Chapter 1: Summer school and the huntsman.

Hopes Peak Academy, a school for ultimates. A school that once you graduate from this high school, you will be set for life. Here you can basically have a talent for anything, from housework to investigating crimes, it truly is the hope of the world. Although I am surprised that I got into the school, I nonetheless accepted the acceptance letter and entered the school full of hope. The name is Subete Hagakura, and I have been given the title, "Super High School Level Huntsman". When I set foot on the campus of hope, I will... Wait, what's up with my head, it feels so dizzy that I can't... The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by trees and bushes. "Since when did I get here?" I said as I checked for my phone.

"Upupupu." A child like laugh came from behind me.

"Who's there?" I said as I turned around, I saw a white bear with covered in bandages. (Shirokuma: vice principal of Hopes Peak Academy Summer School for Dangerous Ultimates)

"Upupupu." It laughed at me.

"Who the hell are you?" I took out my hunting knife from my sleeve pocket.

"Ara ara. Such a violent child as appeared." It said to me.

"I don't give a shit! Where am I, what are you, and what am I doing here?" I asked it.

"If you really want me to answer those questions, why don't you head to the main building. There you can have all of your questions answered." It said to me as he disappeared behind a tree trunk.

"..." 'Great, just great. How the hell am I supposed to get to the main building if I don't know how to get there?' I thought. I looked around to see a path that looked like it was covered in gold. I pressed my finger in the "golden road" and made a line in front of me. "Looks fresh." I said to myself.

"Kyaaa!" I heard a scream come from somewhere inside the forest. 'A girls scream? So there are people besides me here.' I thought as I ran towards the source of the scream. "Someone, help me!"

"Hold on, I'm on my way!" I yelled in order to let her know that help was on the way.

"W-wait, hold on... Don't come closer-!" When I came across the girl with brown hair, hazel coloured eyes, lightly tanned skin and she was wearing a white, sleeveless sweater, navy blue shorts and blue and gold gladiator sandals. She was hanging upside down a vine in a really erotic pose.

"Ah. My bad, if you were in the middle of something, I'll just be on my way." I said as I looked away.

"H-hey, please help me." The girl said to me. 'Trust me, I would like to help you, but how am I supposed to help you when you're like that?'

"F-fine." I said to her. I threw my hunting knife at the vine that was holding her up and caught her when she fell princess style. After I set her down, I asked her, "Who are you?"

"I'm Wakayama Maemi, SHSL surfer." She introduced herself. "And you are?"

"Subete Hagakura, SHSL huntsman. At your service." I introduced myself to her.

"OH MY GOD, thee Subete Hagakura, the infamous huntsman that can basically hunt down anything?" She asked me.

"Yeah... Why do you ask?" I asked her.

"My little brother is like, your biggest fan. Can I have your autograph?" She asked me with glowing eyes.

"Uh... The only thing I have on me that I can write with is that knife I used before." I pointed to the knife that was stuck in a nearby tree. I walked over and took the knife out of the tree.

"Oh, I see..." She said in despair.

"Upupupu. Feeling the despair already?" The voice of that annoying bear was coming from right behind us.

"You!" I threw the knife at the bear and got it straight in the head and then it exploded a few seconds after I nailed it. However, as soon as the previous bear exploded, another one took it's place.

"And the bear comes again!" It exclaimed.

"Another one?!" I said surprisingly. How could he still be alive, I nailed him right in the head.

"Just so you two know, times running out." It said before it disappeared again.

"Who the hell is he? And where did he come from?" I asked Wakayama.

"I don't know, but one thing is for sure, I don't want to be tardy." She said to me. "C'mon we're going to be late at this rate." She said as she pulled me along the golden road.

"H-hey, I can walk myself." I told her after I managed to pull free from her grasp.

"Sorry Subete, my first instinct for walking through forests is grabbing on to the first thing I see." Wakayama explained to me.

"Humph," I scuffed as I looked away from her, blushing. "Come on, we're going to be late Wakayama." As we walked along the road, we talked about our families, friends and what we were doing at Hopes Peak Academy. Soon enough, we reached what seemed to be a courtyard of a school.

"Nineteen, twenty. That should be everyone." A four eyed boy with a black straight bang haircut, greyish eyes, in a blue and white male school uniform said to the group of people in the courtyard. (SHSL lawyer: Miyaki Sho)

"Took them long enough. I was beginning to die of old age." Another four eyed boy with blonde hair, white glasses and an expensive looking suit. (SHSL heir: Byakuya Togami)

"Wakayama!" A girl that had white hair that reached the calfs of her legs, in a black and green jump suit, lavender eyes came up and hugged Wakayama beside me. (SHSL skater: Okamoto Eiji)

"Hey Subete, long time no see." A guy with messy, but spiky black hair, brown eyes in a brown overcoat, with a lion t-shirt and grey pants greeted me. (SHSL gunslinger: Nakamura Kenosuke)

"Hey Kenosuke, you applied for Hope's Peak as well?" I asked him.

"Yeah. And you did too I see." He said as he put me in a headlock.

"Enough with the sedimentary stuff, does anyone know why we are here?" A huge muscular guy with blonde hair that was in an army cut, blue eyes and in an army uniform asked us calmly. (SHSL military strategist: Akamoto Hinamura)

"If any of us knew that, then we wouldn't have to gather here." A girl covered in black clothing, face mask, ninja headband, emerald green eyes and black hair that had streaks of pink and white in a ponytail told the big guy. (SHSL ninja: Ibuki Kanazawa)

"But there is a chance that someone might know." Another girl with black hair that reached to the bottom of her black and purple school uniform with a black and purple butterfly hair accessory and piercing purple eyes stated. (SHSL ?: Akira Himimaru)

"Yeah! I suggest that we should question everyone thoroughly!" Another muscular guy with brown hair that looked like he just got out of bed, he was wearing a high school uniform that was all ripped as he gazed at us his blue eyes. (SHSL boxer: Omura Hachemon)

"Who would want to be questioned by you?" A smaller guy that had neater hair and a neater uniform than the muscular guy from before, but he looked exactly like the smaller version of him. (SHSL phantom thief: Omura Yoshi)

"Now now, let's not fight." A guy with red hair that covers his left eye, while his right blue eye was exposed and he was wearing a red and white tuxedo. (Watabe Tamami: SHSL puppeteer)

"Man, I lost all of my music appliances." A girl in a light blue sailor suit, short brown hair, brown eyes and fingerless gloves that gave her a rebellious look sighed. (DJ Gwen: SHSL DJ)

"Do you only think about that? What about where we are? What we are doing here? Doesn't that mean more than your stuff?" Another girl in an Miko outfit, black hair that goes over her left shoulder and grey eyes said with concern. (Kiyabu Hatsumi: SHSL exorcist)

"I don't care about anything other than my music, ya death hairstyle girl." Gwen lashed out at Kiyabu.

"That's the spirit! Hatred causes despair! Just what I'd expect from the class of dangerous ultimates. Wahaha!" A black bear laughed at us from a monitor screen. (Kurokuma: Headmaster of Hopes Peak Summer School for Dangerous Ultimates)

"Dangerous Ultimates? What do you mean by that?" A guy that dressed like a delinquent, but the face of an angel with hazel eyes and bald head. (Samejima Mitsuyo: SHSL daredevil)

"What I mean is what I mean, no two ways about it." He said as he "sipped" some vodka. "Ah~! Nothing like some damn good vodka in the morning."

"You didn't even drink it, it just spilled over your mouth." A guy that had red eyes and black hair was in a blue sweater and grey uniform said angrily at Kurokuma. "And who are you anyways?" (Roku Muromasa: SHSL actor)

"What the hell, didn't Shirokuma tell you guys?! The names Kurokuma, the one who's got the most bling out of the three Kuma brothers. And I'm the one who's in charge of this fine institution you see before you. So I would watch what ya'll are saying if I were one of you chumps." He warned us.

"Why would we listen to you?" Another guy asked Kurokuma. He looked like like the exact opposite of Roku, red hair and black eyes, in a grey sweater and blue school uniform. (Kenji Muromasa: SHSL actor)

"Here's your reason for listening to me." He then pressed a button on a remote that made a beeping sound all around us.

"KYAAA!" A girl screamed. She was wearing a frilly white dress, glistening brown hair with a floral hat that radiated like the sun. (Hila Canaki: SHSL fashion designer) "G-get it off of me! I don't want to die! Someone *sob* please *sob* help me..." She fell to the ground crying.

"Hey, what's with these collars?" A guy wearing a superhero shirt, pants, shoes and messenger bag pointed to the collar on his neck. Even though he is short and looked plain, his pulled back pitch black hair and golden eyes really stood out. (Baisho Hirokazu: SHSL superhero otaku)

"Hm?!" Everyone felt around their necks and felt a small round thing around our necks. Then everyone started to panic and tried to remove the collars forcibly from their necks, but that made the beeping worse.

"Fine Kurokuma, we will do as you ask. Just please stop the collars already." I said calmly.

"... Since ya asked so nicely." He pressed another button and the beeping stopped. Then the monitor went black and he popped out of the Kurokuma statue that was under the monitor. "So how was that for an introduction? Filled ya'll with heart throbbing despair right? Were you pumped? Were you scared?"

"...!" I started to say, but I was interrupted by Kurokuma.

"Doesn't matter. Anyhow, let's get started on the rules shall we?" He puffed the cigarette that was in his mouth.

"Rule #1: you shall obey the school rules accordingly in order to not be punished."

"Rule #2: everyone has to participate in school activities in order to receive food stamps in order to get food."

"Rule #3: there is only one way to 'graduate' from this summer school, commit the perfect murder."

"Rule #4: you can kill by any means necessary; stabbing, cutting, smashing, crushing and all the other fun stuff."

"Rule #5: if you decide to kill, you will be deemed 'blackened'"

"Rule #6: class trials will take place from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm."

"Rule #7: all power and water will be closed at 12:00 am to 6:00 am."

"Rule #8: there will be no sleeping from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm unless you are seen as napping."

"Rule #9: no violence against the headmaster. If so, then the perpetrator with be punished."

"Rule #10: any other crimes committed in this institution shall be punished accordingly."

"Oh crap, I forgot to mention one more rule." Kurokuma then typed in one last rule. "Rule #11 new rules can be added by the Headmaster when necessary. There, all of the rules are set in stone. Now go to your rooms and start plotting! Wahahaha!" He laughed at us as he was lowered back into the statue.

"This is stupid! Who would want to play a stupid game like this?" Okamoto yelled at all of us.

"Well we got no choice, we might as well just hope that no one kills anyone." Akira tried to answer Okamoto's question.

"Don't think like that! We need everyone's help in order to get out of here together." Akamoto said. "I suggest the first order of business is to go to our rooms and try find anything suspicious or dangerous that might start the killing game."

"Who made you the boss?" Roku asked Akamoto.

"No one did. But we need to have someone who has the most experience with that kind of stuff like this." Akamoto said to Roku. "Okay... Everyone lets start this investigation. Subete, Luna, Ibuki, Nakamura, Hachemon and Yoshi, can I talk to you guys for a minute?" He asked me.

"Uh... Sure. Okay." We said nervously. What could he want to talk about with us? Only time will tell.

"See you later Wakayama." I said to her as we parted ways.

"Yeah, see you later." She smiled at me.

We walked over to the back of the shed before we met his terrifying gaze. "I called of you guys here because I have concerns about your talents. They are indeed dangerous and I especially don't want the killing game to start. So you guys will be under very close observation by me."

"..." Ibuki hummed with an annoyed look in her eyes.

"What, it's not like we some of us wanted to have these talents. And besides, didn't Kurokuma claim that that this summer school was for people with dangerous talents, so we all all potential killers that can kill at anytime. So are you suggesting that because our talents involve hurting, stealing and killing people or animals we are automatically more dangerous than the others?" Luna said to Akamoto.

"Yeah. We aren't the only ones you should be watching out for." Kenosuke backed up Luna.

"Yeah, we're on the side of justice!" Hachemon yelled at Akamoto. "We'll all get out of here, alive."

"Hm... We shall see." He said as he walked away.

"Doesn't he seem a little bit suspicious to you guys." Yoshi said to us.

"Yeah, it's best if we don't meddle with him." I said. He is way too suspicious.

"Well, we should head to our rooms in order to know our surroundings. See you guys at supper?" Luna asked us.

"Yeah... Sure." I said. I still wonder though, why he said, "Hm... We shall see." He's hiding something from us. Something that may be the key to all of our questions. When I got to my room, the lock on the door was a fingerprint scanner, ensuring that I only have access to my room. Inside my room, the walls looked like the forest scenery from back home. It's almost like-!

"So, how's your room ya filthy animal?!" Kurokuma yelled.

"Not so bad, but why is this scenery here?" I asked Kurokuma.

"Well, you ARE staying here for the rest of your life, so it's meant to suit you by many means, unless ya plan on killing someone." Kurokuma told me.

"I would never stoop that low, not again, I made a vow to someone that I would never kill again." I said as I tried to remember the girl from my hometown. DAMMIT ALL! Why can't I remember her face!

"Just so that cha know, there's a case especially for you in front of your bed. Why not take a little look inside?" Kurokuma enticed me to open the metallic case that looked like it came straight from a war zone.

When I opened the case, it was filled with hunting knifes, guns, bullets, traps and gear. "Wh-what are these doing here?"

"Wahahaha! Like your presents? Now just imagine everyone else with weapons that suit them perfectly, trapped in an isolated forest that no one will ever come across and the only way out is to kill! Wahahahaha! Now that's some despair inducing stuff right there! Wahahahahaha!" He howled with laughter as he walked away from my room.

"I-impossible, h-how can this be?" I grabbed the case, closed it and locked it away in my closet. "No one should know about this." I said to myself. After a quick shower, I went straight to bed without eating supper until someone came knocking on my door.

"Uh, um, Subete, we're eating supper right now, so you out of your room now, and just so you know, Akamoto said that you can't skip it." Wakayama said to me through the door.

"Just give me a second to get ready." After I got ready, I opened the door and made by way to the cafeteria. But what I saw wasn't the people who were also trapped in this place with me, but potential killers that could kill me in a heartbeat. Even Wakayama could kill me if she tried.

"H-hey, Subete, can I talk to you for a bit?" Akamoto called me out.

"Sure..." I said to him, still suspicious of what he said.

When we got into the hallway, he bowed if front of me and apologized, "Please forgive me for my actions. I realized that what I said back then was inexcusable."

"It's fine, but what you said before, is kinda suspicious if you ask me." I said to him.

"What do you mean 'suspicious'?" He asked me. After I explained what I meant, he said' "Do you know of the 'tragedy' that happened 400 years ago?"

"Not a lot. All I know is that it was caused by some girl named Junko Enoshima." I said.

"And how about the Remnants of Despair, do you know about them?" He asked me.

"Yeah, why are you asking me this?" I asked him.

"I think that it's starting all over again." He told me.

"So are you suggesting that there is someone who is with us trying to recreate the tragedy?" I asked him.

"No, not that, but I think that we are this ages, 'Remnants of Despair'." He said nervously.

"Why would you think that, I mean we're-!" Now that I think about it, why gather the people with the most dangerous talents here?

"Hey guys, what's taking you guys so long? I'm starving!" Hirokazu yelled.

"We'll be there soon!" He yelled back. Then he turned towards me. "Let's talk about this another time." Then he walked to the cafeteria with me not far behind. I stayed silent for most of the meal and went straight back to my room to go sleep. The next day, I was invited by Akira to go to the hot springs with the others, which seemed to ease me fro my suspicions.

"Hey, Akamoto, can you help me out for a bit?" Kenji's asked Akamoto a little after we got in the hot springs.

"Yeah, just wait for a minute." He said as he got up butt naked.

"Whoa, dude, cover up! Don't you have no shame?" Miyaki said as he threw a towel to Akamoto.

"What? If you don't like it, don't look at it." He said to grabbed the towel that Miyaki threw at him and threw it back at him.

"Haha, BURN!" Hirokazu said jokingly to Miyaki. Soon enough all of us were laughing at him.

"Tch, that it, I'm done here." Miyaki said with an annoyed tone in his voice.

"Hey, we were joking." Hirokazu said to Miyaki.

"Well, looks like we're done here. We better hurry up so Kurokuma won't get mad at us for not doing our school duties." Kenosuke said as he got up. After we got changed, we carried out our school duties, we noticed that Akamoto was missing.

'What's taking him so long?' I thought.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAA!" I heard two girls scream come from the hot springs.

"What's wrong?!" I yelled before my blood ran cold. There before me inside of the storage closet was Akamoto's lifeless body with blood dripping down from his abdomen.

"Ding dong, a dead body has been found at the hot springs, a class trial will take place in two hours, until then, have fun investigating!" Kurokuma said to us through the monitor. Just like that, the one who had the answers to so many of my questions, was dead in less than a day after arriving to this summer school infected with despair.

(Nineteen people left. Who will die next?)

(Continued in chapter 2)