Story takes place when ezra meets the ghost crew for the first time. And he has a number of surprises. I don't own star wars rebels or any of the characters.

Inside of Ezras mind EZRAS POV

Kriff what speeder bloody hit me! Not feeling too good. Opening my eyes all I see is white, a bright white room and nothing else.

"Ezra" My boy!"

No no no no, thats not them! "Who are you two! Is this another trick you son of a bitch!"

The two apparitions appeared hurt by my words. "Ezra the holo disk had the coordinates to clan Fett after we were attacked by the remaining Death Watch and the imperial mandalorians."A cold feelimg passes through me. No one knew of that just me.

"Mother? Father?" Tears welled up in my eyes. Tears of joy and sadness. "How are you even here?"

"I think you know how, its an old ability of the jedi that allowed them to communicate with their old masters." Kata Bridger said lovingly at her son.

"Your grandfather, my father was a jedi, but when the rest of the clan learned of this they were incensed. Angry and disgusted my son. When put down the saber the family rejoiced and nearly forgot about it until you were born. Infront of the family you summoned your favorite stuffie to you from the other side of the room." Jared Bridger said. "Our son you must gain the allegiance of your family to truly become mand'alor. Maul didnt have family left so he was able to become mand'alor. To become head of the entire race you must have allegiance of your family otherwise it shows weakness."Falling to me knees and looking up to them "They've never accepted me. They never will." They looked at me sadly.

"Ezar you've always tried proving to them the jedi way not the mandalorian way. We may have been the main branch but you were never instilled as the head. Your cousin Jalek Bridger is now the Head of Clan Bridger. You must fight him for Head in three challenges, the blaster challenge, hand to hand combat. Last but not least you must prove yourself worthy by taking over an enemy base all on your own without jedi powers. you've always used them." Jared looked at his felt two pairs of arms wrapping around him. "We're proud of you Ezra and never forget we love you! And Miss Wren is not a bad choice" Dad said looking at me with a grin.

Face heating up and looking up sheepishly. "Your friends need you my son, show Clan Bridger what they wrought upon themselves and to the empire of their misdeeds!"Felt myself leaving and looks at them one more time. "Will I ever see you again?" They looked at me sadly, "Only time will tell."

"Goodbye mom and dad!" hugging one last time and feeling myself fading. "We love you!"Darkness overtook me

Been a long time since I updated this. I think ill do two more chapters before concluding this story and making a sequel to this one. I hope you enjoy this little fluff scene! As always comment below of what I can to improve and suggestions!