Chapter 2

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Willy Wonka

The two popped into Willy's living quarters within the factory. Wonka conjured a trash can just in time for Harry to throw up into.

"It's ok," Willy said. "Aperating is always hard the first time. It's a good thing that you hadn't eaten that chocolate yet."

The boy sat up as soon as he was done emptying his stomach. He looked around the room with wide eyes and then at the chocolate maker himself

"But we were, and you were and now we're here and-and. You're Willy Wonka!" the four-year-old passed out into the chocolatier's arms.

"Oh dear. I suppose that all this has been a bit much for him," Willy picked Harry up and carried him over and laid him down on the couch so that he would be comfortable when he regained consciousness.

With Harry safe and comfortable Willy walked over to his desk to sit. He hadn't thought this far into the future when he saved the child from his abusive uncle. The only thing that he had been thinking at the time was to get Harry away from his family. Now was the hard part, figuring out where the child would stay. He'd have to call social services eventually but he was worried about what would happen to the boy. Wonka would hate to have saved him from his family just for him to go to an orphanage or be bounced from home to home in the foster system. He really should have thought this through ahead of time.

Willy leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh. There was another option, but he wasn't sure if it would work, or if the child would even agree to it. He also wasn't sure if he was willing to go through with it.

Wonka's thoughts were put on hold when he heard a gasp and saw movement on the couch. Harry was waking up.


Harry was comfortable. He was more comfortable than he ever was in his cupboard. He was even more comfortable than he was in the cot at the hotel. Why was he so comfortable? And why wasn't Aunt Petunia yelling at him to make breakfast for them? And then he remembered. Magic was real! And Mr. Wonka took him away from his Aunt and Uncle! Mr. Wonka. He was with Willy Wonka!

Harry sat up with a gasp. He was lying on a couch in a large pinkish purple room. There was a bowl of sweets and fruit on a small coffee table at one end of the room. On the other side, there was a desk with a high back desk chair. Suddenly Harry heard a sigh and somebody leaned back in the chair.

The person's bright eyes met Harry's and the person swiveled around in the chair. Mr. Wonka smiled at him and began to walk over.

"I am glad to see that you are awake," the chocolate maker said as he sat down on the opposite side of the couch as Harry. "You weren't out for very long but I was beginning to worry. I don't think it's very healthy for little boys to be losing consciousness."

Harry's eyebrows creased in confusion.

"I'm sure that you have lots of questions and it is perfectly ok to ask them now," Mr. Wonka said. "Or any time you have one!" he added seeming to remember how scared the boy had been after he had asked a question earlier.

"Oh, ok," Harry said as he scrunched up his face in thought. "Uh, what does losing consciousness mean?"

Mr. Wonka smiled, "It means passing out, or falling asleep suddenly when you're not supposed to."

"Oh, ok," the boy was quiet for a few more seconds. "Where are we?"

"In my living quarters in my factory!"

"Your factory!?"

"Yes, my chocolate factory."

After seeing that he wouldn't get in trouble for asking questions, Harry began firing them off like only a four-year-old can.

"Why are the walls pink?" "Where's your bedroom?" "Why do you look different now than you did earlier?" "How do you change how you look?" "Can I change how I look?" "Can I have gween hair? I like the colar gween," the questions came one after the other almost as if he was afraid that Mr. Wonka would change his mind about letting him ask them, but the chocolate maker answered them all patiently and in a way that the four-year-old would understand.

Finally, one question paused the inquisition.

"Where am I going to stay?"

Mr. Wonka paused before answering. "I was just thinking about that before you woke up," he confessed. "And we'll have to figure that out. I'm actually not sure at the moment."

"Are you going to send me back to the Dursley's!?" Harry's shoulders tensed.

"No, I promise you that you will never be going back to them," Mr. Wonka's normally cheerful eyes got a coldness to them as soon as the boy mentioned his family.

"So, you're sending me to the orphanage?" Harry asked sadly.

"Not if I can help it," the chocolate maker assured him.

"But where will I go? Unca Vernon says that no other place will take an ungrateful freak like me," Harry said in a small voice looking down.

If the boy had been looking up he would have seen the murderous look on the lighthearted chocolatier's face after he learned that new piece of information about Harry's family.

"I'm not planning on sending you to an orphanage Harry. We'll find somewhere for you to go," Mr. Wonka said. "I just need to contact some people see what we can do. Until someone is able to come see us though, you can stay with me. I'll have my workers make up a room for you."

"Workers?" Harry asked.

"Well, I can't run a chocolate factory all by myself!" Mr. Wonka said in response. "Now if you'll sit here while I go and talk to my workers, we should have a room for you by the end of the day.

Mr. Wonka walked over to a phone on his desk, pushed a couple of buttons and began talking. To Harry, the chocolate maker was just speaking gibberish, but apparently whoever he was talking to understood what he was saying, because a few minutes later he put down the phone looking satisfied.

"There! I do hope you'll like it!" Mr. Wonka said. "Now I need to get into contact with someone about you." He walked over to his desk and scribbled out a letter. He then walked over to a fireplace, threw some dust into it, and said, "MACUSA child services letter drop off." And the letter disappeared in green flames.

"I'd say it will take a few hours for them to get back with us, so it seems we have some time on our hands," Mr. Wonka began. "I seem to remember you wanting to see my chocolate waterfall. Do you still want to?"

Harry nodded enthusiastically so Mr. Wonka held out his hand. Harry paused. He had trusted the chocolate maker earlier at the store, but he hadn't had much of a choice then. Harry looked up into Mr. Wonka's warm eyes and decided that Mr. Wonka meant him no harm. He took the chocolate maker's hand.

"Do you like roller coasters Harry?" the boy shrugged. He wouldn't know because he had never been on one. "Well we aren't going on one, but we are going on something fast!" Mr. Wonka said.

"Oh, ok!" Harry said.

"You certainly like saying oh ok Harry!" Mr. Wonka said with a smile as he led Harry out of his living quarters and into a hallway.

Harry was amazed at how big the factory already seemed! They had walked down a hallway until they reached what seemed like a door. Harry saw that there was a button on the wall and looked up at Mr. Wonka to see what he would do.

"You may push the button if you'd like Harry." Mr. Wonka said.

Harry excitedly pushed the button. He remembered that at the hotel, Dudley had always wanted to push the elevator button. He wondered if this was an elevator. His thoughts were confirmed when a ding was heard and the glass doors opened.

"Welcome aboard my Great Glass Elevator!" Mr. Wonka said as he led Harry into it. "It connects to every room in my factory!" Mr. Wonka pressed a button as he said "The Chocolate Room."

The elevator took off. Harry was very glad that he was holding on to Mr. Wonka's hand, or he would have fallen over with how fast the elevator was going up. Harry did end up falling into the chocolate makers legs when the elevator suddenly stopped and started going sideways.

"Regular elevators just go up and down, but mine also goes diagonally and side to side!" Mr. Wonka said as he picked Harry up to keep him from falling again.

The best part about the elevator being made of glass was that they were able to see into every room as they went past. Harry saw all sorts of amazing rooms! One was filled with all sorts of clocks! Another had fireworks going off inside of it! Yet another had a huge pasture filled with all sorts of dairy cows! The rooms went on and on and they only seemed to continue to go up!

Once Harry realized that he was safe in the chocolate maker's arms, he started giggling every time the elevator changed directions. Suddenly the elevator stopped and Mr. Wonka set him down as the doors opened.

"Welcome, Harry, to the chocolate room."

The room, if it could even be called a room was amazing! Harry couldn't believe it was even possible to have such a beautiful room. The room was a giant meadow that had a chocolate river flowing through it. On the side that they were on there was a small area of brightly colored trees. On the opposite wall, there was a staircase and a large door. And oh! The smell of the room was amazing! The whole place smelled sweet and fresh! Harry didn't think that he had ever smelled a more wonderful smell in his entire life!

"You are able to eat everything in this room," Mr. Wonka said. "You can eat the grass, and the trees, and the flowers. I guess even you and I could be eaten, but that isn't something that I would like to try." He led Harry out from behind the trees and a Harry suddenly saw a huge waterfall that was connected to the chocolate river. "That chocolate goes to every single room in my factory! My factory is the only factory in the world that mixes its chocolate by waterfall! It makes the chocolate frothier that way. I'll have to ask you not to touch the chocolate in the river though. If you want to try some, you can ask me and I'll get you some out in a mug but you could fall in and get hurt if you try to get it. Plus, it would contaminate my chocolate if it was touched by human hands!"

Harry nodded and looked around some more just thinking about the room. It was so different from Privet Drive where everything was dull and the same. Harry was lost in thought thinking about the rooms beauty and uniqueness.

"You're welcome to try anything you like." Mr. Wonka said when Harry just stood next to him looking around.

The boy still didn't move. He was scared of doing something that he shouldn't. The chocolate maker took Harry's hand and lead him to a flowery part of the meadow. Mr. Wonka picked two blue flowers and handed one to Harry.

"Give this a try."

Harry took a small bite out of the blue flower and it melted in his mouth. He quickly took another bite, and then another until he had consumed the whole flower.

A huge smile lit up Harry's face. It was the most amazing thing that he had ever tasted and he told Mr. Wonka that too.

"I'm glad that you like it Harry," Mr. Wonka said with a small smile. "Most of the things in this room aren't yet available to the public, and some will never be. This room was made more for my own enjoyment."

"It's so pretty in here!" Harry said as his eyes wandered around the room.

"Yes," Mr. Wonka said. "I enjoy making things look pretty. Most factories are ugly, but I just couldn't let mine look ugly. I suppose, if I wasn't a chocolate maker, I could be an interior designer or an artist."

"I like to draw," Harry said. "I got to draw in the hotel while Dudley was at the pool."

"Would you like to draw some now?" Mr. Wonka asked.

"Yes please!" Harry said excitedly.

"To the Great Glass Elevator!" Mr. Wonka said as he bounced toward the elevator with Harry following along behind.

Harry felt special when the chocolate maker once again let him press the elevator button. He was really starting to like Mr. Wonka!

Willy Wonka

Harry seemed to be coming out of his shell around Willy. Willy had noticed that the boy was talking more. Harry was also smiling and giggling some. The child's laugh was so beautiful and innocent despite what the boy had gone through. Willy wanted to make Harry happy which was why they were now heading to The Design Room.

The chocolatier had to hold Harry on the elevator to keep him from falling over. Harry's gasps and giggles at all the rooms that they passed made Wonka smile. Willy wished he could show the child all of his factory, but he knew that there wouldn't be time for that before the MACUSA worker showed up. The only way for Harry to see it all was for him to stay longer and Willy was beginning to hope that he could. Before Wonka could think longer on that, however, the elevator came to a stop.

Willy walked into the well-lit room and sat Harry down. It was filled with multiple tables that could move up and down. They all had papers scattered around them with different sketches on them. Some looked like advertisements for Wonka chocolate. Other sketches appeared to be new wrapper designs. Some even looked like story boards. The walls were lined with art supplies, and cabinets and shelves filed down the center of the room. The room was an artist's heaven.

"This is where all of the designs for my packaging comes from!" Willy excitedly explained to Harry. "Also, some of my workers like to make cartoons in their free time. Some of them are quite good!"

Willy looked down at the boy. He was once again looking around quietly.

"You are welcome to draw until the social worker gets here. I'll help you get your supplies and I might even draw some myself!" Willy walked over to the one of the cabinets with Harry following him. He began talking as he pulled out supplies. "Paper. Pencils. Pens. Colored pencils. Do we need anything else Harry?" The chocolate maker turned with his arms full of art supplies.

Harry shrugged in response.

"Ok then. Could you help me carry this to that table over there?"

"Yes sir," Harry said politely as he held out his arms.

Willy handed him the pencil's and pens and lead the way over to an empty table near the cabinet.

"Thank you, Harry! You can lay those down on the table." Wonka laid his own armful down and pushed a button to adjust his and the boy's chairs to the correct height for each of them. "Up we go!" Willy lifted Harry into the higher chair before sitting down in his.

Harry picked up his pencil and began drawing. Willy decided that he would draw his Patronus.

They sketched in silence for many minutes. The only sound that could be heard was the scribble of a pencil or the rustle of paper.

Just when the chocolatier started coloring his picture, Harry moved on to his second one. About an hour after they began, Willy finished. His timing couldn't have been more perfect because as soon as he was done, Harry poked him in the arm.

"Mr. Wonka," Harry said timidly. "Would you like to look at my pictures?"

Willy smiled. He always felt that sharing your work was like sharing a part of yourself; that was one of the reasons that he liked making chocolate. For that same reason, he was thrilled that Harry trusted him enough to let him see what he drew.

"I would be honored if you'd allow me to see them." Wonka replied.

"Oh, ok," Harry pulled out the first picture. "This one's a motorcycle, 'cept it's not a normal motorcycle 'cause it can fly. See those are clouds."

"That is amazing." Willy said as he looked at the picture. And indeed, it was. Willy had expected the four-year-old to draw plain stick figures or scribbles, but instead he had drawn what could be recognized as a motorcycle with a side car and clouds. It certainly wasn't a perfect rendering of a flying motorcycle, but it was exceedingly better than what even the average seven-year-old could draw, for a four-year-old to have drawn it was amazing.

"Where did you come up with such a creative idea like that?" Willy asked. The only flying motor bike that he had heard of was when Remus was complaining about his friend Sirius trying to enchant one.

"I sometimes dweam about flying on one. There's a really big man with a big beard driving it, but I didn't draw him," Harry explained.

"Well that is really a very nice picture Harry!" Willy said still sounding impressed.

The child looked at his other piece of paper but didn't move it for Willy to see. The chocolatier understood that some art was too personal to show.

"Would you like to see my picture Harry?" Willy asked to break the silence.

"Yes please!" Harry said.

Willy slid over his piece of picture for Harry to look at.

"It's a silver squirrel!" Harry said. "It looks so real! Why is it flying?"

"Because it's my Patronus." Willy answered.

"What's a Patwonus?" Willy had expected the boy's question.

Willy flicked his wand out of the black suit jacket that he was still wearing. "This is a Patronus," he said with a wave of his wand.

A silver squirrel burst out of his wand and ran through the air before returning to sit on Willy's shoulder.

Suddenly buzzer sounded and a shoot in the ceiling opened up allowing a letter to fall through. Willy read the letter and then nodded. It seemed MACUSA was sending a worker over some time that day to take Harry's case.

"I do believe that we need to get back to my sitting room now," Wonka said as his Patronus disappeared. "Someone is coming to see you."

"To see me?"

"Yes they'll be here today sometime and we need to be there to welcome them in."

"Oh," Harry said sounding a little disappointed. "Ok."

Harry grabbed his pictures and the two of them walked back to the elevator.


Harry was sad. He liked Mr. Wonka and he just knew that whoever was coming was going to take him away. He wished he could stay with the nice man, but realistically, he knew that the man probably wouldn't want him.

When the two of them got back to the room, they sat back down on the couch. They sat there in silence, both of them were lost in thought.

Harry had had such a wonderful time! The flowers tasted amazing, and the chocolate room was SO pretty! Mr. Wonka had even let him draw and color with his own art suplies! The Dursley's always said that they were too expensive to waste on a freak like him so Harry had had to use broken crayons that Dudley had abandoned and scraps of paper to draw with.

Dudley always showed his pictures to his parents when he was done with them. Harry had used to wonder why; Dudley's pictures were just a bunch of scribbles, now however Harry understood.

Having Mr. Wonka say that he liked Harry's picture made the boy fill with joy! He had never been complimented before that he could remember, and the chocolate maker seemed like he really meant it when he said he liked it.

Harry had considerd showing Mr. Wonka his other picture as well, but he wasn't sure if he'd like it. He had thought about it the entire way back, and had finally decided that after the person came he'd never see him again anyway. Harry had nothing to lose.

"D'ya' wanna see my other picture?" Harry quickly mumbled under his breath.

"I'm sorry Harry, I can't understand you when you mumble," Mr. Woka said. "Would you mind repeating that a bit louder?"

"Sorry sir. Umm would you like to see my other picture?"

A smile once again lit up the chocolate maker's face. "I would love to Harry," he said.

Harry held out his other sheet of paper. "Ok, that's you and that's me," Harry said pointing to two figures on the page. "And that's the elevator and it's us leaving the chocolate room. See? There's the river and trees."

Harry waited for the chocolatier to get mad at him. He had drawn his family once and Uncle Vernon had found it. He had yelled at Harry and said that Harry had made him look stupid. His uncle then ripped it up in front of him and confiscated all of the broken crayons that Harry had stored away. Harry was waiting for Mr. Wonka to get just as mad as his uncle did, but the explosion of emotion never came. Instead the choclate maker once again smiled and complimented him.

"This is wonderful Harry. I think that you have a talent for drawing!"

Harry's smile couldn't have gotten any wider.