Chapter 7: Remnant of Despair or Thriving Hope?

"Ugh... Now it looks like I have an adoge..." I said as I tried to fix my hair for the day. Then I put on the purple butterfly hair accessory on and everything was all good. Ever since Samejima's execution, there was a major blackout and a video was broadcasted throughout the entire building that changed everyone here, but as fate may have it, Maemi and I have not been affected by the video. Especially Subete, he changed a lot, no, changed is the wrong word for it. He is like a completely different person now, his casual hoodie and vest changed to a black and white suit and tie, his natural spiky hair went long and wavy, and his eyes went from sky blue to blood red. Then my notebook rang, 'Upupupupupu' then I touched the screen and Junko appeared on the screen.

"Hey Akira! Look at this!" Junko said to me as she uploaded a picture of a two year old newspaper that headlined 'Hope's Peak Missing Students! School's Talented Students Disappearing One By One!' And on one of the pictures of the missing students was none other than Subete Hagakura. Oh yeah, Junko came into my electronic notebook after what happened to Subete. When I asked why, she said, "He's no fun when he is like this."

"Subete Hagakura, Age 16. Talent: SHSL Huntsman, went missing XX10, December 20. Class 56. Hold up Junko, we just enrolled to Hope's Peak six days ago, there's no way that this newspaper article is real." I told her.

"I knew you would say that, so I found something that might peak your interest." Junko said as she literally pulled up a picture of me and Subete in a classroom like setting and in Hope's Peak Uniforms.

"Just what does that mean?" I muttered to myself. When all of the sudden the dead body announcement went off.

"A dead body has been found in the Gym. You punks got two hours to investigate until you know what. Wahahaha!" Kurokuma announced as he laughed at us with Shirokuma in the background. When I left my room with Junko in my pocket, I came across Subete, who was walking to the gym as well.

"H-hey Subete, how are you doing today?" I said as I approached the new version of Subete.

"..." He just looked at me with his emotionless red eyes before walking away from me.

"Hey! Respond when you're being talked to!" I grabbed his shoulder, then the next thing I knew, I was on the ground gasping for air.

"... Subete isn't my name anymore..." Subete said to me as he walked away.

"T-t-then *gasp* w-what *gasp* is your *gasp* name then, if *gasp* you're not *gasp* Subete Hagakura *gasp*?" I asked him while trying to catch my breath.

"... Izuru Kamakura." He responded as he walked away.

When I got there, I saw Maemi's body all tied up, with blood seeping through her eyes, mouth, wrists, ankles, neck and two giant slash marks that made an X went across her torso. "How terrible..." I muttered as I tore my eyes away from her body.

"Aie!" Watabe screamed at the sight of Maemi's body.

"Man up butter cup!" Hila said as she slapped Watabe on his back. Before she used to be shy and wore frilly dresses, but now she wore black clothing that gave her the a biker gang vibe!

"... What's the point in trying to investigate, we're all going to die here anyways." Kenosuke said pessimistically. He used to be so outgoing and courageous, but now he was as negative as a pessimist.

"Zzzzzzzzz" Miyake snoozed as I began the investigation with Luna, who was vigorously taking notes at the same time.

As I was searching on the ground, I saw Togami flirt with the now barely clothed Kiyabu right next to Ibuki, who was making poems that no one will understand. Hirokazu reverted back to a little kid (mentally) and was clinging to Kiyabu like a child would to their mother. And Yoshi was silently observing the scene with Subete/Izuru. "Great... Looks like I'm the only one doing what we're supposed to do." I muttered to myself before realizing that Izuru took out a knife and cut all of the wire that were holding Maemi up, making her land with a thud and making her blood splatter against my face. "What the hell was that for?!" I yelled at him.

"She's dead... It's not like she felt it or anything." Izuru said to me in a monotone voice.

"Have you ever heard of respect for the dead?" I asked him. "How could you be so cruel to one of your own friends?"

"Friends... I don't have any friends." Izuru responded.

Then I slapped him in the face and spoke, "Yes, you do. You are childhood friends with Kenosuke, and you have a friend in all of them too." I stated while pointing to all of them.

"... What about you? What are you to me?" Izuru asked me.

"Yeah, I'm also one of your friends." I answered his question.

"Why?" Izuru questioned.

"Because I lo-! Never mind that, just please return to your normal self." I answered just after I caught myself almost confessing to him.

"... I'm leaving." Izuru told me as he got up and left. After that, I found a small dagger in the boys shower that resembled Kurokuma's jagged red eye.

Just before we all left for the, I caught Watabe vigorously washing his hands muttering, "Get it off, get it off, get it all off." Then we all took our stands and began the debate. (Class Trial is in session. All rise!)

Luna: "Let's review what happened."

Hila: "Hm... Looks like someone roughed her up real good."

Togami: "It seems that they were pretty skilled when it came to killing her."

Kenosuke: "But there's no way to prove that she died of bleeding out or by suffocating from being tied up from the wires. What a pain, there's nothing that we can use to fully understand Maemi's death."

Akira: "No that's wrong!"


"Yes there is! Everyone! Take out your notebooks that Kurokuma gave you and open up the Kurokuma file." I said as I took out my notebook and read out loud, "Cause of death: Blunt trauma to... The head? Wait what? But by the way she was at the gym, she looked like she was suffocated by the wire."

"What's the point in trying to understand how she died?" Izuru asked me. "She was weak and the killer was strong. It's a dog eat dog world here, you should already know from experience."

"Yeah, I know. And I also know that I can't solve this case alone Izuru." I said as I cried tears of frustration, anger and sadness. "So I need Subete to help me. Because I know that he will definitely find the killer."

"... No. I already told you Subete is-! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Subete/Izuru yelled as he grabbed his head and chest, before falling to the ground and passed out.

"O-okay people, recess! Take a short break. Akira!" Kurokuma yelled out my name.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered in response to him calling out my name.

"Take him to the nurse's office will ya? It'll be to troublesome if me and Shirokuma do it." Kurokuma said as he waved me off.

"Yeah!" Shirokuma agreed with Kurokuma.

A few moments after I brought Subete/Izuru to the nurse's office, he woke up. "Hey Subete, are you okay now?" I asked him.

Who woke up?

Izuru Kamakura: SHSL despair

Subete Hagakura: SHSL huntsman

(Twelve people left. Who will die next?)

(Continued in chapter eight)