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Chapter 3

Normal POV:

A few days later and it was time for the Natale di Roma. Mdme. Bustier arrived to the room of our favorite teens and knocked on the door to the suite. Said group were sitting in the big sofa in the middle of the room watching television when they heard the knock. They shared a look when Marinette chose to get up and open the door. Once she opened the door she saw that it was her teacher with a pile of what seemed like cloth.

"Well kids here are your clothing for the event. Change as soon as you can and meet up with everyone in the lobby. As soon as everyone is ready we'll be heading out to Campidoglio where it'll take place. Remember stay within your group, but you can pair of together for the dancing if you wish. Also, you may keep these clothing if you wish. The choice is yours."

With that Mdme. Bustier walked out and left them looking at the clothing. The girls picked up what was for them. Marinette picked up a white dress styled to be toga like. It was sleeveless with medium thick straps and a V-neck that shows enough cleavage. On the straps, there is a gold circle ornaments that hold the dress up. The dress on the left breast side has a red cloth draped over and wrapped around the waist. Being held back by a gold belt. The bottom half of the dress is white, while the ends of the bottom has a thick red stripe running all the way around along with a medium thick gold one running all the way around on top. She also picked up two bands with see through red cloth that hangs down and is connected to another smaller band and part of the cloth runs down a bit more be hanging.

Alya picked up a white and gold dress. The top of the dress has a bold band that runs to connect to the neck. There's also a gold band on the bottom of the bodice while the bottom half of the dress is white while on the end of it there's a thick gold stripe running across the dress with a black stripe on top with a thinner gold band right on top of the black stripe. She also picked up to round bands that had see-through gold cloth around it that flowed open and draped down.

Both girls looked at each other and smiled at their clothing. Marinette already knowing what other accessories can be added that they bought as souvenirs and Alya coming up with the hairstyles for them. they looked to the boys to see what clothing they got.

Adrien picked his up and saw that it was a white toga style dress with sleeves that reach the elbows. Around the neck area, the end of both sleeves and the bottom of the dress each have two thin gold stripes. It also has a red cloth, with gold embroidered on the end, draped across the right breast side with a gold band holding it in place.

Nino picked up his and saw that the style was the same, but with a few differences. The sleeves reached almost to his wrists while on the neck area, end of the sleeves and bottom of the dress has a thick black and gold band. There's also a gold cloth draped across the left breast side being held in place of a black and gold band.

Both boys gave their approval, not noticing the looks both girls were giving each other.

"We'll let go get ready then, if or Madame will be furious." Said Marinette.

They all nodded and went to their respective rooms. Once the girls were inside they began talking.

"Girl, have you noticed that our clothes match the boys?" Asked Alya.

"I saw. It's almost like they just paired us off without even knowing us." Marinette said slightly confused.

Both girls giggled and began getting ready. Marinette put on her toga with a little help from Alya. Both girls saw that it reached the floor. Soon Marinette put on the traditional sandals that she had seen and bought and wrapped them up to her calves. when she finished she quickly put on the bands that she noticed go on her arms. The bigger bands reached halfway below her armpits while the smaller bands wrapped around her wrists. She put a ring on her ring finger of her right hand and a ring on her middle finger of her left hand. Once she finished she went to help Alya with her outfit. Both also noticed that Ayla's dress was also floor length. Alya put on her bands and soon both girls were dressed. They each went to their vanity mirrors to see what they were going to do with their hair.

"Hey Alya, can you help me?" Marinette asked. "I have no idea what to do with my hair since it isn't as long as yours."

"Well I'll just curl it and then we'll put the gold leaf band around your whole head. Your bangs will be fine since they frame your face perfectly. Then we'll do a little eye shadow and winged eye and a little bit of red lips and we'll be done. I'll do the same with mine, but we'll use a soft red for the eye shadow and I'll do a gold on mine." Alya said.

"But what about your hairstyle?"

"Well I'm just going to curl it a bit and then loosely place it up and use this gold half leaf head band and the finito!" Alya explained.

Soon both girls were done. They looked each other over and nodded their heads. They walked out the room to see the guys already dressed and waiting for them. Nino turned around and was the first to see them with a look of surprise on his face.

"Babe! You look…gorgeous!" exclaimed Nino.

"Aw! Thanks, hun." Alya said kissing his already red cheek making it even redder. "What do you think of Marinette, Adrien?"

Adrien by then had already turned around and wouldn't stop staring at Marinette. Marinette noticed this and was blushing profusely. I'm definitely glad father let me come on this trip or I would've missed the most beautiful to ever roam earth. She was beautiful before but the traditional roman clothing suit her well. Maybe I can convince father to dabble a little and let Marinette model. He thought. He was brought out of his stupor when Nino gave him a harsh nudge.

"Huh? What?" He said unintelligibly.

"What do you think of Marinette, bro?"

"Absolutely, stunningly, beautiful." Adrien said with a dreamy sigh that made Marinette blush harder.

"W-w-well, you handsome look…I mean handsome you look…no wait…I mean you look handsome yourself!" Marinette said stuttering which made Adrien blush.

"Well let's get going or we'll miss the event and I for one don't want to miss it."

With that said all four teens walked out of the room.

Adrien's POV:

As the whole class walked to the place where the event will be focused I noticed that we walked passed Fontana di Trevi. It looks so beautiful. That's it! That'll be the place I bring her to and confess. No one should be around anyways. Perfect! I thought. I smiled and looked towards Marinette and saw that she was also looking at the fountain with a soft smile. I swear that girl makes me feel things. As if she knew I was thinking about her she turned around and looked at me. I blushed at getting caught and gave her a smile. She blushed and smiled back and we looked forward again.

Once we arrived at the place I noticed that the event was in full swing even though it was only noon. My group quickly began looking at the booths and everything and soon before I knew it hours had passed and it was already maybe around seven at night. So far, the sun was out, but it was beginning to set, creating a soft pink hue that gave Rome a beautiful glow. I saw Marinette standing off to the side and chose to go up to her, glad that Chloe is nowhere near right now.

Marinette's POV:

I saw Adrien coming my way and started to get nervous. I wonder what he wants. Maybe to talk or hopefully to ask me to dance. Oh, who am I kidding? He's probably just feeling lonely since our two best friends are off dancing. I thought to myself. Before I knew it, Adrien had arrived and placed a hand on my shoulder.


"Yes?" I asked.

"Care to take a walk with me?" He asked.

"Sure!" I said excited.

We began walking and I noticed the sun setting, giving of a beautiful glow to Rome. Before I knew it, we had arrived to Fontana di Trevi. We just stood there staring at the fountain, that was until Adrien cleared his throat.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yea." I said softly, my heart pounding miles per hour.

It wasn't fully dark out yet. Adrien and I were still standing in front of Fontana di Trevi when he spoke again startling me. "Marinette, there's something I have to tell you. Something I have to confess."

"What is it Adrien?" I asked.

"Um..." he said swallowing, making me all the more nervous, "well I know who you are. I mean I found out accidentally when I went to check up on you and saw Ladybug standing on your balcony and in the next moment you were there. Now don't freak out because there's also something you don't know about me." I just stood there shocked, not knowing what to say. He knows…OH MY GOD HE KNOWS! What if he's disappointed that it's me. What if he says he doesn't want to be partners anymore! What if—but I was cut out of my thoughts when he cleared his throat. "I know that this may come off to you as a shock, but I have to tell you because since I found out about both sides of you and love them both to the point where I see a future with you and can't imagine you not being there by my side, well I just hope you're not disappointed that it's me and not someone else."

"What are you talking about?" I asked softly not trusting my voice to go any higher without cracking.

"I'm Chat Noir." He said. "Come out Plagg."

Soon a cat like kwami came out. "Hey princess. Finally, glad to meet you. Well I mean we met before, but you probably don't remember since you were just a baby."

I stood there shocked until Tikki flew out.

"Hi Adrien, I'm Tikki, Marinette's kwami. So, glad to finally meet you. Well beside from when we met when you were just a baby, but that's beside the point. I'm still glad to meet you. I mean Marinette always talks about you." She said giggling and I blushed.

"Oh really?" Adrien said with a Cheshire grin. "Well looks like my lady fancies me just as much as I her. That's pawsitively lovely, Bugaboo."

I rolled my eyes and then they widened when it finally hit me. The guy that I've been crushing on is also the same guy that I've been rejecting. I felt tears in the corner of my eyes.

"Bugaboo, what's wrong?" Adrien asked. "I know your disappointed it's me, but please don't cry. We can still be friends even though you don't feel the same way as I do."

"It's not that, Chaton." I said sniffling. "It's just that the guy I love is the same guy that I've been rejecting because I couldn't get you out of my heart. And now you're probably disappointed that it's me and will never want anything to do with me."

"Marinette, I could never be disappointed in you. I mean I was a complete idiot for not noticing that it has been you all the time. You both have way too many similarities that I really should've figured it out sooner."

"But that's it Adrien! I'm so much more different than when I'm Ladybug. I'm clumsy, I couldn't speak to you properly until recently and I'm just ordinary me." I said cutting him off.

"Princess," he said grabbing onto my face as he made me look into his eyes. Green eyes that I feel myself drowning in, "you're anything but ordinary, you're miraculous. And I wouldn't ask for a different partner if it wasn't you. That first day we met after you purified the akuma I said to myself that whoever was under that mask that I love her and that person is you. It's been you all this time and it will always be you. Your Yin to my Yang. The good luck to my bad luck. You're my world and I wouldn't have another girl if it's not you…I love YOU Marinette Dupain-Cheng. And I hope you're not disappointed that it's me and that you'll have me…all of me." He said.

"I could never be disappointed in you Kitty," I said earnestly, "you're my world. I fell in love with you since the first day when you made me see that I wronged you. I fell for you when you gave me your umbrella so I wouldn't get wet. I fell for the pun-loving, anime freak, physics dork that you are. You're my partner and my love and I would have no other. I love YOU Adrien Agreste and I will gladly have both of you."

We smiled at each other and soon we began leaning in. before I knew it our lips touched softly at first. We separated as soon as we heard fireworks. We looked up and saw how the sky was illuminated by the display. We looked back at each other and kissed many more time with much more passion. With all the love that we held within ourselves. I knew that no matter what, we would never let go of each other. We're Yin and Yang, good luck and bad luck, creation and destruction. We complete each other. Soon we broke apart and leaned our foreheads together breathing heavily.

Normal POV:

"We should head back, princess. Our friends are probably worried and I owe you a dance as a couple." Adrien said kissing Marinette softly again both feeling sparks up their spines.

Marinette smiled and both walked back to where everyone was at. Their whole class saw then and cheered while Chloe was glaring daggers and Marinette who wasn't paying attention. Both teens in cloud nine after what just happened. Soon the couple heard a familiar song staring to play.

"Would you honor me with this dance, My Lady?" Adrien asked Marinette as he took her hand and kissed it.

She giggled and said, "Of course, love."

With that both teens started dancing.

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart

It's the end of the world in my mind

Then your voice pulls me back

Like a wakeup call

I've been looking for the answer


I couldn't see that it was right there

But now I know what I didn't know

As the couple danced they were soon joined in by their friends. Alya and Nino danced until they reached Adrien and Marinette.

"So, I'm assuming you two are together now?" asked Alya.

"Yes." They both said.

"Good, or I would've locked you both in a closet until you admitted to each other what you guys felt."

"Told you bro, just be honest and from the heart and it would all be ok." Nino added.

They all smiled and continued dancing.

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again

Cuz of you, made it through every storm

What is life, what's the use if you're killing time

I'm so glad I found an angel

Someone who was there when all my hopes fell

I wanna fly, looking in your eyes

Both kwamis came out of their respective hiding spots that they hid and landed on their chosen's shoulders.

"Well I'm glad Master Fu was right." Said Plagg.

"Of course, he would be Plagg," said Tikki, "he's the guardian and he knew about these two way before we were given to them. I'm so glad it all worked out."

"And so are we." They both said smiling at each other, not breaking away their gaze.

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live

I live

Because you live there's a reason why

I carry on when I lose the fight

I want to give what you've given me always

"Kitty, there's something I have to confess." Marinette said nervously biting her lower lip.

God, does she know what she does to me when she bites her lower lip like that? Adrien thought. "What is it, Bugaboo?"

"I was listening to this song on the bus ride to the hotel and was hoping that I would be the girl in the sing that is sang to you."

"Well, purrincess," I rolled my eyes at his pun, "because you live and breathe I can believe in myself. You've always been there for me and just like you I will always be there for you."

"I love you Chaton." Marinette said softly.

"And I love you, Bug." Adrien said.

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live

Because you live and breathe

Because you make me believe in myself

When nobody else can help

Because you live, girl

My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live

I live, I live

With that the song ended and both teens leaned and kissed. Everyone in their class saw and started catcalling. They broke apart blushing, but smiling none the less. Soon it was time for them all to head back to the hotel and rest because two days later they had to leave.

Two days passed and the class were at the airport once again. Everyone started walking inside while two couples stayed out looking at Rome once more before they left.

"Hey I have a good idea!" exclaimed Alya.

"What?" asked Marinette.

"Let take a group photo so we remember this experience."

"Didn't we take enough at the event babe?" Asked Nino.

"I know, but we're leaving now…come on!"

"Nino one photo won't be bad." Said Adrien.

Nino sighed and agreed and they got a local to take a pic of them. Alya promised to make copies and give them one each. With that they looked one last time at Rome and walked in the airport. Adrien had his arm wrapped around Marinette while she was snuggled closely to his chest. I'm so glad we had this trip, but I can't wait to get home and see where this takes us. Was both their last thoughts as the doors to the airport closed behind them.

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