Chapter 2: The story of the Force

''And what are this?''Fishleg asked looking toward the two lightsabers.''They are my lightsabers.'''Starkiller said and taking lightsabers with the power of Force.''Whoa,what a trick it was this?''Snoulot asked.''This isn't a trick this is the Force the energy that helps any Jedi knight in the fight''Starkiller said.''What is the Jedi knight, but a lightsaber?''Hiccup asked.''Wait, you don't heard of Jedi knight or the war?'' Starkiller asked shocked.'' No, we're dealing with dragons, I do not think we heard about this war.''Hiccup said.'In what the Force name of the planet is still, and this is probably in another galaxy and a less developed planet.'Starkiller said in his mind.''Whatever, I will leave after I rebuild my ship until then can I stay here?''Starkiller asked.''Sure, mister Marek''Hiccup said.''Please call me Gallen.''Starkiller said.''But the lightsaber what it is?''Tuffnut asked.'' It's like a normal sword but his blade is made pure light and can cut anything around, I think you've already discovered this.''Starkiller said.

''Finally, do you have some communication channels?''Starkiller asked.''We have air mail''Hiccup said.''And what is that?''Starkiller asked.''Any ticket I send, we send them through Terrible Terrors''Fishleg respond.''Terrible Terrors can fly in space?''Starkiller asked.''Oh, why in space?''Hiccup asked.''I don't have much time yes or no?''Starkiller asked imediatilly.''I do not think I can do it anymore.''Hiccup replied confusedly.''Nevermind, that means I can not send any messages.''

In space...on the Star Destroyer

On the Star Destroyer's deck, Darth Vader and his officers were looking for the area where Starkiller's ship disappeared.

''Admiral can identify the trajectory of our escape?''Vader asked his admiral.

''Sure my lord,is in an unknown system on an unknown planet of the empire.''The admiral said.

''Then tell your people, enter the planet's data, we go to the emergency there,admiral.'''Vader ordered.

''Yes my lord''and then the ship went to Earth.' The Emperor will be delighted when he finds that a new system of planets will be annexed to the empire.'Vader said in his mind.

This chapter 2, please comments this story, I will make the adventure of Starkiller and the dragons riders on Earth and anymore. See you next time.