In a world with no mouldy Voldy.

Sirius was in the last place he wanted to be. Honestly he'd probably rather be in Azkaban. But instead, he was in the pretentious parlour of Malfoy Manor. Sirius had been disowned by the Blacks so it was rather shocking to say the least when his cousin Narcissa, having ran into her at the park with her son and he with Harry, that she had given him her owl address and offered to arrange a play date for the two six year olds. Sirius had returned Harry to James and Lily telling them the tale of their outing when James readily refused. No son of mine will be hanging around a bloody Malfoy! Sirius agreed, The Malfoys were a haughty bunch, worse than The Blacks sometimes and both men happily pointed that out, quite colourfully. But Lily, being the kind and gentle woman she was, grabbed both men by the ears and told them to grow up. And that's how Sirius ended up here. He'd argued that while he loved his Godson there was no way in Hell he'd supervise play dates but James so eager to get out of it pointed out that they're his fucking family. That had earned them both some more swats from Lily. That woman was terrifying when she wanted to be.

So here he was, glowering and sitting on an uncomfortable stone bench in the gardens of a home that looked and felt more like a museum being sneered at by Lord Dick himself, Lucius Malfoy, while his cousin bloody sat there pretending both men weren't looking one snide comment away from hexing each other into oblivion. At least that would put a stop to this and any future meetings. At least Harry was happy. His young Godson was cheerily chasing the prissy looking blonde, Draco -Sirius needed to remember that- around the flower beds scarring some rather miffed looking peacocks. Of bloody course they had peacocks.

Sirius couldn't help but chuckle as the displeased look on the older Malfoys face when the boys squeals reached a higher octave as the young Malfoy was caught and tackled into the dirt and tulips by Harry. The boys were having a blast. They were definitely having more fun than the grownups and that's probably why Sirius did what he did next. After getting up and declaring himself utterly bored he changed into his animagus form and promptly joined the boys in the dirt. The boys cheered and laughed as the big black dog snuck up on those silly birds and leaped out from behind a bush scaring the feathers off them. This was much better, way more fun than sitting on a bench. After almost wearing himself out chasing the boys around Sirius was enjoying himself a little too much and begun digging a hole. That got them immediately kicked out.

After turning back to his human form and laughing as he shook the dirt from his hair while he was escorted to the front door by an agitated house elf -since his cousin was busy rescuing a now strangled copy of the prophet from her husbands clutches that he was threatening Sirius with- he realised Harry wasn't by his side. Shit! He looked around but couldn't see him. Shit! Ignoring the elf the -almost- panicked man ran back the way he'd came, thankfully spotting Harry, hiding under a stupidly large table for a family of three and he was with one of the three.

"Harry," Sirius hissed and the boy jumped "c'mon pup we gotta go." he said trying not to laugh at his Godsons reaction. He didn't expect what happened next though. Harry grinned from ear to ear and kissed the Malfoy boy on the cheek, tinting the pale blond a rather rosey shade of pink. Harry clambered out from under the table and rushed to his Godfathers side, taking the stunned mans hand. Sirius quickly collected himself and allowed them to be led back to the front door all while Harry was waving over his shoulder. Once they were out the door Sirius managed to find his voice.

"So pup, made a friend did you?" Harry smiled so wide Sirius swore it should have hurt the boy.

"He's verry pretty." He said simply. Then started bouncing "Can we come back again soon?" He asked, looking so hopeful.

"I'm sure we might be able to." Sirius said trying to suppress a laugh. James is going to love this.

"Please." Harry pleaded, tugging on Sirius' sleeve. "Please, please, please."

The man smiled and laughed as he picked up his bouncing Godson. "Sure thing kiddo, just gotta talk to Mum and Dad first." With that he apparated them back to Godrics Hollow.


Coming through the front door Harry ran upstairs after greeting his parents -just about yelling about having the best day ever- who were sitting in the cozy lounge room by the fire. Sirius trudged in looking glum with a trick up he sleeve. A trick James clearly fell for as the man looked about to burst.

"So Padfoot, have fun with the family?" James laughed and Lily rolled her eyes.

"Ah family" Sirius sighed slumping into the armchair across from his long time friends. "I do miss having one."

Lily frowned.

"Oh come now Sirius, you know you're our family too." She smiled that sweet loving smile but Sirius only offered a halfhearted one back.

"Yeah mate," James added "you'll always be family to us."

Sirius perked up immediately "Funny you should mention that James, especially after today." He grinned wickedly. "Your Harry seems quite taken with my young cousin, so we might be family one day after all." Sirius sprung up off the chair and made to leave laughing as his best friend visibly paled. "Even kissed the boy, saying he was verry pretty." He added as an afterthought while he skipped, skipped, out the front door.

Lilly laughed thinking that was adorable, but Sirius was an arse for baiting her husband. She couldn't help herself though.

"Harry James Malfoy-Potter. It does have a good ring to it."

"Lily!" James almost squealed.

"What?" Lily asked mock innocently. "They would have such cute babies."

James blanched.