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15 years ago:

There was a loud wail in a hospital room. Outside said room was a bulky muscular man along with a smaller chubbier man. The second man looked up at the first man and sighed.

"Tom," said the man in a thick Chinese accent, "stop pacing around, Sabine will be perfectly fine. She may be small but she is strong willed and will not rest until my great-niece is born."

"I know, Wang." Tom sighed. "It's just I can't help worry. I mean we just recently opened the bakery and then we find out that she's pregnant and now our little girl is being born…its just all so fast. What if we make a mistake? What if something happens and we can't fix it?"

"Tom," said Wang, "breathe. You two will just do fine and I just have a feeling that your little girl will grow up to be a fine young woman and will do great things in the world. Why do you think Sabine never worried during her pregnancy? Know one thing Tom, you guys will be fine, your little girl will be fine and whatever happens later on, remember it happened for a reason. I mean in the Cheng family things happen for a reason and they were chosen for greater things."

Tom took a deep breath before he spoke again. "Thank you, Wang. Whatever happens Sabine and I will be fine. And if she's destined for greater things than we will support our daughter full heartily."

With that said, the door to the room opened and out stepped the doctor. She went up to the two males and spoke to them softly, stating that they can go inside and see the child now. Both men smiled and stepped inside. Unaware that just down the hall was seated and man in a red Hawaiian shirt. Said man looked up and smiled softly at the now closed door.

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng, your life has just started, from here on out your no longer normal…your miraculous. Isn't that right Tikki?"

In his palm was a jewelry box of sorts. He opened it and in them was a pair of earrings. Said earrings softly glowed and then shagged from black to red with black polka dots and out came a small fairy like being. The being was pink with a few black dots on her body, but the prominent one being on her forehead where two antennas stood and bluebell eyes.

"Of course, Master Fu." Said Tikki. "I've been waiting for this moment for years and now she's born. I can't wait until she's older and the time comes for us to be introduced. I just hope Plagg is as happy as I am about the moment he meets his chosen. Who was it again sir?"

"Young Adrien Agreste. Although I fear he may have a bit of an issue with freedom based off his father, but it'll all work out."

Another glow came from the man's pocket and out came a cat looking being with green eyes.

"I hope your right old man. I just hope he isn't as whiny as all the other Chats."

"Plagg!" yelled Tikki. "Whether he's whiny or not, you as his Kwami, are going to guide and help him. But remember we can't say who the other is, they have to find out on their own. That way their bonds as partners and soulmates are true. If we interfere, then it may be doomed and I don't want that to happen. Remember Egypt?"

"Of course, Tikki." Said Plagg as he floated next her, a purring sound cam be heard coming from him. "This time we'll make sure it works. Now let's go see her."

Silently the phased through the door. Without being seen they neared the father if the child. From behind him they saw the small girl wrapped in a pink blanket. They saw a tuft on black hair hat has blue reflections. The little girl opened her eyes and saw bluebell eyes staring at them when she smiled and cooed. The two Kwami's smiled and went back to Master Fu. They went back into their respected miraculous' and Master Fu walked away from the room and out the hospital. A small smile on his face.

15 years later:

It all started out as a regular day for a one specific Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The sun had just started rising, making the sky a perfect pinkish glow. Marinette faintly heard footsteps of her parents as they got up for the day. She turned over in her bed and went back to sleep. A few hours later she felt slight nudge and a faint 'Marinette'. Said girl rolled over and mumbled something unintelligibly. She felt another nudge, harder this time but paid no attention to it.

Once more she felt a nudge when she chose to speak with her eyes closed, "Tikki, five more minute then I'll get up."

Tikki sighed and stayed their floating in the air when she heard the trap door to Marinette's room opened. In peaked Sabine as she saw Tikki floating over her daughter.

"She still hasn't awoken?" whispered Sabine.

"No." sighed Tikki. "And I don't know what to do anymore."

"Here, let me, but you may want to hide first. I know she doesn't know that we know, but until that day comes we'll continue to act as if we don't know thing. Her grandmother would be proud of Marinette."

"Yes, she would. She always did say that if you had a girl she would be the next Ladybug, but I always thought he was wishful thinking. I mean not all Ladybugs come from just one family. They're all different, I just wish there was more I could do that day to save her and Chat."

"I know Tikki, but now things will be different. This generation of kids are stronger willed and passionate about what they want." Said Sabine smiling softly at her daughter. "Now hide."

With that Tikki flew and hid as Sabine shook her daughter.

"Mari, honey, wake up. You don't want to be late for school. Or did you forget that a so-called Adrien was coming to pick you up?"

With that Marinette jolted up from her sleeping position. "I can't believe I forgot about that. Oh no! I'm going to be late and he's going to hate me and then we'll never get married or have our three children: Emma, Louis, and Hugo!"

Marinette got up from the bed and quickly went to shower. Sabine just stared at her daughter and she rushed to the bathroom. Tikki came out of her hiding spot and both she and Sabine looked at each other and smiled. Sabine walked back downstairs and went to the bakery to help her husband.

A few minutes later Marinette walked back into her room and quickly changed clothes. She asked Tikki how it looked and Tikki said she looked beautiful. Marinette pulled her hair into her famous pigtails and placed everything she was going to need for school. She headed downstairs and grabbed a few croissants to eat on her way to school with Adrien. Lately she has been getting more comfortable around him where her stuttering has lessened greatly, but she still had her moments when she would get all tongue tied and wouldn't be able to speak to him.

When she stepped out of the bakery she saw that Adrien was there waiting for her. She walked up to him and he noticed her and smiled.

"Good morning Marinette."

"G-good morning Adrien." She said slightly stuttering. "Ready for school?"

"Yup! Let's get going."

Soon they both started walking the small walk to school. Within minutes they arrived and saw their friends Alya and Nino. Both smiled and waved at them as their friends did it in return.

"Hey girl! What's up?" Alya asked Marinette.

"Nothing much."

"You ready for our trip today to Rome!" squealed Alya slightly jumping up and down.

"Of course! I can't wait to be able to walk around, but I slightly scared about the weather. They said it was supposed to rain and since were flying there…well you know."

By now both girls had headed inside while the boys were still outside by the stairs.

"I know, I'm just amazed that the school is choosing to do this trip or how they managed it, but whatever! It just sucks that we have to get permission from our parents, but I'm glad that they approved."

"I know!" said Marinette. "I'm just glad that Adrien's dad let him come."

"Or that he postponed all of his shoots."

"Yea. Ever since we've gotten closer his father has started to change, but let's just be grateful."

"Yup." Alya agreed. "Now…how was your walk this morning?"

"ALYA!" Marinette said blushing. "It was just like a regular walk. Nothing happened, we just talked a bit about the trip and what we can all do as a group there."

Soon the bell rang and everyone was seated even though their teacher hasn't arrived yet. Adrien and Nino turned in their seats and started talking to the girls.

"So, what do you guys want to do when we get to Rome?" asked Adrien.

Although the question was for both girls he was staring at Marinette. Marinette noticed this and blushed. Although she wasn't the only one to notice him staring. Alya and Nino noticed and both shared a look and started hacking up a plan to get them together. Both knew that Marinette was harboring more than a crush on the model, but what was new was the fact that lately they've seen Adrien with the same expression and Marinette when neither of the two are looking at each other.

I swear if it these two don't get together in Rome, then it'll take a whole army. How oblivious can you be? Thought Alya as she watched both of them talking and occasionally blushing and stuttering from both parties.

Eventually their conversation as cut short when Mdme. Bustier came in announcing that she was going to do roll call and then they were all going to board the bus to head to the airport. As soon as she finished they all headed to the bus.

"Oh Adrikins!" yelled Chloe from where she was standing. "Come sit with me on the bus. That way we can cuddle and everything."

"Um…" Adrien said not knowing how to reject his childhood friend.

"Alright class, I know you all want to sit with your friends, but I have groups paired up for this trip and no I do not want to hear any whining. Am I clear Chloe?"

"Yes, Mdme. Bustier."

"Alright, Marinette, Alya, Nino and Adrien, you're group one. Chloe, Sabrina, and Lila, you're group two. Rose, Alix, Kim and Max, you're group three. Juleka, Mylene, Ivan and Nathaniel, you're group four. Now here are the rules: there are three big suites and in those suites, there are two rooms. One room for the boy and ne for the girls. There are four beds in total and two bathrooms. Since we have a group of three they have one suite with three beds and one bathroom."

"What?!" yelled Lila and Chloe not believing what they're hearing.

"But Madame, how am I going to get ready. It takes a while for me to become this beautiful? One bathroom just can't do." Exclaimed Chloe.

"Well Chloe you three are just going to have to figure out how it's going to happen and I don't want to hear any whining or I can easily send you back here. Your father approved of this along with the headmaster. As I was saying those are your accommodations. Each group is allowed to tour Rome of their own free will, just make sure you stay within the buddy system of your group and if anything should happen each group will have a phone that they can use to phone me or any of the other chaperones. Now please be careful and do not, I repeat, DO NOT cause any troubles. We don't need the Italian government banning us from ever visiting again. Now get on the bus and sit with your group."

"So Alya," said Nino, "sit with me?"

"Um…" said Alya as she looked at Marinette; Marinette just nodded her head, "sure."

Both of them sat down while Adrien and Marinette sat behind them. Each took out their own iPods and started listening to music.

Adrien's POV:

I placed my headphones into my ears and turned on Pandora. Normally I listen to Jagged Stone, but I turned Pandora on and started listening to some of the American bands that visit during their tours. I turned to look at Marinette and saw that she also had her headphones in and closed her eyes. I continued to stare and started thinking. Lately I've been getting along perfectly well with her and now I can feel as if we've truly become friends, but lately I've been feeling confused. I started seeing her as more than a friend. I mean she's beautiful with a heart of gold. She's kind, generous and has an open heart for anyone. She doesn't make anyone feel left out. Yes, she may be clumsy but I find that cute about her, but she can also be courageous and stand up for what she believes. There have been times when I saw similarities between and Ladybug, but I always thought of them to be coincidences. That was until that day.

We had finished an akuma when her earrings started beeping. We did our usual fist pump and she left. I went to a nearby alley and detransformed and fed Plagg quickly before I transformed again and went to check up on Marinette. Turned out this akuma was someone that Chloe made fun of for having a crush on Marinette just like Nathaniel. For some reason, I felt like there was a boulder in the pit of my stomach when the akuma came and took Marinette, but luckily everyone was distracted that I managed to sneak away and transform. Once I got there I managed to distract the boy while Marinette ran and I waited for my lady to appear.

When ladybug arrived, we made quick work of the akuma. Now that Plagg ate I quickly transformed and went to see Marinette, but as soon as I was close enough I saw ladybug arrive and in a flash of pink and red I saw Marinette. I was shock for a moment until my brain caught up and understood that the hero I was loved from day one and the girl I was beginning to fall for where one in the same I quickly smiled and left. I started thinking on how I could admit it to her and reveal myself, when I came up with nothing. Minutes became hours and hours became days and before I knew it our teacher announced to us that we were going on a trip to Rome. I was ecstatic until I realized that maybe my father might not let me go.

But lately he's been easing up a bit ever since Marinette came over for a school project that we had to design and create. Father noticed her designs and gave her some feedback. They talked for a bit with Marinette smiling a big smile and when they were done we finished our project and she left. Father that day sat down and ate dinner with me. He asked me a bit about Marinette and I told him.


"Yes father?"

"Do you like that girl?" he asked me out of nowhere.

I almost choked on my food. "Why?"

"She reminds me of your mother. Whatever you do, don't lose her. I can tell that she cares for you greatly…she may even love you."

"I doubt it. I mean she just stopped stuttering around me, I doubt she cares for me like you think father."

"Well don't doubt it." He said sternly. "Listen to me, when I first met your mother she had a bad impression of me. She saw me when I started to become a workaholic and had a bad attitude," you still are and do, I thought but didn't voice it out. I let him keep talking since it was very rare for us to have a heart to heart and was going to milk it as much as possible, "but then I spoke to her and cleared up everything. She all of a sudden started stuttering around me and I didn't know why. When I finally got the courage to ask her out and admit my feelings she told me that the reason why she started stuttering was because she fell in love with me that day I cleared everything with her. So, if what you tell me is true, she doesn't hate you son, she just likes you and can't untie her tongue to speak to you properly. But now it seems like she can. So, listen to me and don't let her go. She's one in a million."

When he finished talking he got up and excused himself. I thought about what he said and agreed that I wouldn't let her go. Since then he lightened up on my work load, allowed my friends to come over more often, let me hang out with them and the one that surprised me the most was when he allowed my friends and their families to come over for Christmas.

I came back to the present when I heard rumbling coming from the sky. I saw that it had darken and we had just arrived to the airport. I looked over at Marinette and saw that she had fallen asleep. I nudged her slightly and she just mumbled incoherently.

"Hey Nino, should I do? She won't wake up"

"Well piggyback her until we head inside. Ill carry your stuff for you guys."

"Well you carry his and I got my girl's stuff." Said Alya. "Mdme. Bustier had aid that the airport crew will automatically check in our luggage and we just have to go through security and head to the gates. So, while we're at security we wake her up."

With that Nino helped me place her onto my back and they grabbed our stuff and we headed inside. We followed the rest of the class until we got to security. Security saw and they helped me take off what needed to be taken off. They said it was fine that she was on my back. We went through the metal detector and luckily nothing beeped and they didn't see our kwamis through the x-rays. Soon we were all at the gates and had to wait a bit until we boarded. Alya, Nino and I looked at our planes tickets along with Marinette's seeing as she still sleeping in my lap. We saw that we were all next to each other. We agreed who would get the window seat.

Before I knew it, they were calling us to board. Alya took our Marinette's passport and handed it to me along with her plane ticket while Nino helped me place her back onto my back. As soon as we found our seats I placed her by the window seat and we all settled down after we placed our carry-ons on the space above our heads and closed the doors. We settled in and waited for takeoff. I took out my plane ticket and just saw that our trip was about a week and a half. How they manage this I don't know, but I know I won't complain because they just gave me the perfect opportunity to confess to Marinette everything. Since our flight is about two hours long I chose to take a little cat nap. I let Nino know and he told me he would wake me up when we got there. Luckily, I fed Plagg camembert cheese before leaving my house, otherwise I would have one grumpy cat kwami when we got to the hotel.

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