Against the tide

A/N: Bonnie and Damon return to the world of the living after repeating the same day over and over again for months on end; they return to find that the world has moved on without them. Looking to start anew they decide to head to New Orleans and run into our favorite Original family, who are dealing with their newly resurrected parents.

Part 1 – Goodbye Mystic Falls

"Hey guys wait up" Kai wheezed as he tried to keep up with Bonnie and Damon as they ran through the portal Bonnie created into the living world.

"If you don't keep up you'll get caught in the portal as it closes " Bonnie called over her shoulder as she tried to keep up with Damon who was practically dragging her towards the dim light ahead.

"I say we let the portal close on him" Damon said merrily as he increased his speed causing Bonnie to stumble.

"Judgey; you'd think after several months with me you'd pick up some of my grace and poise" Damon boasted as he effortlessly slung Bonnie over his shoulder then grabbed Kai by the back of his jeans and ran using his vampire speed breaking through the other end of the portal. The 3 of them collapsed on the ground gasping for air as the portal faded.

"What will happen to our little world?" Kai asked.

"Missing it, I'm sure we can send you back" Damon responded earning a light smack on the chest from Bonnie, Kai frowned at the contact.

"Probably still there, waiting for new prisoners." Bonnie said then laughed lightly.

"What's so funny little witch?" Damon asked.

"We're back, we're finally back and I'm a witch and you're a vampire and Kai's well Kai and the birds are singing – we didn't have birds back in the pocket dimension." Bonnie said.

"I happen to be an immortal human; Sheila trapped me away when I wanted to go to the media about the witchcraft that made me immortal"

"Not caring, let's get going Bonnie" Damon said finally waking from his spot and helping Bonnie up.

"What about me?" Kai asked.

"You're free – go play with the other primates" Damon said as he and Bonnie walked through the woods heading towards the Salvatore Boarding house.

"He has nowhere to go Damon" Bonnie said and Damon rolled his eyes, why did he get roped into helping people he'd rather kill.

"I see the house" Bonnie said with a grin as Damon raced ahead of them. Bonnie ran as fast as her legs could carry her, her smile fell when she saw Damon peering from the foliage behind his house, his shoulders tense.

"Dam-" Whatever Bonnie was going to say died in her throat when she took in the scene before them. There was a party in full swing on in the Salvatore grounds and the center of attention was Elena in a crisp white wedding dress standing beside Stefan as they cut a three tier wedding cake. Instinctively; Bonnie reached for Damon's hand only to find he was gone, heading back the way they came.

"Was this the wrong way?" Kai gasped as Bonnie ran by him trying to find Damon who used his vampire speed to run away.

"Bonnie" A voice chimed behind her.

"Caroline" Bonnie said with teary eyes as the two friends held onto each other.

"I knew it was your voice I heard in the distance, I knew if anyone could come back to us it would be you. Come let's go meet everyone" Caroline bubbled as she pulled on Bonnie's arm only to have the witch pull back with a slight shake of her head.

"You can bring your 'friend' if you want" Caroline said, finally acknowledging Kai's existence.

"I can't, I have to find Damon. Keep our return on the down low till I get back?" Bonnie plead and Caroline sighed and nodded.

"He saw Elena and Stefan" Caroline deduced.

"He needs to understand; Elena was going all sorts of crazy taking witchy drugs to hallucinate Damon and eating people; you don't want to know about the body count… Alaric had to wipe Damon from her mind before she self-destructed further" Caroline said attempting to take Bonnie towards the party once more.

"What about Jeremy, how is he?" Bonnie asked.

"Well… there's a girl… a knocked up girl… but you're the one he loves. He's had it hard, using women to work through his loss and booze. He pays your phone bill every month so he can call you and express his anger at you for leaving, he needs you." Caroline enthused once more trying to pull Bonnie towards the Salvatore boarding house.

"Not right now Care. I need to go find Damon. I'll meet you… later"

"Okay, here" Caroline said handing Bonnie her cellphone.

"I'll send you the address from Matt or Tyler's phone"

"What about me?"

"Care, please watch Kai" Bonnie said taking off.

"I guess I'm pet sitting" Caroline said gesturing the direction towards her car at Kai.

The bottle store cashier was sprawled on the floor behind the counter, from the angle in which his head was bent; Damon more than likely snapped his neck. Bonnie shook her head and headed towards the Bourbon. He sat on the floor, a faraway pained look in his eyes as he took another swig. Bonnie sat next to him and jerked the bottle out his hands; taking a swig and passing it back.

"Did you have to kill an innocent? You know my purpose is to protect people from your kind"

"If you're going to kill me go ahead. I might enjoy that little pocket dimension without you and porky"

"I would but I guess I accepted your nature is to snap necks the moment things go south, over the past few years there have been enemies far more evil than you in any case" Damon looked at Bonnie in mock scandal. They sat silently for a few minutes.

"Jeremy knocked someone up."

"Congrats, you're going to be a step mom" Damon said dryly

"Actually… I didn't talk to him. Caroline found me when I went after you. It's not what you think. Elena went bat shit crazy. She got addicted to some kind of witch concoction that made her hallucinate you and it made her ravenous she left a line of bodies in her wake according to Care" Bonnie said jerking the bourbon from Damon for another swig.

"How is vampire Barbie?" Damon asked pulling the bottle before Bonnie could swig and slapping her hand away when she tried to get the bottle back.

"I didn't ask… I was running after you" Bonnie said bumping her shoulder against Damon's.

"How did she stop her… self-destruction?" Damon asked the term sour on his tongue.

"She got Alaric to wipe you from her mind." Damon nodded, as they sat in companionable silence until the sun set.

Caroline was basically burning a hole in her rug with her pacing while Kai demolished whatever he could find in her fridge, finally a knock resounded on her door, the door flung open before Bonnie could rap against the door a second time. Caroline pulled both the vampire and witch inside, throwing her arms around Damon, who was frozen in shock, and squeezing him as hard as she could without breaking bones.

"Both of you are not allowed to die again!" She said pulling Bonnie into the hug.

"We don't plan on it." Bonnie said comfortingly as Damon made his way to Caroline's fridge for a blood bag – Kai scampered away at the vampire's approach.

"Bon, I found your pet"

"Damon; stop picking on porky"

"Hey" Kai protested and Damon chuckled earning a raised brow from Caroline.

"Why are you living all the way out here? I thought you'd be in the dorm with Elena" Bonnie asked.

"Well when you tell your best friend you're in love with a guy and she takes off on a road trip with him…" Damon sputtered blood all over Caroline's new painting.

"You fell in love with Saint Stefan?" Damon coughed, trying to clear his throat.

"So sue me, anyway Alaric can undo his compulsion and you can have your Elena back." Caroline shrugged.

"She ran off with Stefan after you told her you loved him?" Bonnie needed clarification.

"The two of them vanished for weeks, when they showed up Elena had a rock on her finger. While they were gone I had to rescue Enzo by myself with help from Lucy. When you guys died there was a barrier placed around Mystic Falls preventing us from entering, any vampire entering would burst into flames; Lucy broke it and saved Enzo."

"You've been through a lot little one" Damon said patting Caroline on the head.

"Now you know what idiots these kids are" He huffed and took a rag to clean the painting.

"Don't bother about it. I'll just get another out of Klaus's 'gifts'"

"Klaus is sending you artwork"

"He used to… he stopped a few months ago"

"I guess he's still alive, we're still standing" Damon mused.

"So are you going to go to Alaric now?" Caroline asked changing the topic.

"I'm still thinking about it… We'll speak in the morning. I need to take a walk… and think" Damon said. Caroline's eyes widened.

"Why don't you take Kai and I'll stay with Caroline"

"Why should I keep him? I never asked for him"

"Because he's a responsibility we took on together!"

"You never asked me, I wanted to snap his neck, you were the one who wanted to keep him!"

"I'm right here" Kai said in a small voice – which was ignored as Bonnie and Damon argued. Eventually Bonnie and Damon both stormed out.

"Well that's similar but different."

"It's annoying once you watch them bicker for months. Everything else falls away – they just rip each other to shreds. The funny thing is after some time they just go on like nothing happened only to bicker again."

"Yeah – my parents were like that too when it came to my custody" Caroline said patting the immortal human on the head.

Eventually Bonnie and Damon ran into each other when she found him lying in the middle of the street as she walked to her house.

"One of these days you're going to get run over"

"Where have you been?"

"Caroline told Lucy I was back. She called me from New Orleans… Things are bad down there, I have this feeling I need to be there." Damon sat up with the news.

"What about Jeremy and the other idiots?"

"He has a kid. His behavior after my death is unhealthy. I don't think my presence in his life would do any good for him or the kid he's about to have… I'm leaving tonight. Just needed to gather some cash…"

"I hope the divorce won't be too hard on Stefan" Bonnie said, encouraging Damon to go after Elena.

"How are you going to New Orleans?" Damon countered.

"Train then I figured I'd hitch hike" Damon sighed.

"I'll have plane tickets ready for us tomorrow morning. Let's go get some sleep"

"Us, but Elena…"

"Is happy with Stefan… my presence in her life is… toxic. It's better if I stay dead for them."

"But she's your great love, she's the reason you came back!"

"Elena and Stefan are the reason I came back, as you can see they are happy. I love my brother Bon, he gave up a lot for me... I would rather go back to that shit hole we just came from than take that happiness away. I've always wanted from Stefan. For once, I don't want to be the one that ruins things for him"

"Are you sure" Bonnie asked.

"We stay dead, it's better for everyone. Ask Vampire Barbie if she wants to come, she can take care of porky. The sooner we put this town in the rear view the better." Damon said gesturing to her house so they could rest for the night.

A/N: I posted this earlier but because of the bullshittery way vampire diaries had been going the past 2 seasons I lost all hope and desire to write VD fanfiction. I read some really good Bamon after months and boom my love for the witch and the vampire was resurrected. Anyone else here think the whole sleeping beauty thing with Elena was the crappiest most illogical BS they came up with? It was supposed to be Bamon but those 2 blond bimbos couldn't stop wetting their panties over Delena. Stefan's character was butchered so was Damon's when he decided to be a coward and hide in a coffin, Enzo irritated me to no end, I just wished Tyler would bite him so he could die. The only person who did not irritate me to the point of wanted to drown the creative writers was Caroline. The ending was shit, I read bits and drabs regarding the last season which I refused to watch, I think I stopped watching when Damon returned and didn't give a shit about getting Bonnie back, they took all his character development and took a giant dump on it. They literally turned Damon into Edward fucking Cullen except the world revolved around Elena the boring Bella Elena the both of them are so annoyingly interchangeable. Bonnie stayed the Leah of the story and lost all the time. Anyway I am done with my rant, for those who were reading this before I have changed it around a little. I think I was only up to part 4 or 5 when I pulled it down. Hope you enjoy!


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