Story takes place at the beginning, I don't own star wars rebels or any of its characters.

Ezra's POV

Kriffing hell, what rancor hit me?

Eye's opening slowly the light blinding me a bit and forcing my eyes shut for moments. Taking in my surroundings the humming of an engine in hyperspace, a blue and orange head on my lap, white room, new clo… wait what.

Lifting my head higher to see what was on my lap more clearly, it was a blue and orange head.

Sabine, means i am on the ghost

Laying back down and breathing calmer now, wincing slightly and seeing the bandages on my waist, broken ribs and a pierced arm.

"Sa . . . sab. . . sabine" voice hurts, damaged voice box.

Moves my arm painfully to her shoulder and gently moves her while in pain, blood begins to stain the bandages on my arm, fucking hell. Sabine's head shoots up and i smile slightly,

"Wa. . . water" need it now

"You're awake!" Hugging me tightly and begin to groan at the discomfort this causes.

"Shit! In. . . pain!" She pulls back immediately and tears fall down and she hits my chest a bit,

"You ass! Why did you let yourself get captured! Why did you try and leave me! You're Mand'alor!

Wincing a lot, she just say leave me? Nope, I'm just high on these meds. . . maybe. "Water sabine" Will she just get me water now? I'm dying here!

She just gives me a scowl and leaves the room for a moment and returns moments later with a plastic cup of water and taking slow sips and laying back and looking back at her. "Where are the others?" She looks down for a moment, "They went to a market for supplies and I stayed in case you woke up." "Oh"

Realizing something for the first time since waking up, touching it and looking at sabine. She has a tear falling down. "We couldn't do anything about that. . . damage was too great." kriff I'm half blind now.

Where are we? Wait, my gear! Pushing myself forward too fast, "My stuff, where is it?" Looking at me incredulously, "You're worried about your gear?! You just lost your eye!"

Um, so? "Okay and my gear?" She stares at me. "You're unbelievable, we took it. It was in the same room with you." That's perfect. "That's good, thank you."

Sabine's POV

He is unbelievable! Why is he so blase about this? He just lost an eye, broken ribs, he was just tortured a few days ago! "How are you so blase about this?"

Looking at me with that amazing blue eye, wait what. "Shit happens."

Please tell me he didn't. . . "SHIT HAPPENS!?" Smacking him in the face, he looks back at me in shock.

"SHIT DOESN'T JUST HAPPEN! You were tortured! Beaten and broken! You were lying in that star destroyer on the verge of death and that doesn't qualify as SHIT HAPPENS!" He looks down and rubs the back of his neck slowly and sweat appears on his forehead.

"The next time you act like this I'm torturing you myself! Understand Bridger?!"

Looking down, "Yes Sabine." Good, nice and subdued. "I'll get you some bone broth*" Leaving the room to hear him mumble, "kriffing scary." Smirking at him.

I know this was short but I'm back hahaha wanted to do a short thing then come back with a bang later lol. Definitely want to finish this story either on the original terms or just follow the ending of season 2; modified of course, and bam, not sure. As always leave a comment for suggestions. Would love to hear back!