Story takes place when Ezra meets the Ghost Crew for the first time. And he has quite a number of suprises. I don't own star wars rebels or any of its characters.

kanan's Pov

"Sabine, throw some miracles onto the left side. Zeb head to the roof up on your right and lay down covering fire while Sabine and I get the cargo." "You sure you want to do this? I mean, there's 60 storm troopers and some shadow troopers, it's a force to be reckon with." "We need the cargo Zeb so just get into positions you two." watching as Zeb takes his position on the roof and Sabine walking off to the left, grabbing out my blaster and shoot a few cans of fuel near a group of storm troopers.BOOMSabine's PovSeeing kanan started the fire fight, I threw a few of my miracles into a large group of storm troopers. "Hey bucket heads! Have some color!" A few seconds later and the area was lit up in beautiful red and orange flames. Taking my dual Westar pistols out, I start firing on the storm troopers while running to kanan to retrieve the cargo.

BANG BANG BANG BANGThat's one down, two down, three down, and four down. I'm on a roll!Kanan, I'm here by the cargo. where are you?!" shooting some more bucket head, I feel a tap on the shoulder. Punching the person behind me turns out it was Kanan. "Never sneak up on a mandalorian!" "Duly noted." Blasting the door open we see something truly unexpected. A man in black armor and and holding a staff.

"Kanan mind telling me who's that?!" "Sabine run, it's an Emperor shadow guard!" "Kriff!" Blasting him with my pistols In speed and precision he manages to either dodge or block with his staff which now has a red saber coming out the top. Oh kriff, this isn't a good day is it. Tossing a miracle at him and running out. Few seconds later the ship blows up in flames. "Kanan, he's dead. Right?" wish I never said that, the Shadow guard comes out the destroyed ship like nothing happened to him at all. "Kanan what do we do now?" As Kanan shoots some bucket heads, "Zeb we gotta go now! Sabine, we're meeting up with Hera now!"

Zeb's Pov

Shooting down bucket heads and having a bad feeling about this wasn't fun. Especially shooting shadow troopers. They're harder to shoot and kill. They're much more better than the average bucket head. Seeing as Sabine threw a miracle in the ship and didn't come out with the cargo meant one thing only. The mission went south. Few things can scare me. And what I saw made me scared alright. An Emperor shadow guard was here.

Those guards are force sensitives. They're hand picked by a another Force User to kill off any jedi. And I put down rebellions. Just like my home world. Empire used TI-ION disrupters on my people and the Shadow Guard were there to take down the jedi that were on my planet. They killed the jedi and any Lasats that got in their way.

Shooting at the Shadow guard, but he blocks all incoming blasts with ease. "Zeb we gotta go now!" there goes my cue. Jumping down from the roof onto the ground and shooting at whatever remaining bucket heads were left. Saw something on a roof...a boy I think. As soon as I saw him, he left. Running to Kanan and Sabine. "Did you get the package?" "Does it look like we have the package Zeb?" Sabine being this scared is just amazing and horrifying.

"We're meeting up with Hera near that old communications tower." Seeing the speeders gave us a relief. Getting on mine and seeing as the others left. Karabast. Shooting forward to the old tower I hear Hera on the comm. "what happened out there?! bucket heads from a 5 mile radius are converging!" "We ran into a shadow guard!" Heras breath hitched. "A shadow guard!" "Yes, a shadow guard! we're on the way to the old communications tower Hera." Hearing Hera sighing and saying "Alright, but be careful." "will do."Catching up to Kanan and Sabine I'm yelling. "Did you guys see a kid on the roof tops when we were running?" Kanan looks confused. "A kid?" "Yeah a kid." Sabine yells at me, "you're going crazy, no kid would be near an imperial fight." She's right at that point. Before I could've said anything Kanan spoke, "There's the communications tower! just a little furthermore!"

Just as I was about to be happy we hear tie fighters and see imperial troops transports.

"Ah Karabast!"

"Incoming!" all I saw was a green ray coming at us and then all I saw was darkness.

Ezra's Pov (Happy?)

Damn they got guts to do this. Seeing as they attack the transport. "This battle is going well i suppose." Shooting a few bucket heads. The Lasat never the wiser. A few minutes later I hear the transport blow up. I guess they got what they came for. Boy was I wrong. A Shadow guard decides to come out the transport. that's why they blew it up. "Zeb we gotta go now!" Seeing the man in green armor yell at the big purple Lasat named Zeb. He's smart enough to retreat. Running along the rooftops I see Zeb running and he looks at me he turns his head away to check again. Only to see I'm not there. I'm on the other side of the rooftop.

Jumping off and onto my speeder I hear Zeb yelling into his communicator. Hacking into their signal I only heard "...we're on the way to the old communications tower..." before I dropped my communicator into a hole that led to the sewers. Karabast was my favorite. Taking a few short cuts to my tower. I managed to get there in time to set up some defenses incase they brought some "friends."

Hearing the sound of Tie fighters coming i got my gear on and finished my miniature

mandalorian wrist shield, along with my lightsaber I was working on. Yes! both are complete! Celebrating mentally I feel the tower shake. Getting out of my tower I noticed, the Lasat, Mandalorian and the man were lying face flat on the ground. Bucket heads were coming out to their respective transport.

There has to be at least 70 or 80 bucket heads. Feeling something dark and angry from one of the transports. it's the Shadow guard. The three were waking up and the bucket heads were getting closer. Jumping off my tower and landing infront of the now awakened rebels. "who are you?" the mandalorian said in a weak voice. "Your salvation." "Halt in the name of it Empire!" Using the force I pushed him along with five others a few feet away. Hearing a gasp from the man. "Another survivor." pulling out my newly formed lightsaber, two sabers came out from both ends. Of course in the color red. "it's fun time now." Charging into the horde of bucket heads, slashing down and upward. Taking bucket heads down in one slash, while dodging blaster fire. Pulling out my pistol and putting my lightsaber away. Shooting the bucket heads with precision and shooting tie fighters down with precision and ease. "This is child's play!"

Sabine's Pov

Waking up from being blasted by a tie fighter and someone crouched down infront of you isn't the way I wanted. Asking who he was and answering, your salvation. Doesn't help at all. Him pushing bucket heads with the force doesn't help either. Hearing Kanan gasp and saying over and over, "Another survivor." doesn't help. But watching this man pull out a red double sided lightsaber. Only used by the sith and dark force users doesn't help calm anyone. seeing this man take down bucket heads with ease and precision makes me go in awe. Changing from lightsaber to blaster and still managing to take them down while dodging blaster fire. Taking down tie fighters with a Canon is easy. Taking them down with a pistol is harder. and he's taking them down with ease. who is this man.

Kanan's Pov

Seeing this man save us and take down storm troopers with his lightsaber, even though it's red ill have to be cautious still. Then switching to his blaster and still taking them down with such skill. His blaster skills match with sabine... my thoughts were interrupted as I heard a tie fighter crash. "Sabine did he take that tie fighter down?" "Yes he did." Nearly all the storm troopers are gone all that's left are about 15. "He took 4 squads out Kanan on his own!" Seeing a tie fighter crash into a group of storm troopers.

"He's powerful in the force Sabine." "He is."

Ezra's Pov

Shooting down bucket heads and using a force is so much fun. Pulling out the dark saber and vibro blade -while hearing the mandolorian gasp from me having a dark saber -and Slashed the remaining bucket heads and threw a tie fighter at a group of them. Few minutes later I was panting and tired. that was fun.

"what no thanks you two?" They're just gaping. "what?" They're pointing behind me. Turning around is the Shadow guard. "Oh. That's why?" Pulling out my lightsaber and charging at the guard. Slashing and parrying his strikes. We got into a Saber lock and punched him in the face. Slashing downward and cutting his pike in half. using the force to choke him, slam him into the ground and cut him in half.

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