Lily sauntered into the lounge room and practically threw herself onto the couch with a look of utter vicious glee on her beautiful face. James, Sirius and Remus all looked a suitable mix of curious and terrified. She had trained them well. The men all exchanged glances in wondering of who was going to poke the beast. Eventually James conceded as pointed out by the glares and gestures from his friends she was after all, his wife. Naturally he took a few steps back before he spoke. "Er, Lil?"

She hadn't needed any further prompting before she launched into her telling of the day she'd just had at Malfoy Manor. "It was amazing."


Honestly, Lily was having a wonderful time with Narcissa and the boys. After Sirius had been banned from the Manor James had suddenly become verry busy at work so he couldn't possibly take Harry to see Draco. The man was being ridiculous at this point, the boys had been friends for over two years now and all the adults had been civil and behaved at mutual social eveVillaWell mostly, otherwise Sirius wouldn't have been banned, but that wasn't the point. Before she got here however Lilys mind was racing with idea to get him back but now that she was here and the boys were happy and she was even enjoying herself she decided to let it go. The Malfoys weren't that bad. Lucius still wouldn't give her the time of day and while Lily resented that she held her tongue for the sake of her child.

It was a lovely warm day out and the boys were practicing flying in the field Narcissa called their quaint backyard. Lily wasn't much for flying but after doing nothing but sipping tea in almost silence watching the boys even she wanted to have a go. She certainly did not understand Sirius' previous behavior. Not at all. It was that thought that reminded her that she'd been trying to teach the man poker tips the previous day so he could maybe finally beat Severus. It was unfair since she had taught the Slytherin to play years before she had thought her Gryffindors but it didn't help that the only one who seemed to want to learn was Remus. The others just wanted to annoy the Potions master. She pulled out her Muggle deck of cards and placed them on the table.

"Would you like to play a game?"

"Oh I don't like exploding snap." Narcissa said haughtily.

"I don't either, I was wondering if you'd like to learn a Muggle game."

Narcissa looked slightly apprehensive. So Lily appealed to her Slytherin side. "It's a game of chance that requires great skill in deception and cunning."

The blonde witch grinned and set down her tea cup. "My, that does sound interesting."

Lily took that as an agreement and rallied of the rules and idea of the game. Narcissa had a few questions. "But there's only two of us, surely we need more players?"

"Well Harry knows how to play and he's really good,"

"That settles it then." Narsissa exclaimed before she looked towards the children and called for them. They landed, with a surprising amount of grace for a pair of nine year olds who immediately started whining. "We're not leaving are we mum?"

"Please not yet Mrs Potter, Harry was just-" both mothers shared a knowing look as the boys protested. "It's okay boys," she placated though they didn't look entirely convinced. "Actually I was just teaching Narcissa how to play Muggle cards and we needed more players and were wondering if you two would join us." The boys shared a silent conversation for a moment before putting their brooms off to the side before they joined their mothers.

"So Black Jack or Texas?" Harry asked.

"Texas." Lily said and the boys shared another silent conversation.

"We're in." Draco announced and the boys took their seats and Lily began to deal the cards.

It was about an hour later when Lucius Malfoy strode into the garden, seemingly looking for something. "Ah, there you are Cissa." Or someone. "What in the name of Merlin are you doing?"

"Oh Lucius dear, can you fetch me my coin purse? We're playing Muggle cards and I'm afraid I'm dreadful at it."

Lucius scowled. "You're playing Muggle cards? For money?" Narcissa just grinned prettily at her husband.

"Yes dear, Lily here taught me but I'm still not quite sure I understand."

Lucius' scowl deepened. "How do you know she's not trying to swindle you dear wife? She is a mudblood after all." He said as if Lily weren't right there and able to hear. Lily's face turned as red as her hair but before she could say anything Harry shot to his feet.

"Excuse me?" The boy bellowed. The older Malfoy looked shocked. Apparently he'd either forgotten Harry was there or he was just so surprised that a child would use that tone with him. Probably both. Before the man could respond Narcissa turned to her husband and spoke. "Lucius dear, do you take me for a fool?"

Lucius blanched. "Of course not darling, I'm merely-"

"Why don't you sit and play with us dear Husband? We'll let Draco deal since he's nine and can not use magic or Muggle trickery to cheat. And what say this round in stead of money, we play for pride?" Lucius sat. "Harry, what would you like if you win?"

Harry didn't miss a beat. "For Lord Malfoy to apologise to my mum."

"Done. Lily dear?"

Lily balked a little at her sons attitude for a moment then collected herself. Her sons prize would be nice but it wouldn't hurt the man as much as her victory would. "Sirius unbanned from the Manor."

"Done. Darling?"

"I want them all banned." Lucius growled.

"Pity, but done. Draco love?"

"Father to take Harry and I to an entire season of Quidditch games."

It was Narcissa turn "I want three things." She waited til she had everyones undivided attention to continue. "First; Lucius will apologise to Lily, Harry and Draco for his cruel and foul tongue. Second; Cousin Sirius will be unbanned and welcomed back. And third; I wish for us to receive a proper education on Muggle culture with Harry here as our teacher. No arguments? Good. Let's play." The Malfoy matriarch declared as she handed her young son the cards while shooting her husband a warning look. She could make him do it all but she wanted her husband to believe he had a chance.

Lily repeated the rules.


"So who won?" James asked. He, Remus and Sirius were all on the edges of their seats and then they all seemed to notice something rather important. "Lily, where's Harry?"


Meanwhile in Muggle London.

"...and this is the concession stand where we pay for the tickets -here's some Muggle money Mr Malfoy- and oh! there's where we get chocolate and all manner of sweets -we have to get them, it's a rule- and we need to get drinks as well and this will be great and..." Harry went on excitedly as he ran through the cinema lobby hand in hand with Draco who was looking around in pure wonderment.

Narcissa smiled as she approached the boys who were happily running around while somewhat ignoring her husband who was painfully restraining himself from threatening the poor Muggle worker. "Well I must say this is interesting." The three looked back at Lucius who was turning a lovely shade of puce.

Harry smiled the picture of pure innocence though Narcissa caught a slight mischievous glint in the boys eyes. "Well Lady Malfoy, I believe some lessons need a more practical approach." With that he took Draco to aid the flustered Wizard with the Muggle dealings and wondered to herself.

If that boy isn't a Slytherin, I'll eat my hat.

After all, someone had to have taught Draco how to cheat.