Once upon a time a long time ago, there was once a great kingdom. A kingdom that existed long before either you or me was ever born in a time called the Silver Millennium. This kingdom was unique not because of its prosperity nor because of how great it was. This kingdom was unique because it existed on the moon, henceforth giving it its name, the Moon Kingdom. In this kingdom, an event took place that turned into calamity, but would begin our story.

It all began with a young girl standing on the balcony outside of the castle. She was young about in her teens, wore a beautiful white, majestic, and flowing dress, and had long blonde hair tied in buns on top of her head. She was Serenity, the princess of the Moon Kingdom. As she stood outside, the princess stared wistfully upwards toward a particular planet that you and I know as Earth. Why was she staring up at it, you ask? The reason was simple — two reasons. The first was because she was fascinated with Earth. The second was the biggest reason of all. The princess had fallen in love. Particularly with a prince from Earth named Endymion. There wasn't a single moment when he wasn't out of her thoughts.

On this night, in particular, the princess was waiting for Endymion to come. The princess waited, and she waited for her dashing young prince to come. Then she heard a voice.

"Princess Serenity!"

The princess looked down, and there standing beside the fountain in the courtyard was Endymion himself.

"There you are Endymion," said Serenity. "I've been waiting for you."

"I am sorry that I came here so late for the ball, my princess," said Endymion. "but I'm afraid that I have some dire news."

"What is it?" asked the princess.

"It's horrible. Most of my people have been brainwashed by Beryl, a woman who ended up being possessed by an evil being called Metalia," continued Endymion. "And now because of that, she's convinced the people of earth to attack the moon and take it over if they want to live even longer lives-"

Before Endymion could say anything more, he was interrupted.

"Halt! Who goes there!?"

Hearing the voice, Serenity and Endymion snapped their heads to the direction of the sound to find that three guards were there and their spears poised. The reason being was because people from Earth, like Endymion, were forbidden from being on the moon.

"Don't worry! I'll see you at the ball!" Endymion called out as he ran off with the guards hot on his trail. All Princess Serenity could do was watch as her love disappeared from the corner, trying to give the guards the slip.

"Please hurry back, Endymion," she whispered. "And be careful."

"I wouldn't be worried," said a voice that came from behind her. "I'm sure that Endymion will be just fine."

Feeling a little startled, the princess turned around. There standing before her was a young man about Endymion's age. He was slightly taller than her, had short blonde hair and silver eyes, and was wearing a black tuxedo with gold trims and a cape. Serenity froze upon seeing this man.

"T-Taiyou. It's you..." Serenity gasped. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough," Taiyou replied. "I also happened to overhear everything you two were talking about."

Serenity looked at the man with slight fear, thinking that the man will go and tell her mother, but Taiyou looked at the princess, his silver eyes filled with kindness.

"Fear not my princess," the man replied. "I have no intention of turning in Endymion. Especially since he's one of the most honorable men, I've ever known. No matter how much the people of the moon and earth think otherwise."

Serenity sighed with relief. "Thank you, Taiyou."

Taiyou smiled. "It is my pleasure, princess. After all, I owe you and your mother quite a lot for taking me into your family. It is the very least I can do."

"You do not need to thank us," said Serenity. "The pleasure is all ours. So what brings you this way?"

"I have to go see your mother," replied Taiyou. "She wanted to discuss some private affairs. She's at the ball as we speak."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. From the sound of things, it must be important. Since we're both going to the main ballroom anyway, why don't we go there together?"

"Of course."

In the ballroom, the place was alive with sound music. People were dancing all around without a care in the world, enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time. Taiyou and Serenity then came down the stairs entering the party with Taiyou now putting on a pair of masquerade glasses. Just then, as they were coming, a young man came up to Serenity, holding her hand.

"Excuse me, my princess," he said. "Would you do me the honor?"

Taiyou looked at the man and knew who it was, as did Serenity. She looked at Taiyou, who nodded.

"Go right ahead, princess," he said. "Enjoy yourself."

From there, the two of them went their separate ways. Serenity went dancing with the mysterious young man while Taiyou walked around the ballroom searching for the queen.

Taiyou walked around the area, searching for the Queen. He walked past many dancing couples looking around, but he couldn't see the Queen anywhere.

"I wonder where her majesty could be?" he wondered. "Perhaps she's somewhere outside?"

"Excuse me. Sir Taiyou?"

Taiyou turned around, where he heard the voice. Before him, stood a young girl. She was young, if not older, than the princess, wore a beautiful red strap dress, and had long flowing black hair that went past her hips. Taiyou also knew who this girl was as well.

"Princess Mars. How may I help you?" asked Taiyou giving the girl a small bow.

The girl responded by giving him a small curtsy. "Her Majesty, the queen, has requested for me to escort you to her so you may speak with her."

"Wonderful," said Taiyou. "That certainly saves me the trouble of having to look for her. I appreciate it. And may I say that you're looking gorgeous tonight, princess."

"You flatter me," Princess Mars smiled.

She then led Taiyou to through the dancing people until you both came to a door leading to another balcony.

"Her majesty is just past those doors," said Princess Mars

"Thank you very much for escorting me, miss," said Taiyou.

And with that, the young girl left. Taiyou then silently opened the door leading to the other balcony. There stood a young woman. She looked just like the princess. However, her hair was a beautiful shade of moonlight white instead of blonde, and her white dress also had a bow on top of it with a gold crescent brooch. She was Queen Serenity herself.

When she heard Taiyou enter, she turned around and gave him a radiant smile.

"Taiyou. You came," she said.

"Yes, your Majesty," replied Taiyou as he gave her a deep bow to show his respect. "I apologize if I came later than expected."

"Not at all," replied the queen. "I'm just glad you came. I have some things of great importance that I must talk to you about."

Taiyou rose his head. "What is it, my queen?"

"As you're well aware, tensions are running high between us and the planet of Earth. It's to a point where we might expect an attack."

Taiyou could see that Queen Serenity was worried. "Yes," he said. "I am aware. What would you propose we do your majesty?"

"For now, I am afraid that we must prepare for the worst," replied the queen. "Which is why I called you here. Taiyou. You have faithfully served the family for many years, and I am grateful for that, but I'm afraid that I must impose on you a favor that only you can do."

"It's quite alright, your majesty. I will gladly do anything that you ask," said Taiyou. "So, if there's anything that you need from me, please name it, and I shall do it gladly."

Queen Serenity smiled. "Thank you, Taiyou. Your loyalty is deeply appreciated."

She paused and then turned to Taiyou.

"As you're well aware, not everything in this life lasts forever including people like you and I. It has been this way since the beginning of life," she said. "Even I will not be around forever to see my daughter take over in my place as Queen. Taiyou. You are aware that war will soon break out between the people of Earth and us, correct?

"Yes, I am."

"Then, I ask you to fulfill these duties for me as your queen should the worst happen. The first is to take command of the troops and lead the Sailor Guardians into battle. The second is to watch over and protect my daughter and the other princesses in the solar system who serve us."

Taiyou stared at his queen and then kneeled before her on one knee.

"I will, my queen. I swear on my honor as a guardian, I will do my best to protect your daughter as well as your people even if it costs me my own life, this I swear, Mother."

Queen Serenity was surprised, but that surprise was replaced with relief. "You have my gratitude Taiyou. I'd expect nothing less from the guardian of the sun as well as my trusted son."

Back in the ballroom, Serenity and the mysterious man were now the center of attention as they danced gracefully along the floor. As they dance, it didn't take long for Serenity to figure out who this mysterious man was.

"Why are you wearing a mask?" she whispered to him.

"I'm sorry for my disguise," he said. "But a bitter war is about to break out any day or any moment between Earth and the Moon, and I can't risk getting seen here. Especially since that, I will turn out to be your enemy."

"You?! My enemy?!" gasped Serenity.

Soon the two had finished their dance, and the people around them applauded for such a spectacular performance. Later the two of them spoke privately outside. The mysterious man took off his mask, revealing himself as Endymion.

"To continue from where I was saying before," he said. "Metalia being the being of evil energy and Beryl a sorceress, they're both working together so that they can conquer the moon. Unless something's done, everything in the Moon Kingdom, every person we know and love will be destroyed. Taiyou and I have decided that for this war to end, we must wipe out Metalia's evil power, and that will put Beryl's plans to an end."

"Are you sure something like that is possible?" asked Serenity.

"Yes. Taiyou has the power of the sun on our side, and that should be enough, but I need your help Serenity," said Endymion as he held her hands lovingly with his own. "Will you believe in me just as you always have been?"

"Yes," replied the princess.

"And I also want you to know how much you mean to me, my princess..."

"I know... And I feel the same way..."



The two lovers gazed into each other's eyes; then, they shared a tender and loving kiss. As they kissed, a single tear trickled down the princess' cheek, for she knew that the end was soon coming, and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop it.

Pretty soon after, the day that everyone feared had happened. It came as quickly as it started. The people of earth with Metalia and Queen Beryl leading the charge attacked the moon. The Moon Kingdom had now become consumed with the fires and destruction of war. Towers fell, homes destroyed, and the people panicked and ran for their lives, but they couldn't escape from the overwhelming power of Metalia. Taiyou and the other guardians fought bravely to protect the people and the moon, but even they were overwhelmed by the evil forces.





The Sailor Guardians Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus all tried to attack Metalia at force by combining their attacks. However, Metalia was far too powerful and shrugged off the attacks like they were nothing. Then Metalia retaliated by unleashing an onslaught of its own. All the Sailors were blasted with the attack killing every single one of them instantly. As the battle raged on, Queen Beryl watched the fight go on her triumphant evil laugh echoing throughout the area.

"From this way forward, the moon and the earth belong to the mighty Queen Beryl!" she shrieked with delight. "Continue my forces! Destroy and kill everyone in your path and spare no one willing to oppose us!"

She then raised her staff and called out to Melatila, who ominously stood over everything laughing evilly.

"Queen Metalia! My loyal servants! As of this moment, our Dark Kingdom has now become a reality!"

Meanwhile, Princess Serenity was watching the destruction worry written on her face. She was all alone without anyone to protect her. She wanted to help, but she was powerless to fight. Then suddenly, in a bright, flash of light, Queen Beryl appeared before her, causing her to gasp in fear.

"So... you're Princess Serenity, the daughter of the Queen," she said, her eyes filled with malice and hate. "Then you must die as well! Say goodbye to that pretty face of yours!"

She gunned straight towards the princess, her nails sharpening and extending. Princess Serenity let out a scream of fear expecting the blow, but then suddenly something shot out and pierced Beryl right on her hand, stopping her from attacking Serenity. Beryl looked to see what had pierced her and saw that it was nothing more but a simple rose.

"What's this?" she questioned.

Then a pair of voices rang out seeming to have come from either side of them.

"Stop right there, Beryl!"

"Now that we have your attention, we will not let you harm the princess!"

"Taiyou! Endymion!"

Sure enough, both men that Beryl recognized leaped out of the darkness, standing in front of the princess, shielding her from Beryl. Both of the men were wearing their armor and were ready to fight the evil queen. Beryl was surprised and confused to see the two of them.

"Why are you two protecting that girl? Endymion, you're the prince of Earth," said Beryl. "If you were to marry me, you could become the king of Earth and the Moon! As for you, Taiyou, you have no ties with the princess nor the Moon Kingdom what so ever. What loyalty could you possibly have for the moon?"

"My loyalty is with the princess and Endymion," said Taiyou. "Not that someone like you would understand, but I owe a great deal to them as well as everyone in the Moon Kingdom, and I'll gladly fight for them! Even against an evil, bitter creature like you!"

"How dare you?! No one speaks to me that way!

Taiyou then reached for his hip and drew his sword and lunged at Beryl ready to fight for Endymion and Serenity. With a fierce cry, he slashed at the woman hoping to at least hit her, but Beryl blocked the attack using her staff. Taiyou repeatedly slashed and attacked Beryl hoping to at least get a hit in, but Beryl kept blocking. Sparks flew as the sound of metal clanged between their weapons. Soon the two of them entered in a lock, both trying to overpower the other.

"You're not bad, Taiyou. I'll give you that, but your power doesn't even begin to compare to mine!"

She pushed Taiyou away and launched a powerful attack in the form of black lightning. The lightning hit Taiyou, making him scream in agony and made fall to the ground.

"Oh, no! Taiyou!" cried Serenity.

"Stop this, Beryl!" cried Endymion, hoping to reason with her. "Can't you see that Metalia has consumed you with her evil energy!? Please! Break free and come to your senses!"

"Silence, you fool! If you refuse to become my king, then I will kill you all!"

Suddenly, Metalia, who was still rampaging, unleashed a blast of energy that struck the palace. The force of it caused Endymion to be pulled into the air away from the princess. The princess seeing this ran straight for him.

"No! Endymion!" she cried.

"No, princess! Don't!" yelled Taiyou, who was struggling to get up from the recent attack.

"Stay away!" yelled Endymion.

The princess didn't listen. All she cared about was her beloved. She leaped into the air, the wind from the destruction carrying her as if it was responding to her. The two of them reached out to each other desperate, not wanting to be apart. Then just as both of their hands were about to touch, Metalia unleashed another mighty blast of power aimed directly at Endymion and Serenity. Endymion and the princess screamed in agony as the power shocked both of their bodies to their core, and then their bodies went limp and lifeless. Both the princess of the moon and the prince of the earth were now dead. Taiyou's eyes were wide with horror and despair for what he just witnessed.


Then Queen Serenity, with her cat guardians, Luna and Artemis, arrived, and when they saw this horrible sight, their faces.

"Serenity!" cried her mother.

"No... she's gone..." wept Luna. "She's dead..."

"Yes! The twit of a Moon Princess is dead!" laughed Queen Beryl triumphantly.


A scream of rage made Beryl turn her head, and she saw something that caught her by surprise. Taiyou had charged straight at Beryl and was now right on top of her. His body was emitting in a golden light, and his sword enveloped in a white glow, and his silver eyes filled with tears, but, at the same time, were filled with anger. He swung down his sword with all of his strength, hoping to kill the queen in a single blow. The queen quickly raised her staff in time to block it, but Taiyou's anger was so great that it gave him incredible strength. His sword broke right through her staff and slashed Beryl on her right arm. Beryl howled in pain as blood gushed out from her wound. Metalia sensing that Beryl was in trouble unleashed another blast of energy. Taiyou immediately jumped out of the way to avoid the explosion, but the force of it sent him flying landing right by the queen, Luna, and Artemis. The three then rushed to his side.

"Damn it... that fool was able to wound me?!" snarled Beryl. "I'll kill him!"

"No! Taiyou! Are you alright?" cried Queen Serenity.

"I'm... I'm sorry, your majesty," said Taiyou. "I... I failed you. I couldn't save Serenity. I let her die..."

His eyes overflowed with tears as the rage he once felt, now was sorrow and regret. Queen Serenity also had tears streaming down her face, but she quickly collected herself. Now was not the time for crying.

"No..." she said. "I won't let it end this way... I won't!"

She reached in her brooch and took out her most potent weapon, the Silver Crystal. She also got out the crescent moon stick. Then she attached the Silver Crystal to the moon stick. The moment Luna, Artemis, and Taiyou saw this; they knew what the queen was about to do.

"No, your majesty! You mustn't use the Silver Crystal!" cried Taiyou. "It's too risky!"

"He's right!" said Luna. "If you use the full power of it, your body won't be able to take it!"

"There's no other way," replied the queen as she raised the Moon Stick above her head. "Besides, my life doesn't matter. Not when the Earth and the Moon, as well as all the lives that were lost, are at stake. MOON HEALING ESCALATION!"

The Crystal on the Moon Stick erupted in a powerful pink light shining throughout the area. Then before Beryl and Metalia could react, they, along with the army of Earth, all disappeared in the blink of an eye. There was now nothing, but silence. Not even the bodies of Endymion and Princess Serenity were around.

"What... what just happened?" murmured Taiyou as he looked at the now silent battlefield. "Beryl, the armies, even Endymion and the princess... They all disappeared..."

"Queen Serenity!"

Luna's voice caused Taiyou to turn his attention back towards Queen Serenity, who was now lying on a collapsed pillar. She looked pale and weak from exhaustion.

"Your majesty!" cried Taiyou as he rushed to her side along with Luna and Artemis. "What... what did you do? What happened to the enemy? What happened to Endymion and the princess?"

"I... I sealed them all inside the Silver Crystal," said Queen Serenity weakly. "Taiyou. Luna. Artemis. I need the three of you to listen to me very carefully."

"Yes?!" the three of them answered.

"The Silver Crystal is a potent object," said the queen. "If used by someone with a pure heart, it can make peace and miracles. However, if someone with a dark one uses it, it can be a terrible and frightening weapon."

Then the queen suddenly winced in pain, and her breathing became more shallow.

"Please, Serenity, don't talk anymore!" said Luna. "Save your strength!"

"Unfortunately, I can't," said Queen Serenity. "Even with the Silver Crystal, I used up almost all of my strength to seal away Metalia. Not only that, there's no telling when Metalia will return."

"You mean she's still alive?!" asked Artemis.

"Yes, which is why... I'm entrusting this to you, Artemis and you as well, Luna," said the Queen as she held up the Moon Stick. "In the future... if Metalia does arise again, entrust this to my daughter so she can use it to bring peace. Only those with royal blood can use it."

"Yes," nodded Luna, and Artemis.

"And Taiyou... my dear friend," said the queen. "Come here, please..."

Taiyou stepped forwards and held his dying queen's head, his eyes filled with tears. "I'm so sorry, mother," he wept. "I failed you... I failed as a guardian, and I failed as a warrior..."

The queen held Taiyou's face and lifted it towards her, and she wiped away a tear from his eye.

"Please don't blame yourself, my son," she said. "You have fought bravely... and I'm proud of you for that. Listen Taiyou. For this might be the last time that you will remember this."

She paused as Taiyou held on to her hand.

"I am going to be sending you and all the other people of the moon, including the Sailor Guardians into the future on Earth so you all can live happy lives," said the queen. "Because of this, you will forget everything about living here and being the guardian of the sun. However, your memories will return in time. I want to ask you one last thing before I die. Will you heed my last request?"

"Yes, my queen," said Taiyou.

"I know that I've asked you this time and time again, but it's of great importance that you fulfill this mission," said the queen sounding weaker than she was before. "Please... as your queen... as your mother, please continue to protect your sister. Protect her and all the other princesses in the Solar System. They need you now more than ever."

Taiyou lightly squeezed Serenity's hand, trying his best to suppress his tears, but he couldn't. However, he spoke bravely, looking at Serenity right in her eyes.

"I will! I swear, I swear that I will protect them! I'll make sure I will! I promise as guardian of the sun, Mother!"

The queen smiled. "Thank you. I'm truly grateful."

Then she held up her hand, and the silver crystal that was in it began to float into the air. As it floated upwards, it began to glow, and from it, the bodies of every person from the moon who perished along with it heading toward Earth. The Sailor Guardians, Endymion, and even Princess Serenity were among those few.

"Princess Serenity, sailor guardians... as well as all my other loyal subjects and friends," said Queen Serenity. "May all of your future lives on Earth be filled with happiness, love, and hope. That is my last wish. Goodbye, and may you all live in peace."

The queen took her last breath and went silent. Queen Serenity had now died.

"Queen Serenity!" cried Luna and Artemis.

"Mother!" cried Taiyou.

Then Luna and Artemis were suddenly were put in capsules put into a deep sleep, and Taiyou was in a bubble made from the light of the silver crystal in a deep sleep as well. The three of them floated up and followed the other souls to Earth.

And so our story begins.

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