To Aru Majutsu no Yogeh

Right. So I recently read The Gamer (And a lot of fics in multiple universes using the gamer template). So, I thought it would be interesting to have Touma be replaced by a gamer.

So. The basic premise is that Touma got hurt real bad. He almost dies in fact. However, an unexpected part of IB kicks in, healing his body, but too late to save his mind completely. To prevent itself from being stuck in a vegetable of a body, IB drags another poor soul along for the ride, someone from a different time with a slight foreknowledge of events to come...

EDITED 27/07/17. Credits to rahul96mohan for helping me edit the chapter of minor grammatical errors. Though the cretin hasn't watched the series, he IS a useful Grammar Nazi XD

*Sigh* EDIT 10/08/17. Changed him to her. Don't know why it didn't change the first time around

EDIT 17/07/17: Changed the last few lines to make it clear that it is an SI

Also, I should have put this here instead of in chapter 5

Disclaimer: Firstly, I own nothing. Secondly, This fic is heavily inspired by a fic in the same vein from the RWBY fandom called 'The Name of the Game'. So much so that the first five to six chapters will feel like rereading the first three chapters of that fic. While there is quite a lot of divergence later, much of the initial setup is the same. So, be warned. While I did talk to literalsin before putting this up, I am not sure he remembers the conversation.

Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of a curtain being drawn aside.

Eyes still closed, I noted the antiseptic tang in the air, a smell unique to hospitals and clinics across the world.

I opened my eyes, and looked around, confirming my location as a private ward in a hospital somewhere. There was a green curtain, which had been pushed aside, and someone who seemed to be a nurse, was setting up a small tray. My throat felt extremely scratchy and dry, so I opened my mouth to ask her for some water. Before I could make a sound, I noticed something exceptionally weird.

Floating above the nurse's head were words

Minagawa Inoue


Lv 10

I stared at the words, wondering if they were a concussion induced hallucination. Before I could think about it anymore, she noticed that I was awake.

"Ah! Kamijou-kun! Okitemasu ka!" She said.

I stared at her. "Is that... Japanese? Why is a nurse in the middle of India speaking in Japanese?"


Before I could fully register (and try to translate) what the nurse said, a semi-transparent blue box with white words appeared in front of me

[Importing Data from Save File...]

[Import Successful! Skill from previously saved data has been obtained!]

[Language Proficiency- Japanese(Passive)


This Skill allows you to understand and articulate yourself in the language Japanese. The higher the Skill level, the greater the speed at which you understand text and speech in Japanese.]

I stared at the blue box in front of me while the nurse got up and moved to pour some water from a jug into a glass. Noticing the small [X] at the top right corner, I jabbed a finger at it, causing it to disappear.

"What the hell? When did I learn Japanese? I mean sure, I picked a few words here and there, but Lv 30? Where am I? How did I end up here?"

Closing my eyes, I focused inward to think. "Okay. So what do we know? Firstly: I am in a hospital. Secondly: I appear to be in Japan based on the nurse's First response. Thirdly...


[Alert: A skill has been created due to a special action! By turning your focus inwards, you have created the skill Contemplate!]

[Contemplate- Lv-1 (Active)

Through continuous inner focus, a skill to order thoughts and increase the clarity of mind and awareness of body was created. Passive effect: +20% VIT,INT,WIS. Active Effect: +100% HP Regen, MP Regen]

Sighing quietly, I reached out to close the boxes before returning to my... contemplation


[Contemplation's Skill Level has increased by 1!]

"Oh for God's sake! I get it! Thirdly, I seem to be having an extremely realistic hallucination of my world becoming a game!" I fumed internally while jabbing at the [X] to close the box.

By this time, the nurse had finished filling out the cup, and held up the cup along with a straw to my lips for me to drink. Giving her a grateful look, I eagerly sipped at the water through the straw. Against all hope, the text above his head remained.


[Alert: A skill has been created due to a special action! Observing someone or something for a prolonged period has created the skill Observe!]




Through Continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated allowing the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the detail of data]

After I finished my cup of water, my internal monologue continued

"Where am I? Did I get into an accident? How long have I been here? I need more information!"


[A quest has been created!]

[Out of Depth: Gather Information!]

[You have woken to find yourself in a strange place under suspiciously vague circumstances! Investigate your surroundings and pump any surrounding people for information without tipping them off as to how clueless you are about your current scenario!]

[Reward: 1000 EXP, answers, quest continuation. Failure: Frustration, Possible admittance to an asylum, quest continuation]


Staring at the dialogue box, I decided that this interface had a crappy sense of humor, and hit the accept button.

"Feeling better now?" The nurse asked.

Weird thing was, she was still speaking in Japanese. However, the words seemed to automatically translate themselves into English, like I had known the language for my entire life.

Deciding to see if I could reply in Japanese, I composed the sentence I wanted to articulate in my mind. Immediately, I knew the corresponding phrase in Japanese.

"Yes, Feeling better now" I replied in kind, throat still feeling slightly scratchy from lack of water.

"Alright then. The Doctor will come along in a bit to see you. If you need anything, just press on the button on your bedside" She said, and made to walk out of the room.

"Wait!" I called out bit desperately.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Where am I?" I asked

"Ah! You are in the district 7 hospital" She replied with smile.

"Well, that clears up so much" I thought to myself sarcastically, as the nurse walked out before I could ask any more.

Problem was, there was nothing in the room that could provide me clues. It was a purely standard hospital setup.

At that moment, the door slid open, and a man in a white coat stepped in.

T̸͕̫͑̃ͥͩ̕h̛̬̥͚͎̻̿̽̄̑̏ͨ͒̒̀e̸̳͔̬̯͇̖̻̥͋ͦ͌̈͝͠ͅ ̵͈͇̺͙͙̝͕̾ͭ͑ͩ̒H̶̞͈̭̪̦̪̟̏ͧ̐ͦ́̾̂̄ͅe̙̺̅ͬ̌̄́͞ă̭͙͙̹̟̖͎͖̖̐̚v͐ͮ͟҉̣͎͉̲͓ḛ̵͔̝͎̦̟̠̰ͣ̔̄͊̈̏͛̋͗́͢ṋ̢͇͕̦͌͛ͧ͢ ̵͉͚̜̗̪͔̳̯̹̊͋̑̚C̸͕̟͕̩̭͙ͥ̑́͐̿ͨ̏a̶̗̠̼̻͓͕̞̜ͪ̐̿͗͌͡n̛̩̪̣͎ͤ̑̀̌̆c̡̣̩̻͍̳̜̰͆͒͋̅ͨ̚eͪ̂̐̍͑̓͏̝̻̤̠͈͇̠l͚̺̤ͫͤ̊̃̿̅̈̌ͣl͉͈͋̋̓̔̕e̛̼̯̘͚̟̫̩ͫ̉͒̔̅̚͜r̴̥̺̞̰ͫ̽


"Ow! My brain" I thought as I winced. Trying to focus on the man's name earned me another pickax to the brain.

"Ah! Kamijou-Kun! You are awake!" The man said "How do you feel ?"

"Umm... I don't know? No pain for sure..." I said

"Hmmm... yes, there was not much damage physically as such... Hmmm" The doctor said, eyes glazing over as his thoughts went inward.

Silence reined for a bit. I then asked "What happened? Where am I?"

"Ah!" He said, flinching slightly, "I was lost in thought. What did you say?"

"What happened? Where am I?" I ask again.

"Ah, you were brought in by Misaka-san yesterday" the doctor said "Apparently, you tried to save her from a bunch of goons trying to hit on her, not knowing what she is, and ended up being beaten up for your efforts"

"Misaka...san?" I asked.

"The Railgun" He said.

"Railgun?" I asked, still confused.

"One of the seven Level five espers", He said.

"Aaaaand I am still confused", I thought to myself.

Thankfully, the doctor didn't notice my confusion as he had already started to make his way out of the room. "You will most probably be discharged later today, since you seem to be more or less fine, except for the fact you were unconscious", he said as he walked out. I stared at the door, trying to figure out what to do next.


I jumped a little at that, before glaring at the blue box in front me.

[Quest Out of Depth: Gather Information, failure! You were unable to gain sufficient information about what is happening to you!]

I jabbed at the box irritably, causing it to close.

A few seconds later, I hear a couple of people talking outside my room. I strain my ears trying to hear what is being said


[Alert: A skill has been created due to a special action! By trying to focus on a source of sound, you have created the skill Listen]




Through focusing on sounds, a skill to pick up distant or quiet sounds, or specific sounds out of a crowd was created. Passive effect: increases basic listening by 50%. Active effect: increases range and clarity of listening by 150%.]

"Okay, that is going to get irritating fast" I thought. Before I could focus again on what was being discussed outside my door, it opened, and through it entered a young girl with light brown hair, and darker brown eyes. She was dressed in a school uniform straight out of a stereotypical Japanese anime- an extremely short skirt, a brown, sleeveless sweater one over a white, short-sleeve shirt. My eyes were drawn to the words above her head though.

Mikoto Misaka

The Railgun

Lv- 97

My eyes widened a bit at her supposed level before I tamped down on the reaction.

"Ah! Baka-kun! Awake finally?" Mikoto said.

"Baka-kun?" I asked, bemused.

"Yes, Baka-kun, because firstly, I never found out your name before you went and got yourself knocked out in a single blow, and secondly, because you thought that those goons were an inconvenience to me when I was merely humoring them.


[A quest has been created!]

[Out of Depth: Pumping Misaka-chan for information!]

[Now that you have a human your age to talk to, perhaps you can get a few more answers?]

[Reward: 1000 EXP, answers, increased closeness to Mikoto Misaka, quest continuation. Failure: Frustration, Possible admittance to an asylum, decreased closeness to Mikoto Misaka, quest continuation]


My eye twitched in irritation at the offending box in my line of sight.

"Oye? Are you alright there?" Mikoto asked, looking at me concernedly.

Shaking my head slightly, I said "The doctor wasn't particularly clear. How did I end up here? And who are you?"

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "You don't remember what happened last night?", she asked.

"Ummm...No? I actually don't remember much of anything. Was I hit on the head?" I asked, praying that whomsoever's body I was in had actually been hit on the head.

Mikoto looked mighty amused at that. "You were hit on the head, as a matter of fact."

"Yessss! Excuse found!" I crowed internally.

"And that is funny because...?" I asked leadingly.

Mikoto snorted. "You didn't even last ten seconds before one of the goons snuck up behind you and hit you on the head with a crowbar.", she replied," You came in all gallant and chivalrous, and ended up the worse for it. Thank goodness I wasn't an actual damsel in distress, else it would've been the worst sort of rescue"

I stared at her when she said that. While she seemed like a decently athletic girl, it didn't change the fact that she was young, with little to no muscle visible to explain her taking on a bunch of goons. Come to think of it, what was I thinking when I went to confront them! I didn't have much in the form of bodily strength or reflexes!.

Mikoto blushed under my scrutiny. "What are you looking at!", she snapped.

"I was wondering if you were hiding a gun somewhere", I said.

"A gun?", she asked, confused, "Why would I have a gun?"

"Because you are small slip of a girl who apparently took on a bunch of what I am assuming were half a dozen older boys on your own?", I said.

"Oh, Right! I never introduced myself! I am Misaka Mikoto! Nice to meet you!", she said, giving an expectant look.

"And...?" I said.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "You don't know who I am?", she said.

"I don't know who I am", I said. "I don't remember anything!"

"Please buy it!" I thought, hoping for the best.

"Amnesia? From the headshot?", she asked.


[Alert: A skill has been created due to a special action! By successfully lying to Mikoto, you have created the skill Bluff]


Lv 1


Through the act of lying, a skill for creative use of mistruth and misdirection was created. Active effect: Increases the likelihood of deceiving others, either through words or actions]


[Bluff's level has increased by 1!]

"How would I know?", I snarked back, jabbing at the boxes to close them.

"Right. I will be right back", she said, and started to get up.

"Goddammit!" I thought, punching at the close button on the dialogue.

"Why are you punching at the air?" Mikoto asked.

"You can't see that?" I blurted out.

"See what?", she asked.

"Ummmmm... Okay, this may sound weird, but have you ever played any games? Like RPGs?", I asked.

"Yes? A bit? I know the basics", she replied

"I have a confirmation dialogue right over here", I said, tracing the box with my hands.

Mikoto frowned. "You remember games, but don't know your own name?"

"I know, right? Weird stuff.", I said.

"And what do you mean by a 'confirmation dialogue'? There is some sort of screen in front of you?", she asked, peering at me interestedly.

"You don't seem to be dismissing what I say. That worries me a bit", I said, eyebrows raised at her lack of scoffing and skepticism.

"You are in Academy city you know", she said.

It was then the dots connected. Misaka Mikoto. The Railgun. espers.

Academy City?!


[Quest Pumping Mikoto-chan for Information complete!]

[1000 exp gained!]


[You have gained 1 level! You now have 5 stat points]


[A quest has been created!]


[Academy city is the world's largest science experiment, of which you are now a part of. Prevent your abilities as The Gamer from being discovered by the powers that control the city, while discovering their aims, and thwarting any and all nefarious plots!]

[Rewards: ? EXP, freedom, possible harem. Failure: ? EXP, Life as a Guinea Pig, No harem.]

"What the actual fuck!?" , I thought, "How on earth did I end up in Academy city? "

"Wait just one second"

"Do you know my name?", I ask Mikoto.

"Well, your ID card said that your name was Kamijou Touma", she replied.

I blinked once. Another time. Then a few more.

"WHAT?! I mean, I love the Index series, but actually living as Touma?! Are you effin kidding me?!"

I stared at Mikoto for a couple of seconds, trying to come up with a phrase that would appropriately sum up my feelings to my current situation.

"You know what, Touma was right"

"FUKOU DA!" I said out loud.

And the ride begins XD

To those who read my other story, well... It will not be updated frequently. Neither will this for that matter, expect sporadic updates, more so on the other fic. I started that one without anticipating just how tight the timeline was, which messed up my plotline. Thus, is undergoing a lot of revision