On the way back to the Schuyler estate you can't help but wonder if anyone is following you. Casting nervous glances behind you into the silent dark become more common as you speed towards home hoping not to get caught. But then you think to yourself, "Caught doing what? Is walking around late at night a crime? Hmm… Well not exactly but, being a high class woman out in the city alone without a man was. Or at least that's what they told you." Then you think to yourself, "But Angelica always said they were just being sexist… whatever that means…" Now that you think about it the word "sexist" had been wandering out of Angelica's mouth more often these days. Along with words like "unjust", "suffrage" and "revelation". Of course you never really listened to Angelica when she went into her rants about Thomas Jefferson. You knew when to listen, how to follow directions, and how to by a spy. And a very good one at that, you and Mulligan had done some great undercover work together. "His friend always seemed very fond of your work what was his name again? Or rather names… so many it was hard to remember… Lafayette that's it! I think…?" You say under your breath, no longer concerned about being followed.


You reach the steps of the Schuyler estate, "Home at last." You've just barely knocked on the door with a massive knocker when Angelica opens it.

"Peggy there you are! I was getting worried, it being so late and everything. I hope he didn't do much to you. Go change, I'll be right over with some tea." She pats you on the back and you head up to your room. After undoing your petticoats and corsets you slip into a more comfortable nightgown. Safe and sound in your own house, in your own room, in your own bed. Miles away from Hamilton and his troubles.

"May I come in?" Angelica opens the door and enters carrying along with her a tray with tea and some crackers. You smile and slowly sit up in bed as she seats herself on the edge propping up the tray on a table and pouring out tea into two porcelain cups. She takes one and sips it and then gently nudges the other one towards you. "Don't worry," she says, "it's completely American grown tea, we're still patriots even if we're secret agents." You smile at the remark but glance away from Angelica out into the night. She sips her tea tracing the shapes in the wallpaper with her eyes. Both of you are thinking. Minutes go by, the mantel clock quietly ticking away, the candles melting lower. Finally you turn to look at her and she focuses back on you.

"Angie?" You ask quietly, "why are we doing this?"