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Chocolate making was an art. It required time, creativity, and precision. Chocolate makers all around the world competed for the public's recognition. They all tried to outdo each other in flavor and other factors. In the past, the companies were evenly matched in the public's opinion. It was a matter of preference and no one company would ever come out with a significant win. That was how it was for years, but suddenly everything changed.

No one paid much attention to the young chocolatier who started off in a small shop with barely a penny to his name. No one thought that the young man could compete with the big companies with thousands of workers when he started off by himself. At least, they didn't until they tried his chocolate. After people tried it, no one could deny that it was the best. It changed flavors and colors and shapes in people's mouths! It could spend hours in the sun without melting! To put it plainly, the chocolate seemed magical! And indeed, it was.

Willy Wonka was fed up with the wizarding society by the time he graduated Hogwarts. His family had moved to United Kingdom when he was ten, and they were extremely surprised when they learned that their son was a wizard!

The wizarding world seemed amazing when Willy had first entered it. It seemed to promise endless possibilities. During his first shopping trip to Diagon Alley, Willy was fascinated by all of the sights. People were selling cauldrons and quills. Street vendors advertised potions that they promised would do amazing things. Everything was in motion and the air itself seemed to vibrate with magic and excitement. Despite all of the charm of the alley, the thing that caught Willy's attention the most was an ice cream store that sold never melt ice cream.

Later on The Hogwarts Express, Willy bought out the entire sweets trolley to try and experiment with all of the candy it had. The school's obsession with pumpkin amazed the young man and inspired many Halloween treats years later.

Willy found the kitchens within a week of being at school while he was exploring. The house elves that worked there shared what they knew about magical cooking to the kind wizard that showed them respect.

In Willy's third year he obtained permission from his father to go to Hogsmeade. There he discovered an amazing sweets shop called Honeydukes and quickly befriended the owner after a lengthy conversation about wizarding sweets that lasted two hours. The summer after his fifth year, Willy was offered a job at Honeydukes working in the back as a sweets maker which he readily accepted.

Despite the magicalness of the society, there was a lot wrong with it. For starters, Willy was bullied for being, as some put it, a mudblood. The fact that his accent was different didn't help either as the British wizards collective knowledge of the American Wizarding Society, and America in general was severely lacking. Willy certainly didn't help his case by trying to fit in though. He would wear bright clothes while out of class and often slacked off on his class work to experiment with different candies, charms, and potions. The only reason Willy wasn't in more detentions then he served was because the headmaster enjoyed the chocolatier's sweets and was often Willy's test subject for new products.

The school as a whole had differing opinions of the chocolate maker. The Ravenclaws didn't seem to mind him much because they respected his curiosity and experimentation. The Hufflepuffs valued his hard work and liked his candy which they would eat right out of the kitchen while he was working. The Gryffindors didn't really care about him as long as he didn't bother them, but the majority of Slytherins hated him. They hated his new ideas, they hated that he was a "mudblood", and they hated his eccentric personality. They let him know about their schoolyard hatred through curses and jinxes.

The thing that Willy hated most about the society though wasn't the bullying or the near sightedness of the society, it was the war. More specifically he hated the fear and distrust that went along with it. The owner of Honeydukes was threatened by Death Eaters only a year after he employed Willy. The owner managed to continue employing him around for a year longer but after his shop was partially destroyed in a raid the year that Willy graduated, he had no choice but to let the best chocolate maker in the world go.

Willy was then grateful that his strict father had made him keep up with his normal school work because as soon as he graduated Hogwarts he left. He opened up his own shop in the muggle world and used his magic to make the most amazing chocolate that the world had ever tasted.

Willy distanced himself from the Wizarding World and never knew that 10 years after he left, the war ended thanks to one young wizard, and he wouldn't find out until nearly four years after it had happened.

Around Three Years Later

Harry Potter was excited. His Aunt and Uncle had actually taken him with them on their trip! For Dudley's fifth birthday, they were going to the world's largest candy store! Of course, Harry knew that they wouldn't get him anything. They didn't waste money on him and reminded him of that fact daily. But even though he wouldn't get anything when they went to the candy store, Harry was still happy. The hotel had noticed that there weren't enough beds for all of them in the room so they had brought him a cot. It even had a REAL mattress! Harry also didn't have to cook breakfast for the Dursleys because the hotel made it! The boy had only been cooking for a few months, and although he thought that it could be fun, he always seemed to burn himself and his "family" wouldn't allow him to experiment with the food. If the food tasted any different from how it should, Harry would get locked in his cupboard. The hotel also had a pool, and although Harry wasn't allowed to swim in it, he got to stay in the room and draw on the notepad that the hotel provided. Harry decided that nothing could make this trip bad. He went to bed that night excited for the next day.

The Next Day

Research days were always fun. Willy glamoured himself and went to different stores to see how people reacted to his chocolate. He'd pose as a "representative of Mr. Wonka" and interview people about the chocolate and other candies that he made. He knew that it wasn't the easiest or most precise way to gather data but he enjoyed watching people talk about and describe his products. Today he was going to the world's largest candy store, which he himself owned.

Willy walked over to his mirror after getting up looked at himself. There were wrinkles around his bright eyes from smiling. The thirty-year-old chocolate maker knew that others would consider his appearance odd with his wild hair, bright clothes, and love of top hats, but it didn't really matter to him anymore since he never went out as himself after rival companies had tried to steal his work a few years back.

"What should I look like today?" Willy asked his reflection. "Perhaps I should take some fashion lessons from the Malfoy in the year above me," he said. He concentrated on his appearance and watched as his hair straightened and turned to a pale blonde and his eyes turned gray. He decided to make his face rounder and his nose wider. "That will do! Being a metamorphmagus is useful for things like this." He bounced over to his large wardrobe and began sorting through his clothes. "What qualifies as "normal clothes" these days? Hmm I suppose a boring suit will have to work."

Prepared for his research day, the disguised chocolatier apparated to an alley outside of the giant store and casually walked into the store. "I need to speak with the manager," he said walking up to a register. "You'll find that I have a meeting with him."

The teenaged cashier looked at him with a small frown. "And you're supposed to be?"

"William Andrews," Willy quickly supplied the name he had made up. "I'm here representing Mr. Wonka."

The teen's eyes widened as she became more alert. "Uh, of course sir. S-sorry sir, I'll just-," The teen picked up the phone on the desk. "Manager to the front please. Manager to the front," rang across the store on the intercom. "Um, he should be right up. Uh do ya' need anything, like, anything I can do?"

"No, no. Your assistance has been adequate already. Thank you," Willy waved away her offer. Suddenly the door opened and a high-pitched squealing noise was heard followed by gruff laughter. Willy turned and saw a family walk in. He realized that the source of the squealing was a child that resembled a pink beach ball and the laughter was from a walrus-like man that must have been the beach ball's father. Willy returned his attention to the register as the manager walked up.

"You better have a good reason to call me up here," he growled at the cashier. "I'm supposed to be in a meeting with-''

"William Andrews," the disguised chocolatier cut him off, sticking out his hand. "Representative of Mr. Wonka."

The manager looked surprised as he straightened his posture and grabbed Willy's hand nearly having his own pumped off his shoulder with Wonka's energetic shaking.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you," The manager said after he got his hand back. "I'm Joseph Carnings. If you'll follow me, Mr. Andrews, I'll take you back to my office and we can find you a place to do those interviews of yours." Carnings walked off rubbing his shoulder with Wonka bouncing along behind him.

The candy store was huge! The almost five-year-old wizard couldn't believe that a place this big could be filled with just different types of sweets and chocolate! Dudley hadn't stopped squealing since the store had come into view and Uncle Vernon kept chuckling at his "Little Dudder's enthusiasm".

"You and Dudley go on ahead Pet. I just need to talk to the boy for a minute," Vernon said to his wife as she was pulled into the store by her bratty son. "Now boy," Vernon turned to his small nephew. "I won't have you ruining Dudley's trip with your freakishness so you stay out of the way and away from us." He began walking off but then quickly turned back around and added, "And absolutely no funny business!" With that he walked off leaving a four-year-old alone in a giant candy store.

Harry stared in the direction that his uncle had walked off in for a few seconds and blinked his large green eyes. He wasn't sure what he should do. The program that Dudley watched on the telly always said that if you're alone in a store that you should stay where you are or find a trustworthy adult. Standing by the doors didn't seem like a good idea to him and he didn't think his family would like it if he went to an adult. They might get into trouble and then he would get into trouble. His uncle had told him to stay away from them so the nearly five-year-old decided to head in the opposite direction as his family.

Harry walked for what seemed like hours but was only about thirty minutes. He knew that he was lost in the store. He was towards the back and was surrounded by what he recognized as Wonka Chocolate products. The young wizard had tried to find his way back to the front multiple times but each attempt had gotten him more and more lost. Finally, the boy decided that he might as well look around while he was there and hope that a nice adult he could ask for help would come by soon.

The Wonka products really were neat. They were all in bright wrappers with little pictures on them showing what the wrappers contained. Harry was currently looking at a piece of chocolate that looked like it had smaller chocolate balls in it that exploded into caramel sauce in your mouth. He had been looking at all sorts of chocolate since he had walked in but the Wonka chocolate looked the coolest.

Harry was so absorbed in imagining what the chocolate would taste like that he failed to notice a man walking up behind him until he started talking to him.

"Would you like to try some?"

Harry jumped around dropping the chocolate bar in his fright. His large eyes focused on the man now in front of him. The man didn't look very out of the ordinary. He wore a plain black suit and had short blonde hair, but his eyes shined in a way that made Harry want to trust him.

"W-what sir?" The child stuttered in confusion.

The man bent down and picked up the chocolate bar. "Would you like to try some chocolate?" The man asked again. "I'm doing some interviews for Mr. Wonka and was wondering if you'd like to be a part of them. All we have to do is get permission from your parents if you'd like to."

Harry blinked at him owlishly. "My parents died in a car crash," He looked down. "And I got lost from Aunt Petunia and Unca Vernon. They're the Dursleys. I live with them."

The man quickly recovered from his shock at the first statement and put on a cheerful mask so that he wouldn't alarm the child.

"Well then, we'll just have to find your family now won't we! My name is William by the way," Here the man paused waiting for Harry to tell him his but when no response came he went on. "And your name is?"

"Harry sir. Harry Potter," The boy said in a small voice.

"Potter, you say? I went to school with a boy named James Potter. He was a couple years younger than me though," The man looked at Harry. "You actually look a lot like him."

"My daddy's name was James," Harry supplied. "Were you friends with him?" Harry temporarily forgot his family's no questions rule in his excitement.

"No," the boy's eyes fell. "But I was close to one of his friends! Remus Lupin. I believe that James nicknamed him Moony. We shared a love of chocolate." The man had been leading Harry through the store while talking, in search of the boy's family. "Do you have a favorite sweet Harry?" he asked the boy.

Harry still couldn't believe that this nice man knew his father. The sudden change in topic had surprised him.

"N-no sir," he said. "I don't get sweets those are for Dudley."

"And who exactly is this Dudley?"

"My cousin. He likes every type of sweet though. 'Cept Slugworth's. He won't eat them."

Willy was getting suspicious of Harry's family. He had thought it odd that such a small child was alone in a store when he had first seen the boy but had assumed that the boy's parents were just a few aisles over. He thought the boy looked familiar and after hearing the boy's name he realized why. Knowing that Harry was James's son just made him even more suspicious. Willy couldn't see James Potter dying in a car accident. He was most likely killed in the war, but why had the boy's family lied to him. When Harry had said that he wasn't allowed sweets and his cousin was he decided that he didn't like Harry's family one bit.

The two only had to walk for a little while before they heard screaming.

"That sounds like Dudley," Harry said seeming strangely unconcerned.

Willy ran off towards the noise with Harry following behind. They rounded the corner to find the beach ball like boy Willy had seen earlier sitting on the floor surrounded by candy wrappers screaming his head off. The walrus like man was yelling at the manager, Mr. Carnings, who was yelling right back.

"Is that them?" Willy asked the boy.

"Mmhmm," Harry mumbled in affirmation.

"Let's see if we can stop this argument," Wonka walked over to Carnings and tapped him on the shoulder. "Mr. Carnings, a word if you don't mind."

Petunia seeing this as her chance to escape pulled Dudley out of the aisle to find a bathroom to get him calmed down in.

Wonka guided Carnings over to the side and waited for him to explain what the fuss was all about.

"The fat boy was trying to steal the candy! He's just sitting there shoving it in his mouth and his father is denying the whole thing!" the manager yelled. "I ought to have the whole family thrown out!"

Wonka, who was only half listening due to the fact that he was trying to hear what the walrus was saying to Harry, decided to try and calm the manager. "Now, good sir, I understand your predicament with the child, but won't you let the family stay just a little longer? You see, the young raven-haired boy would be just perfect for the interview. I'll even pay for the candy that the blonde boy ate myself," Satisfied with Willy's proposal, the manager walked away.

While Wonka was saying all this, he also was eavesdropping in on what Harry's uncle was saying to him and he was starting to hate the boy's family even more because of it. Vernon was blaming Harry for them getting into trouble and was promising to starve the boy and throw him into a cupboard of all places. Willy knew that he would have to do something to help the boy and was coming up with an elaborate plan to do so when all rational thoughts flew out the window with one sound.


Vernon had thought that they were alone in the aisle and backhanded the boy.

"What did I tell you about ruining Dudley's trip boy!?" the walrus ground out. "I know that you used your freakishness to get Dudley in trouble. You did use it. Didn't you boy?"

Said boy was sitting on the ground quietly crying and mumbling sorry over and over again.

"So, Harry is a wizard then?" Willy decided to take a risk by asking. Vernon spun around not realizing that anyone else was in the aisle. "I knew his father was, as I went to school with him, but I wasn't sure if the gift had been passed on to him but it seems like it has been."

"Gift? Gift! This freak has been a pain since Petunia found him on our doorstep! He's always upsetting Petunia by doing strange things and getting our Dudley into trouble!" Vernon roared. "And you call his freakishness a gift?!"

"Well, I've always seen it as one," Wonka took his wand out of his sleeve just enough for Vernon to see it.

"You, you're one of them!" Vernon began backing up until he hit the shelf behind him.

"Yes, now if you know what's good for you, you'll take your family and get out of here."

Vernon reached for Harry who was holding his knees looking fearfully between the two arguing adults.

"No," Wonka said. "Harry will be staying with me. I hope you have a good lawyer, sir, because I will be seeing you in court."

Vernon looked like he wanted to object but a glare from Wonka made him think otherwise. Vernon stomped off in the direction his wife and son had went with a "good riddance!" thrown over his shoulder leaving Willy to calm the crying child.

Wonka had no idea how to calm a child and tried to think back to his own childhood. When he was young the thing that always cheered him up was chocolate. Having no better idea Willy began to approach the sobbing boy.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," was repeated in quiet sobs over and over again.

Willy kneeled down to try to get the boys attention. As soon as he gently touched the crying child's arm, however, Harry jumped back and stared at him with large tear-filled eyes.

"It's ok Harry, I promise I won't hurt you," Wonka gave him a small smile. "How about we go and pick you something out and then pay for all the sweets that cousin of yours stole? Then we can go somewhere where we can both calm down. Will that be ok?"

Harry bit his lip and stood still for a second before slowly nodding his head. With a larger smile, Wonka held out his hand for the child to grab. Harry hesitated a second looking apprehensively at the offered hand. He finally accepted it.

"Now, what type of chocolate do you want?" Willy asked as they walked down an aisle. "There's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight and- oh! This one is my creamiest the chocolate for it is taken straight from the base of my waterfall!" It seemed while talking about his chocolate, Willy's disguise was forgotten and the chocolatier's slip up did not escape the child.

"You have a waterfall?" the question was followed by a gasp as Harry realized that he had forgotten his family's no asking questions rule. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be annoy-annoying by asking you a question. I'm really, super sorry! Please don't send me back to Aunt Petunia and Unca Vernon! They'll never let me out of my cupboard!" The boy's voice shook as he mentioned his cupboard.

"No, no, it's perfectly alright Harry, you can ask as many questions as you like! I will try my very best to ensure that you never have to go back to that "family" of yours," the chocolatier spit out the word "family" like an awful green caterpillar that his workers had to eat back before he employed them. After seeing that the boy no longer looked like he was about to hyperventilate, he added, "And yes I do have a waterfall. It's a part of my chocolate river!"

"You must really like chocolate," Harry said in wonder.

"No, my dear boy, I don't like chocolate. I adore it! I live for it! It's my favorite thing in the entire world!" Willy finished with an elaborate wave of his hand, eliciting a small giggle from the boy. "Would you like to see my waterfall Harry?"

"Can I really?"

"Of course! Let's just get you this chocolate bar as a small snack for the road and pay for all those sweets and we'll be on our way!" Willy grabbed the creamy chocolate bar and guided the boy to a cash register at the front of the store. He noted that the cashier was the same on that he had talked to when he had first entered. When he was at the front of the line he put the chocolate bar on the counter.

"I'd also like to pay for the stolen sweets that that Dursley child ate. I believe that the exact amount should be on my account." Wonka said after the cashier rang up the creamy chocolate bar.

The cashier paused over her keyboard before asking, "Your account?"

"Here let me just log into it," before the girl could object, Willy had run around to the other side of the register and had pulled up his personal account for the store. "Ah, yes, there it is! Well isn't that boy greedy! That's even more than I was expecting! Oh well."

After the correct amount was entered on the screen, Wonka logged out ran back around and handed the cashier the correct amount of change. It wasn't until Wonka and the small raven-haired boy were out of the door that she looked at the name on the computer under the recently viewed accounts page. She nearly passed out when she saw that she had been serving Willy Wonka himself.

Once out of the store, Willy took Harry to alley where he aperated from.

"Now Harry," the chocolatier kneeled down to look Harry in the eyes. "I need you to trust me. I'm going to use magic to take us back to my home and it's going to feel weird but I need you to keep holding onto my hand ok?"

"Uncle Vernon says magic isn't real," Harry replied.

"Your uncle lied to you. Would you like to see some magic before we go?" The chocolate maker asked.

After receiving a small nod, Willy turned his hair dark but kept it straight and changed his eyes to a light blue.

"Also, another thing Harry, I believe I told you my name is William, did I not?"

The boy opened his mouth to respond to the chocolatier but was too surprised to form word so just nodded instead.

"My name is William, but I just go by Willy most of the time. Or Mr. Wonka in formal conversations." Seeing that he had the boys complete focus, Willy picked up the boy and aperated to his chocolate factory.