Part 2 – Hello New Orleans

"This place is so full of life" Bonnie said, twirling around as she took in the sights and sounds. Caroline and Damon were enthralled with the sax player on the street corner while Kai was at her heels like a loyal puppy.

"It's full of magic too… Can you feel it?" Kai asked stepping closer, his hand moved to snake around Bonnie only to be slapped away by Damon who was still watching the sax player.

"Don't touch Bonnie – Ever" He growled, and then clapped as the sax player finished his set.

"That was brilliant!" Caroline said; fishing in her pocket for some change. Damon beat her to it when he tossed crisp 50 dollar bill in the man's saxophone case then guided the girls along. Kai naturally followed at their heels.

"This place is full of magic… it has a long history of magic. Most of the Salem witches escaped here; except your family of course. They liked being different." Damon teased.

"Do you think their magic is still in me? The dead witches I mean"

"Your magic is a little out of practice; with the right motivation you should be able to tap back into it. You have great potential to rival that bitch Emily" Damon shrugged and Bonnie nodded in agreement absently rubbing the area where Damon bit her when she decided to take Bonnie's body for a test drive. Damon pretended not to notice.

"Hey is it just me or are there a lot of wolves around here" Caroline asked as they slowly found themselves surrounded.

"Lots of them, they're snarling – in the daytime – that's not good" Damon said, and smacked Kai's hand away as he tried to hold onto Caroline and hide behind her.

"They have rings on their fingers like your lapis lazuli" Bonnie said, stepping back into Damon; Damon put his hands on her shoulders and gave them a reassuring squeeze.

"Bonnie, use your magic on them – you can do it." Bonnie nodded slowly then closed her eyes and held out her hand causing the approaching wolves to collapse in pain.

"I said your magic not expression!"

"It's part of my magic now" Bonnie said turning around to face him.

"Last time you used it you almost died." Damon scolded.

"The last time I used it I was being misled by a crazy Silas fanboy"

"Bonnie" Damon said in exasperation.

"And this is one of the few times were Damon concedes" Kai whispered to Caroline as they watched the exchange.

"Let's go before they recover" Bonnie said running ahead of the group. Kai grabbed onto Damon's other hand causing the vampire to grab him by the throat.

"What are you doing Porky, I don't swing that way"

"I'm not as fast as you guys"

"Then hold Caroline's! Better yet; don't touch anyone"

"Come on kid" Caroline said; moving behind Kai and pushing him forward.

"I don't think Bon would appreciate her pet dying"

"So where to Bon Bon?"

"Lucy is holed up in a flower shop close by. I can feel her magic. We're almost there" Bonnie said as she slowed down her run to get to Lucy. She flung the door open almost taking it off its hinges as she launched herself at a waiting Lucy.

"You're back, I can't believe it!" Lucy said pulling away from Bonnie to squeeze her arms affectionately. Her face fell as soon as she saw Damon and Caroline.

"What are they doing here? Vampires are not allowed in the quarter!"


"Ester is back – well her soul is and she's been jumping bodies. She's made a pact with the witches and wolves to clear out all vampires." Both Bonnie and Lucy grabbed their heads.

"Fin is on his way… It's a psychic attack. You need to go. Go to Elijah." Lucy screamed as she used her magic to fight against Fin's attack on her and Bonnie.

"Damon, Caroline, Kai..." Bonnie called holding out her hands as she reached deep inside her mind to pull an image of Elijah. Her eyes glowed white and she screamed in pain as they dematerialized from the flower shop and materialized on the Mikaelsons breakfast table, right in Elijah's oatmeal.

"What the"

"Who dares…" Klaus thundered rushing out; his rage fading as he took in Caroline sprawled on his dining table.

"Well breakfast does look scrumptious…" He said ignoring the trio and making his way to Caroline.

"Hi" Caroline said, her face flushed in embarrassment.

"Sorry for landing in your breakfast" Caroline said wiping oatmeal and smashed fruit off her clothes with a grimace.

"How did you just materialize out of thin air" Elijah questioned in fascination.

"It was Bonnie" Damon said checking on the now unconscious witch's vitals.

"Bon, Bonnie; come on Judgy" Damon was frantically trying to wake Bonnie.

"I thought you two were dead" Elijah was confused.

"Bonnie's grams stuck us in an alternate dimension – a prison of sorts. Come on Bon" Damon asked as he checked her pulse for the third time and put his hand over her nose to make sure she was breathing.

"Why did you come here?" Elijah asked.

"Lucy said we need to get to you to escape Fin. I think her magic exhausted her."

"Your grand plan against mother was Lucy Bennett" Klaus criticized Elijah.

"Well she was I am hoping the little unconscious witch would be willing to assist us" Elijah smirked then a phone began to ring bringing everyone's attention to the man lying face first in Elijah's oatmeal carrying a woman's purse.

"That must be Lucy" Damon mused, gently placing Bonnie in Caroline's arms as he opened her purse to answer her call.

"Hi Lucy"

"We're with Elijah…. I didn't know she could do that either… she passed out; we're trying to wake her… Were you able to escape? No I'm not going soft; you're the only family Bonnie has; she'd be sad if something happened to you… Okay get here fast" With that Damon ended the call and ran his hand through his hair.

"Why do you have to be so risky?" He scolded Bonnie's unconscious form.

"You know; she pushes her limits when there's the slightest threat on your life… why can't she love me like that" Kai moaned before his face met the oatmeal bowl again.

"What is that?" Klaus asked.

"Damon and Bonnie adopted him. If you don't mind is there somewhere we can put her down?" Caroline asked.

"I'll take Bonnie, you babysit Porky" Damon said removing Bonnie from Caroline's arms and vanishing behind Klaus leaving Caroline with an upset Elijah.

"I suggest you remove your pet from my breakfast which he just ruined. Look at this mess." Elijah winked off with those parting words as Hayley entered the room.


"Hey, sorry for crashing in like this; Lucy called Bonnie to help her and we tagged along." Caroline wiped Kai's face and slapped him awake.

"Was that Damon I just heard? Isn't he like dead?"

"Long story, which we can discus as soon as I wake up Bonnie's pet" Caroline said shaking Kai pretty hard.

"Ouch that hurt, where are we? Where's Bonnie?" Kai asked taking in his surroundings.

"They're indisposed – clean up this mess" Caroline ordered then turned towards Hayley.

"Bonnie and Damon died and came back with him" Caroline shrugged.

"You're just as mean as Damon"

"Less talking more cleaning"

After some threats, discussions and a little bargaining, the Original family came to an unsteady alliance with the Mystic Falls trio.

"So that's what we're facing" Elijah finished explaining Ester's re-entry into their lives to take away their immortality and Mikael's resurrection to bring about their deaths, well the deaths of all vampires considering how the sire lines worked.

"Your family is fucked up. I thought I had it bad" Damon said rubbing Bonnie's feet as they sat in the Mikaelson's living room.

"My mother ruined me, she made me weak, she let my father beat me like some animal then when her infidelity was found out; she set Mikael upon us to destroy that which she had created." Klaus growled.

"We all had sucky mothers" Kai sighed, and yelped when Damon threw a scrunched up piece of paper at him.

"Be quiet" Bonnie ordered; Lucy had arrived with a tonic to restore her magic energy. She was conscious again but very weak.

"I'm an orphan no complaints here" Hayley shrugged.

"My mom's great my dad was an asshole" Caroline frowned.

"My mom abandoned me- twice, my dad started caring when it was too late" Bonnie concurred.

"My mother was a doormat; Giuseppe was a cunt, I'm glad Stefan drained him."

"Stefan killed your dad?" Bonnie asked wide eyed.

"That's how he completed the transition…"

"Must have been hard on him" Damon looked at Bonnie incredulously.

"Giuseppe Salvatore shot his own sons dead; I don't think it was hard on Stefan" Damon said cynically

Klaus chuckled, loud and freely before Damon raised his glass.

"To eliminating treacherous parents" He toasted while everyone chuckled and followed.

Bonnie looked around the room, perhaps New Orleans was a good place to call home.

"You can stop hovering Damon, I'm fine" Bonnie sighed at the eldest Salvatore who pinned her with a particularly icy gaze.

"Fine? FINE! You could have killed yourself you little idiot."

"But I didn't"

"Only because Lucy was here to save your ass. I thought we talked about your habit of being altruistic; wanna try dying a third time?" He scolded her.

"I had to get you away from Fin."

"I'm well over a 100 years, I can handle myself. I'm a survivor, you on the other hand just jump at the chance to commit suicide for others."

"Hey you can survive; what about Caroline?"

"I don't think Fin would want to antagonize Klaus any further by messing with the woman he has been crushing on."

"What about Kai" Bonnie asked crossing her arms defiantly.

"Who cares about Porky… why is he still with us. I'm sure he's well over 18 it's time to kick him out."

"Damon" She sighed.

"Will you keep the promise you made on the other side? The one about not sacrificing yourself." Damon asked crouching so he was eye level with the young witch.

"I'll try"

"Trying isn't good enough Bon. If I asked you for something would you give it to me?"

"I'm not having sex with you"

"Have you seen me? I can have an orgy of women anytime I want. You'll never see me begging you to open your legs for me" That stung Bonnie; suddenly she felt the innocence of her age against his. Her face fell momentarily before she masked it with anger.

"What do you want?" She spat with as much venom as she could muster.

"Bind your life to mine." Damon implored; knowing she wouldn't indulge her suicidal needs if she knew if would affect someone else, even if it was a blood thirsty murderous vampire like himself.

A/N: Another one in the basket! Thanks for the reviews hope you enjoy the update. Kai is not evil in my story as I thought up this story when they first introduced him before we found out he was the devil incarnate but I did love it when he hit Elena over the head with a tire iron. Next up Caroline finds out about Cami... a triangle of sorts which is going to become a very interesting square...


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