18 years later

"Alaric, Petra… you better step on it if you want dad to give you a lift to school" Bonnie called up to her twins who were in their final year in high school.

"I'm not going until Josie and Lizzie apologize for telling Sam that I like him."

"Well you like Sam don't you."

"Mom, not you too."

"You know if would be easier if you just accepted, he is your soulmate and we can move on with our lives." Bonnie's youngest child, 15-year-old Lily, huffed as she packed her soccer kit into her bag.

"Dad, I'm ready." Lily called up the stairs.

"Just one second honey, I am trying to find out where uncle Stefan is. He is supposed to be showing the client the factory with me." Damon said as he rounded the stairs kissing Bonnie on the cheek as he furiously hit redial.

"He's probably panicking over Sarah again…. He is the mom in that family. I don't know how Aunt Lucy does it." Lily sighed.

Stefan and Lucy had one daughter, Sarah who was the same age as Lily. Stefan was taking the whole over protective dad business to ridiculous levels. Lily didn't miss the look that her parents gave each other, it was like they spoke without words. At that moment their back door almost came off it's hinges as Caroline and Hope bounded into the house.

"Bonnie, we have an emergency" Caroline panicked.

"The dresses I ordered for the ceremony won't get here in time" Hope sighed, and fist bumped Damon as he came around the corner adjusting his tie.

"So, are we meeting tonight Pack Master?" Hope asked. Hayley and Jackson took a break from the pack to take a world cruise. With Hope in College and their young son off in some special boarding school for advanced learners they wanted to have the honeymoon they never got to.

"It depends on your sisters and your brother, let us not forget that geeky little bastard." Damon had a bone to pick with Hayley and Jackson's youngest, he kept losing his cool and coming close to changing in public, shortly after the defeat of Dahlia, they found that murder was no longer a requirement to be a wolf, it was a spell placed upon something that was once natural by Ester one that she removed before she sacrificed herself. As for Klaus and Caroline; they now had 5 daughters including Hope and the Saltzman twins with a sixth on the way, Klaus was hoping it was a boy but Damon told him it was another girl and joked that Klaus was developing a uterus currently with all the women in his home.

"Kids get your asses in the car. We need to stop off at Stefan's so I can drag him to this meeting."

Bonnie and Caroline started an events company after Bonnie's twins were born called Bewitched events; Lucy, Davina and Freya worked with them with Hope interning every once in a while.

Davina and Kol eventually married in Vegas; Kol knocked her up and they fled to escape Marcel, Marcel gave chase and met a witch named Destiny with whom he was currently shacked up with in Rome.

Freya and Kai had 2 sons, Kai would bend over backwards to make sure his family kept smiling. His wife and sons were his world. He left the force to take a job with a private investigations company, he liked working without a rule book and it paid a lot better.

Bonnie, Lucy and Klaus pulled some strings to release Elena so they could duplicate the cure, it was enough for one person and Rebecca and Matt were currently in the Alps for their anniversary, Rebecca was the happiest house wife on the planet with her 5 children. Bonnie and Lucy then used Elena's vessel to resurrect Katherine as a favour for Klaus for Elijah. Elijah and Katarina were off in Venezuela, she was still queen bitch but she had an orphanage she was running with Elijah, she and Elijah would never have a child of their own blood, so they picked an alternative.

The coven was still very active, Bonnie was ready to pass on the baton to Hope as they gathered around the stone sisters. Hope stood at the front flanked by Lizzi and Josie with Rebekah's eldest son at the back. Caroline's breath caught as she watched little white lights dance in the air around them.

"Something wrong love?" Klaus asked placing his hand atop Caroline's tiny bump.

"This is it, the vision I saw when I was still pregnant with Josie and Lizzie."

"Soon, Freya's sons will join as well"

"It's too bad the Bennet-Salvatore kids decided they want to continue their own line instead of merge." Caroline shrugged.

"It is Alaric's choice, Damon's snarky son is their leader after all" Klaus said sourly, all 3 of his older daughters had some fascination with the mini Damon.

"Well he has his parents' good looks, Damon's charm and Bonnie's charisma. It's a deadly combination for young girls' hearts." Caroline sighed dramatically.

"If I were still a vampire he'd be dead."

"I don't think so, he is so much stronger than Bonnie." Caroline sighed and piqued Klaus's curiosity.

"Out with it love"

"Bonnie once told me that his magic is a combination of hers and Silas's magic it's an organic merge that won't separate. His sister is more like Bonnie and the little one is most definitely going to be a wolf only – I don't know how Bon handles Damon, Alaric and Lily; they're almost the same person."

"So, you ladies are keeping secrets now?"

"Stefan felt it, he confided in Damon about it. Bonnie just didn't confirm it. It's not a secret it's just something we don't want to say out loud."

"You think Silas magic will cause a problem in the future?"

"Hell no, Alaric has a good level head, maybe not with the ladies but when it comes to magic, he is his mother's son; as I said the merge of magic within him is organic. It's a new line, he is the fourth witch in the prophecy after all" Caroline shrugged.

"We stupidly thought that they would be in one coven. We didn't really consider that the kids would have their own passions and personalities."

"As long as Alaric keeps his passions away from my daughters."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that. Alaric loves them as if they were his own sisters. I think he has a bit of a crush on Hayley though. He likes them feisty and full of fight."

"Like Bonnie" Klaus smiled. Damon wanted a feisty women full of fire, he had her in front of him for years but it took, death (multiple times) to realize it.

"To think, I owe this happiness to Ester" Klaus mused.

"We my love, we" Caroline smiled giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"By the way… it's a boy."

"Really? I am going to have a son? I would love a daughter no less. Finally a son to name after Elijah."

"You already decided the name?"

"I have wanted to name our son Elijah from the time you told me you were pregnant with our second set of twins. We can call him Eli. Now to share this wondrous news. I'm going to have a son, I need to tell Elijah."

Caroline waved to Bonnie as she made her way up the stairs, her long tresses floating on the wind almost mystically as her dress caressed her curvier hips.

"You tell Klaus your news?"

"Yeah, he's gone to tell Elijah."

The 2 long-time friends smiled as they watched the children get an earful from Hope about using magic in public. Josie and Lizzie were always in trouble with Hope.

Alaric had just arrived with Petra, his dark hair, green eyes and sun kissed skin were a siren's call for Klaus's older children as they fluttered over towards him. With a trade mark Damon smirk they were putty in his hands, unlike the Damon of old though he loved them and treated them as he did his own sisters, ruffling their hair, hugging them and listening to their stories no matter how inane or petty.

"He is his father, only better" Bonnie smiled then linked arms with Caroline as they watched their older children.

"I am glad you decided to come with us to New Orleans. If the three of us didn't come here together. If we didn't leave all that BS behind in Mystic Falls, we would never find this happiness. I love you Care bear"

"Aww, I love you too Bon"

The smiling older women were watched by the men who treasured them.

"Don't expect a love confession" Klaus said rolling his eyes at Damon who blew him a kiss and passed him a celebratory glass of bourbon.

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