

"Someone's… loud. I'm Yang, by the way." Yang greeted as she held out her hand.

"Okay, this is easy. Just say our name." Inner Krieg advised. He didn't know how Krieg was going to react, but the method he chose was a bit… unconventional.

Krieg grabbed Yang's hand and lifted her into the air so they were face to face.

"KRIEG!" He bellowed, a bit of Yang's hair blowing back at the force and volume.

Yang blinked a bit as Krieg let her go, checking her ears to ensure that she wasn't deaf.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Krieg. Find anyone on the way here?" Yang questioned.

"NO ONE BUT THE DARK ONES!" Krieg announced as he looked around. He was starting to get the feeling that they were being watched. He usually got the feeling whenever stalkers were around… and he was getting it now. He updated "WE ARE NOT ALONE!"

Sure enough, several wolf creatures ran from around the corner a little farther down the street. There were at least ten of them that slide to a stop, red eyes honing in on them.

Krieg pulled his buzz saw off of his back as Yang pushed her fists forward, two red shotgun shells flying from the yellow bracelets that looked a little bit more like vambracers. The wolf monsters howled and started charging them, closing distance quick. Krieg reached back and pulled out his Torgue shotgun, aiming it at the wolves and started blasting. The explosive shells started cutting through the beasts as if they were nothing, killing two and taking the arm off another. He also noted Yang started jabbing towards the beasts, sending Torgue-like blasts at the wolves.

Yang took out two more, plus the one that Krieg wounded. Krieg dropped his shotgun and readied his buzz saw, or as he called it… his Meat Bicycle. He rushed the charging monsters and slammed his Meat Bicycle into the lead beast's neck, taking its head clean off. He followed through with his swing, upper cutting it and slicing another wolf creature's head in half.

Yang pressed with him, driving a fist into a wolf creature's chest, then two shots to the stomach and a final uppercut to take the beast's head off. She spun to the side as another beast attempted to claw her, but she went with the spin and delivered a deadly hook to the side of the beast's head, firing a round from her shotgun gauntlet and blasted its head off.

The two of them went against the last one together, and a bit brutally to add. Krieg caught the arms of the beast while Yang swept its feet. Together, they started to pull in opposite directions until the beast was ripped in half. Both of them took a deep breath and sighed, Yang going to the woman and her child to make sure they were okay.

"Alright, we should probably head with them. No doubt the others have headed with Yang's friends." Inner Krieg explained. It seemed like the idea to go with, since they really didn't have any other options. Krieg walked over to Yang and the woman as she started to calm down.

"Well… thanks for the help. These two were the only ones in this area." Yang updated as she helped the woman to her feet. The woman was still a bit shaken, looking at Krieg nervously as he shambled over to his shotgun and picked it up. Yang questioned "So, where are you off to?"

"I WILL FOLLOW THE FLAME TO THE FRIENDLY ONES!" Krieg bellowed as he put his shotgun away.

Yang looked at him with a raised eyebrow, a bit confused on what he was actually saying. So far, the guy was a great fighter and super strong, but mentally he seemed like a big ass bag of crazy.

"So… you're coming with me?" Yang guessed.


"Well… I'm taking this woman and her child to the airship for evac. You're welcome to follow me there and meet your… friendly ones…"


Yang nodded, still unsure if working this guy was the safest option. She decided to let him follow and the group headed for the airship.

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