This was the weirdest thing Harry had ever experienced. Honestly. Of all the things he'd witnessed in his twenty-four years, this took the cake. And ran away with it. He wasn't sure what was happening and he had the feeling he should run but his legs refused to obey. He was stuck. He was stuck in the presence of Lucius Malfoy. A smiling, Lucius Malfoy. He was prepared for war but not for this. Harry didn't think he had ever seen the man actually smile before and frankly it looked like the man was in pain, or Harry was about to be. Harry was already in pain though just looking at him. This was so weird.

"Excuse me?" He gaped at the blond.

"You heard me, did you not?" Lucius asked, alarmingly gently.

"Yes, but I'm not sure I believe you." Harry responded hesitantly. He didn't believe him, and wasn't sure if he should. Ever since Harry had started dating Draco two and half years ago the man had done nothing but sneer, scowl and glare at him. At times he had even happily threatened him with both magical and muggle means of 'disposing' of him. When Harry came over today to see the man he honestly thought he'd be dead by this point in the conversation. Maybe he was and this was Heaven? Heaven was creepy.

"I don't see why you wouldn't." The man snipped, looking greatly offended. Oh good, an expression Harry was familiar with.

"You mean besides since I've known you? Not to mention the last two and a half years!"' This was ridiculous. Harry didn't know why he was arguing but it was all knew what to do with the Older Malfoy.

"That's all in the past Mr. Potter." Lucius waved dismissively at him.

Did he just say Mr. Potter? What the Hell is going on!?

"The... the past?" Harry sputtered "You threatened me not two days ago at dinner with the removal of my genitals!" He screeched, not even caring that he sounded remarkably like a banshee.

"And I see it and my other efforts have not deterred you so, congratulations Mr. Potter, you have my blessing." He quipped, smiling again. Harry really wished the smiling would stop. He preferred the threats at this point.

"Oh this is wonderful dear." Narcissa spoke up clasping her hands together excitedly, a gleam in her eyes. Harry started having forgotten the woman was even there. "We must start planning right away!" She declared as she practically jumped out of her chair.

Lucius quickly followed suit. "Precisely my love." He took his wifes hand leading her from the room talking about colour schemes, music and.. and flowers! It became rather obvious they had both forgotten Harry was there because he was just left sitting on the couch staring after them gaping like a bloody fish. He hadn't even asked Draco to marry him yet and apparently the wedding was already half planned.

Harry continued to sit there staring at the empty doorway for what felt like an eternity before Lucius returned poking his head around the door frame, not unlike a child would. "What are you still doing here?" He chided gently "Go on son, you've got some proposing to do." With a wink -a bloody wink!- and another smile he was gone again.

This was so weird.