Dragonball: RPG Rebirth

A/N: "The following is a fan-based work. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Akira Toriyama. Please support the official release."

Chapter 1: Shit…

I remember closing my eyes, feeling extremely tired. It was the middle of the day, and I was working my office job as I normally do. At 27, I was stuck in a dead-end job in the IT department, working a 9-5 that felt as though it took the entire day. I was busy clicking away at another report when I suddenly felt extremely tired. I couldn't even keep my eyes open. I tried to stand up, thinking maybe that would help me stay awake, but I couldn't gather the energy.

Panic rising, I tried to call out, but I realized I couldn't even move my mouth. My eyes closed fully, and what little light passed through my lids faded to black. I was stuck in the darkness for what felt like a long time. It was weird that I was awake, but obviously unable to move. Nothing changed for a long time. In the distance, I saw a bit of light fading in, as though it were approaching me, but very very slowly.

Suddenly, the light filled my vision. Floating before my eyes were what I could only describe as a "Title Screen".

Life RPG: Beta


New Game+



'Shit…' I thought, 'Did I...Did I just fucking die?'

I realized I could finally move, so I reached out and tapped on 'New Game+'. With a soft 'Ding!' everything faded once again to black. Slowly, words began scrolling past.

"Thank you for participating in the 'Life RPG' Alpha test! We've updated a bunch of things as the game proceeded and feel we've finally reached the point where the major features are ready for a full-sized Beta Test! As a thank you for helping out, we've given you 2000 bonus points to spend in the Game Store on fun perks and bonuses, and unlocked 3 of the modules for a New Game+! Please also check the Options menu, as we've revamped the entire section. Again, thank you for participating, and have fun on your next playthrough….of LIFE RPG!"

'The fuck did I just read? A game? Is this thing saying my life was a fucking game?' I thought to myself.

As I silently raged, the words faded, and another set popped up.

Name: Billy

Age: 27

Status: Deceased

World: Standard


S. 4

P. 6

E. 7

C. 4

I. 8

A. 3

L. 3




Good Karma + 300

Age 10 + 100

Age 20 + 100

Higher Education + 400

Self Sacrifice + 250

Misc. + 310


Standard World + 1000

Alpha Tester + 2000

Final Score: 4460

Personal Best: 4460

This information stayed up for a little while, as I studied it. I didn't have anything to compare it to, but I thought I did pretty well apparently. Once I'd finished reading it all, it too faded away, to be replaced by a list.

World Selection:


Live out everyday life in a normal world! Be the person you want to be!

Fictional: (Now Available!)

Choose from one of many different fictional worlds to be a part of! Play through that worlds canon storyline, or even make your own!

Custom: (Not Available in Beta)

Choose from many different customizations to make a brand new world to play in!

God Mode: (Not Available in Beta)

Play as God in any of the previous worlds!

'This...might actually be pretty cool." I thought as I selected the 'Fictional' option. Again the list was replaced with a new one.

Fictional worlds:

Harry Potter - The War Approaches:

War is approaching, and it's up to you to stop it! Play as any one of the main cast of characters in this 'Magical' world, or make a new one! Star alongside the self-sacrificing Harry Potter, the ever intelligent Hermione Granger, and the best friend a guy could ask for, Ronald Weasley!

Also Available in this world:

1. Mischief Managed: The first Wizarding War is coming to a boil! Play alongside James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Lily in this action-packed take on the first war!

2. Will Peace Last?: Harry Potter has ended the Second Wizarding War in a triumphant fashion! The world finds true peace for the first time in decades...but will it last?

3. (Special AU) How The Mighty Have Fallen: Voldemort won the first war and Wizarding Britain trembles under his mighty fist. Will you join his cause, or fight against it?

Naruto - The Tale of Too Many Villages:

An ever-evolving story of Deceit, Death, and Destruction awaits you in the world of Naruto! Where children are trained as super soldiers, throwing fire, walking on the walls, or even seeing through them is considered normal, this world is a wild ride from start, to your very violent finish!

Dragonball - The Future is now:

(Special AU) Join the Planet Trade Organization as one of 25 different races, including the ever-favorite Saiyans, and Namekians!

Also available in this world:

1. (Custom AU) The Purple Menace!: Planet Vegeta was never destroyed by Frieza in this Alternate Universe! Join an amazing cast of Saiyans as you fight for control of the universe, under the ever-watchful eye of the Tyrant Frieza!

The rest were grayed out, and unreadable. I read through each, thinking of which seemed the most fun. Knowing that life was a game, that dying was actually meaningless, made this kind of fun. I could participate in any of these worlds, with more to come, and do whatever I wanted? I'm expecting if I die, I simply come back here, try another world, or even try the same one again but in a different way! All in all, I think this was a fantastic turn of events. As someone that spent far too much time playing video games while alive, this situation was perfect for me.

Reaching out, I tapped on the icon for "Dragonball - The Purple Menace", tapped 'Accept' when it asked if I was sure. A character creation menu popped up, offering different races, genders, and related options. I selected Male Saiyan, of course.

Please Allocate your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points!

Remaining Points: 40

S. 0

P. 0

E. 0

C. 0

I. 0

A. 0

L. 0

I selected each stat, and in turn learned what each one meant, and how they affected the game.


How powerful you are physical! Each point in Strength increases your HP, in relation to your Endurance. This stat determines your starting power level and is the main component in how strong you are.


How well you can see, sense other things, and spot clues! This stat is mainly used in relation to your senses.


How much stamina you have, how long you can last in battle. This stat is mainly related to your HP, and how much HP you regain over time.


How well you relate to others, and how well you speak! This stat is mainly used to determine outcomes in relation to speaking to others.


How smart you are! This stat is mainly used to determine how quickly you learn, and how well you understand things.


How fast you move, how high you jump! This stat is used to determine your ability to move within the game world.


How often fate lends you a hand! This stat affects the world as a whole and can change things to your benefit.

Keeping that in mind, I began to allocate the 40 points I was given.

Remaining Points: 0

S. 8

P. 4

E. 8

C. 3

I. 6

A. 6

L. 5

After hitting accept, and agreeing that once again I was sure I wanted to accept, the process continued. A large list popped up asking me to choose 2 feats at level 1, most of which was blurred out, or inaccessible. Some were marked as stat specific, level specific, or even unavailable in beta.

Please Choose Two Feats at 1st Level:

1. Enhanced Zenkai - Born under the full moon, your battle prowess grows at an increased rate. Energy modifier changes are rated at 0.4 for Tailed Saiyans, 0.2 for Tailless Saiyans

2. Saiyan Elite - Your power level was high upon birth. + 0.2 to Energy Modifier, + 2 to Strength, + 2 to Endurance.

3. Saiyan Pride - You believe in the power of the Saiyan Race. When at 60% or lower HP, +1 TEMP Racial STR Bonus, +1 TEMP Racial END Bonus

4. A Legendary Story - ******************************************************

5. A drastic loss… - You lost your tail as a child. Full Saiyans battles are now (.8), half Saiyans are now (1.2). Due to being bullied as a child, you've gained extra combat battle experience. +0.3 to Energy Modifier.

6. Energy Suppression - Power Level can be hidden.

7. Nerd - You've read a lot of books. You may not be all that good at "dodging", but you've got smarts backing you up! +2 Bonus to INT

8. Mentored - You were trained by some of the best, and brightest. +1 STR

9. Energy Sense - Stackable.

a. 1st. - Can sense power to a general sense. (Stronger, weaker, might have hidden reserves).

b. 2nd. - Can sense #*************. Example: Power level of 25,000 would give a sense of "In the 20 thousand range."

c. 3rd. Full power level sensing.

10. Desperation - At 50% HP, can charge energy attacks with HP. Every 1/4th HP adds 1/4th of max damage. Amount limited to ½ unless less than 30% HP remaining.

11. Inner Eye - Unlock the inner eye. Adds Energy Sense Lvl 2, adds +1 to perception, -1 to charisma, + 0.2 to energy modifier.

A lot of the options didn't make very much sense to me, as it wasn't explaining what all the numbers really meant. I was able to puzzle things out a bit, and chose "Enhanced Zenkai", and "Energy Suppression". After finalizing my choices, another list popped up:

Please Select Perks if available:

Points Remaining: 4460

1. The Gamer - 2500 Points: Life's a game, and you're well aware of that! With this extraordinary Perk, you can see the game as it runs around you. Full access to your previous lives memories, full character progression, and access to other game features! (WARNING: With this perk active, you gain score points at 1/3rd, due to being aware that life is a game.)

2. How old am I? - 200 Points: Skip infancy, and begin life at 5 years old! Who wants to be a baby again? The system will simulate life for you, using your stats, feats, and perks, till 5 years have passed. (WARNING: You will gain no levels or experience during the 5 simulated years.

3. Skip the Tutorial! - 100 points: Skip the tutorial, and learn things the hard way!

4. Legendary Modifications - 20,000 Points: Your power is...Legendary.

5. Bonus Feats - Stackable - 100 Points: Purchase bonus feat points!

Oh, now this was much more interesting. I had, of course, read "The Gamer", so at least knew what that was about. I was practically salivating at the thought of being the Legendary Super Saiyan, but I had nowhere near enough points. Maybe on the next play through? I did spend my points on "The Gamer", "How Old Am I?", and six "Bonus Feats", leaving myself with a bit over 1000 points. I considered skipping the tutorial but thought better of it.

The Feats list popped up again, and I selected "Saiyan Elite", "A drastic loss…", and "Inner Eye" and saved the other three for later. There were a few interesting ones for later levels, from what I had seen. I finalized all my selections and the screen faded a final time, prompting me to choose a name. I entered in "Kll", pronounced "Kill", and hit confirm. There was a sudden flash of light, a feeling of the world flying past me an amazing speed, then stars as far as I could see.

They traveled past me at blinding speed, for a good while. I don't know how long I spent watching the stars fly past, but eventually, I could feel that I was slowing down. In the far distance, I could see that one of the stars was brightening, as I came closer. Closer and closer it came, till I was flying past the star, on approach to one of the planets. There was zero resistance as I entered the atmosphere, flying past clouds, lakes, rivers, and large swathes of land.

There was a large city in the distance, huge towering skyscrapers dotting the city. I traveled past them, towards a smaller building near the center, slowing down even further. With a sudden jerk, I was through the wall, slamming into a small, Tailless Saiyan child, that was sleeping on a mat on the floor.

My eyes opened. I was alive.

Current Character Sheet:

Name: Kll

Race: Saiyan

Age: 5 years

Status: Alive


S. 8 (+2) 10

P. 4 (+1) 5

E. 8 (+2) 10

C. 3 (-1) 2

I. 6

A. 6

L. 5


Strength x Endurance x Level x 20:

10*10*1*20 = 2000HP



Strength x Endurance = Base Energy

Base Energy x Battles = Energy Regen

Energy Regen x Level = Power Level

Power Level x Energy Modification = Total Power

10 x 10 = 100

100 x 1 = 100

100 x 1 = 100

100 x 1.7 = 170

Base Energy: 100

Energy Regen: 100

Power Level: 100

Energy Modifier: 1.7 (Saiyan Elite(0.2) + A drastic loss…(0.3) + Inner Eye(0.2 )

Final Power Level: 170

Feats: Saiyan Elite, A drastic loss…, Inner Eye, Enhanced Zenkai, and Energy Suppression.

Perks: The Gamer, How Old Am I?, Bonus Feats(x6)

Special Abilities:

Zenkai - Healing from less than 30% HP adds 0.1 to your Energy Modifier.

Saiyan Prowess - Every Battle lends to your strength. Every Battle you participate in, in which you damage someone past 80% HP, adds 1 to your Battle Count.

Inner Eye - Possesses the Third Eye, in the middle of the forehead. +1 to Perception, -1 to charisma, + 0.2 to Energy Modifier. Unlocks Feat "Energy Sense Lvl 2"

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