First things first, I don't own Teen Titans. If I did, Raven would have ended up with Robin. This story is set after Trigon's defeat, as you will figure out, so Raven, being free from her father's influence, can feel a bit more emotion than before. I am trying to have the original characters acting like they should but if you think that someone is being OOC, just say so.

Raven Roth could stand many things. She could stand Starfire's hyper cheerfulness. She could stand Robin's arrogance. She could stand Cyborg's obsess with meat and cars. Heck, she could even stand (to some extent) Beast Boy's jocks.

But she could stand the youngest and the oldest member of the Teen Titan bickering about whatever nonsense while she was trying to read a book. She had been reading the same line for the fourth time because they kept distracting them. And that made her furious.

"You idiots, shut up or else I swear to Azar I will throw you to another dimension where your last worry will be the whatever stupid thing you are fighting about!" she said looking at them angrily. Both Cyborg and Beast Boy stopped yelling at each other and turned to look at her, wide eyed by her sudden outburst. Seeing her glaring at them, they looked away completely shutting up.

"Another day without the fighting. How glorious. Friends, would you like us to go to the mall of shopping?" Starfire asked her emerald eyes shining with enthusiasm. The team was ready to answer when an overwhelming light came from the outside blinding them for a minute. Then the light died out and the teammates looked at each other confused before rushing outside.

What they saw outside the tower's door made them stop dead in their tracks. A pearl white wolf was lying on the ground with a golden lion standing beside it. The lion suddenly turned into a teenage boy with red hair. "Lupe, you told me you could handle the trip through the portal! You should have told me that you hadn't done it before!" the boy said looking at the wolf worried. The animal transformed into a girl with long snow white hair. "I'm sorry, Leon." She mumbled quietly breathing heavily. A deep cut was visible on her abdomen staining her lilac long-sleeved shirt with blood. She tried to sit up but let a cry of pain and laid back down.

Raven, who was the last of the group to go out, could neither see what had startled the rest of the team not had she heard the two teenagers talking. "What in the name of Azar is going on here?" she mumbled while making her way through the group only to freeze when she saw the two new-comers. The boy turned to look at her and grinned. "Good morning to you, too, Sweetness. Care to give me a hand here? You know that, if I try to heal Lupe, I will only make the injury worse." Leon said. Raven gulped, blinking a couple of times before rushing to their side and kneeled on the ground beside Lupe. Her hands glow a blue aura and in seconds the injury on Lupe's abdomen was gone. Raven and Leon helped the girl on her feet. "How is it possible? You…I thought that….Azarath…How…?" Raven said confused. "I think that we can explain everything inside. We are both exhausted from our trip." Lupe said still looking pale from the blood loss she had experienced. Raven motioned with her head towards inside and she began walking with Lupe and Leon, with the first leaning against the second for support, hot on her heels. They went passed the rest of the team and entered the tower. The team looked at each other in confusion before following the trio.

"Care to explain what is going on, Raven? Who are these people? And how do they know you?" Robin was the first to speak. "Well for starters, I would like you to meet Leon Amicus and Lupe Ferox. They are Azarathians which means they are supposed to be gone because Azarath was destroyed. And I would like to know why and how they are here." Raven said folding her arms around her chest looking at Leon and Lupe impatiently.

"Azarath was destroyed by Trigon, Raven's father. Or that was how it was supposed to happen. It seems that everyone was absorbed by the darkness inside Trigon's soul and we got stuck inside his body without him knowing. This happened probably as a side-effect of the magical shield that Trigon destroyed in order to have access to Azarath. So when Raven defeated Trigon and he vanished, we were separated from him. The ones who were still alive -we lost many of our people all this time of being inside Trigon's dark soul- magically transported to Azarath, which was in ruins." Lupe explained in a calm and soothing voice. Her eyes stared into nothingness and only then did the Titans realize that the girl was blind. Her light purple cape, similar to Raven's, was wrapped around her small shoulders and she was shaking a little having still not fully recovered from the blood loss.

"So who didn't make it?" Raven asked a slight hint of sadness in her voice. "Only a few of us. No one who you knew personally." Leon said and looking at Raven's eyes with quilt he continued. "Your mother….Arella…she..." he stumbled not daring to finish his sentence. "Don't worry, Leon. I know what happened to her and I have come to terms with it." Raven said giving him one of her rare tiny smiles.

"Ok, we know who they are and how they are here but we still don't know why." Cyborg said. The other Titans nodded turning their full attention to Leon and Lupe.

"We were sent by the new Ruler of Azarath to bring Rachel Angela Roth, the Raven and daughter of Arella Roth to Azarath to fulfill her given responsibilities." Leon explained. "And what do these responsibilities have to do with?" Star asked. Leon looked at the dark sorceress obviously surprised. "I might have forgotten to tell them about it." Raven explained suddenly looking very uncomfortable. Lupe chuckled. "Sweetness, I can't believe you! You forgot to tell them? How can you possibly have forgotten to mention that you are the next in line for the throne of Azarath which makes you princess Raven of Azarath?" Lupe said amused.

There were various reactions to this statement

Cyborg: "Dark girl is a princess?!My little sister is a princess?!"

Starfire: "Oh how wonderful! Friend Raven is royalty!"

Beast Boy: "You can't be serious? What will you tell us next? That she likes pink?"

Robin: "Wait, did you just call her 'Sweetness'?"

Raven sighed sitting on a chair with her chin resting on her palm. "Well now that my secret has been exposed there is nothing to do about it. Cyborg, yes I am a princess. Star, it is not wonderful at all. Beast Boy, they are absolutely serious and don't you even think that I like pink ever again. And Boy Blunder don't you dare comment on my nickname because firstly I was four when they started calling me that and secondly I am not the one in here looking like a walking traffic light." She said answering to every one of her friends.

Not waiting for them to say another word, the sorceress grabbed Lupe and Leon and went straight away to her room. She had a lot to talk about with the Azarathians and she didn't want her friends to hear.

~Raven's Room~

"So what is really going on in Azarath? Because I am not stupid and I know you are not here because I am the princess." Raven said after closing her room's door.

"Your friends are interesting. I can sense strong auras from all of them." Lupe remarked skillfully avoiding answering Raven's question. "Lupe, don't change the subject. You are not here to talk about them and we both know it. Now, Leon, start talking." Raven said turning her attention to the red haired boy. She knew that between the two of them, Leon was the one who could not keep something away from her easily. The boy seemed to look everywhere but Raven. "Leon!" Raven said threateningly. The boy gulped. "Ok, fine you win! Azarath is in trouble. And we need your help. We didn't want to tell you because you might not have wanted to come with us." he said giving in. "Why would you think I wouldn't help you?" Raven asked.

"It has to do with Orion." Lupe said her voice as quiet as a whisper. The atmosphere around them tensed at the mention of the name, He was a topic the three of them didn't want to discuss.

"Whatever it has to do with, I will come. You are still my people no matter what." Raven said after a couple of minutes. Her amethyst eyes were still a bit clouded and sad from the unwanted memories that came to the surface with the mention of Orion. But her emotionless façade was back again the moment they exited her room.

-At the T.T. living room-

"I have to go with them to Azarath. They need me. So I will be away for a couple of weeks I guess." Raven announced at the rest of the team. They looked at each other and then all of them –except Raven- looked at Robin who nodded in agreement to whatever silent decision they have made. "I believe Jump City can handle her problems on her own for a while. And we can also contact Titans East or Kid Flash to check up on the town. So when we are leaving?" he asked Raven.

"Wow, wait a second. You four aren't coming with me." Raven said pointing at them.

"Oh come on, Raven! Please, let us come with you! Please, please, please." Beast Boy said turning into a little kitty and looking at her with pleading eyes.

"Yes friend Raven, please let us accompany you to the journey to your dimension of home. It would be most interesting to see how life in Azarath is!" Starfire said making the puppy-eyes with her emerald huge eyes.

"I am not going to let my little sis go away alone. Dark girl, we are coming with you whatever you say." Cyborg said with his big-brother manner.

Lupe, who was standing behind Raven, was listening to the conversation with interest. They seemed very close to each other. The other four also cared about Raven a lot and could be helpful with the crises in Azarath. And the blind girl was amused with the feeling she was picking from all of them. Because of her blindness, her sixth sense and empathic powers were enhanced surpassing even Raven's. Lupe found the feelings and thoughts of the Titans interesting to say the least.

"Sweetness, you should let them come or else I believe they won't let you go. Am I right, guys?" Leon said always a step in front of Lupe. The whole team- except Raven- agreed with the amber-eyed Azarathian. Raven sighed defeated. "Ok, you will come with us. But when we get there, you won't do anything without me knowing and you will listen to me all the time." She said looking at Beast Boy implying that the order was mainly for him. "Pack your bags. Next destination, Azarath!" Lupe said smiling. The team went to their rooms to pack everything they would need for the trip.

"Why did you do that?!" Raven, who had stayed in the living room with Lupe and Leon, asked. "It is obvious that you will need them there." Leon said in a-matter-of-fact tone. Raven rolled her eyes at him and left to pack her things as well.

"Do you think this will work?" Lupe asked Leon when Raven was gone. "If by 'this' you mean bringing not only Raven but her whole team to Azarath, to tell you the truth, I have no idea." Leon answered looking at the door Raven had exited a few seconds ago with worry and uncertainty in his amber eyes.

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Because some of you might be confused let me explain some of the names:

Lupe (Spanish) means she-wolf

Leon means lion

(Based on the fact that Raven's soul self is a raven, I decided to have my OCs named after their soul selves as well. I will explain later on things about the soul selves when I mention general things about Azarath.)

Amicus as an adjective and it means kind, friendly in Latin. Ferox is Latin has many meanings but for this story I am using the meaning of courageous. Both names indicate basic traits of the personality in both my OCs. Leo is kind and friendly and Lupe has courage.

As for Orion, (My third OC introduced in this chapter) his name as a constellation means hunter. You will find out more about him and his relationship with Raven, Leon and Lupe later on. For those who didn't figure it out, he is going to be a bad guy in this story.