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Chapter 4: A new home?

We appeared with a pop, and for a moment my vision swam, the energy cost being slightly greater than I had expected. The wave of fatigue passes by quickly enough though, and I manage to stay on my feet.

"Kll? Where are we?..." My mom asks.

I consider how to answer that question...I know I can't simply tell her that I've been here before, as that wouldn't make sense.

"I'm not sure. I sensed a collection of energy on this planet. Not high enough to be a threat to us, at least, but also definitely not Saiyan in origin." I explain.

There is a soft breeze, the brightly lit landscape beautiful. Kakarot has his eyes closed but is breathing deeply.

"You okay Kakarot?" I ask.

He nods but remains silent. I watch his eyelids flutter, and then slam shut. I suspect after however long he spent in the dark that the right sunlight is probably painful.

"Let's see if we can't find a place to rest for a moment," I reply, looking around.

I had aimed to appear as far from the energy I had locked on to as I could, which was about half a mile at best. In my last life with all my stats, I could appear almost anywhere on a planet based on the location of a single energy source. Appearing right on top of someone is rude, as I was taught by Bulma once upon a time. Appearing on an alien world on top of someone I'm hoping to get help from would be a step in the wrong direction. I glance around, trying to get my bearings before I spot something that might help us rest a bit.

"Mom, can you watch over Kakarot?" I ask. "I'm going to head to that small town right there, see if there is any place we can stay."

"...Be careful, please." My mom says as she nods.

I nod back, before hopping into the air. It was a quick flight over, and I didn't expect it to take much time. Of course, even the best-laid plans fall apart at the slightest interference. I was no more than halfway to the village when I felt a high energy source heading right for me. I didn't recognize the energy signature, so I halted my journey and waited. A minute passes before a figure with a purple Aura slam to a stop a short distance in front of me.

"Who are you, and why have you come here?" The person asks, watching me warily.

"My name is Kll. My mother and a family friend and I have just barely escaped with our lives after an assassination attempt. I brought us to the first planet with enough energy that I thought would be technologically advanced enough to help us heal." I explain, watching him closely.

"We have no technology here. We have no way to heal you, your family, or your friends." He replies. "Leave this planet immediately."

"You don't have anything that could help?" I ask, shrugging. "Honestly, even a bed to rest in for a night would be more than enough."

"We don't have anything on this planet. Leave at once, or I'll be forced to make you leave." He replies.

"Uhh. No offense, but you're not very strong." I reply. His Power Level is barely over 20k at the moment.

"I was warned that one day a threat would arrive here." He replies, his muscles tensing.

The air seems to spark momentarily before he starts to almost seem to twitch. "My people...have sacrificed...themselves...to make this possible!"

As he yells out the last bit, his Aura seems to explode around him, doubling in size and intensity. His Power Level skyrockets, going higher and higher, the air around us shimmering as he powers up. I wait, letting him get it all out, until after another handful of seconds he is done.

"Haaa...haaaa...Now...get off of my planet." He says as he stands up straight once more.

"1.2 million? That's not bad, actually." I reply, flooding my body with energy, letting my restraints fall away. "Yesterday you would have been a threat, something for me to take seriously."

As my Aura comes alive around me, his eyes widen just slightly as I bring my full power to bear.

"But today you're just in my way."

We float a dozen feet away from each other, the crackle of burning energy around us, each waiting for the other to start what was sure to be a battle to the death. I could sense a few other higher than average power levels moving in our direction but even combined there wouldn't be much to break a sweat over. I was watching his eyes, watching the indecision boil away. With the slightest twitch of his muscles, his energy flared, rocketing him towards me.

My hand was already down, a ball of energy sparking into life, ready to end his.

'Now!' I thought, bringing my hand up, the blast of energy right on the cusp of being released.


We both freeze in place, his fist pulled back, my hand pointed right at his chest, the energy pulsing, seemingly alive and hungry for his life.

"Nail!" We hear again, as a much shorter Namekian flies up from the village below us. "What fool thing are you doing? Do you not sense his strength? He could kill us all, and you're up here antagonizing him."

"I-I'm sorry Elder Moori." Nail replies, lowering his power level and pulling back.

Moori studies him for a moment, before turning to me. "I do apologize, young one. Nail here meant only to protect our people. I hope we haven't offended you greatly?"

"Oh, no, of course not. Moori, right?" I ask. "I was mainly just defending myself…"

"Of course, of course. Now, I couldn't help but overhear that you and your companions need healing and help?" He asks.

"Yes, my mother, myself, and a family friend have just escaped from an attack We just need a place to rest for a while, before we move on," I explain.

He studies me for a moment, before looking over my shoulder in the direction of my companions. "Gather your friends and return here. You may stay in my home for now."

"Oh, thank you!" I reply enthusiastically. "My name is Kll, by the way."

It only took a moment to return and grab my mother and Kakarot, returning to the Namekian village post haste. Moori was still waiting for us outside, speaking softly with a small group of Namekians. Seeing us land, he ushered the group away, before introductions were given. Afterward, he led us to his home, which in normal Namekian fashion was nothing more than a hut, but as we were homeless we had absolutely no room to complain.

"Thank you again, Moori," I say after we get settled.

"Think nothing of it...Kll, correct?" Moori replies. "Namek doesn't receive very many visitors, so it's not often we get the chance to show hospitality."

After I explained the rest of the story to him, Kakarot being imprisoned and tortured, and our escape, Moori was even kind enough to send for someone that could heal Kakarot.

"Thank you," Kakarot says, once the healing energy had taken effect. "I haven't felt this good in years. Wow."

Moori explains to us about Namek, their history, and the most recent events. I notice immediately that he skips over any mention of Dragonballs, even editing a few past events to exclude them.

'Probably for the best. In a few years, Turles would massacre the Namekians for the Dragonballs. Being cautious wasn't enough.' I thought, listening. 'Though, I don't believe Nail would have struggled to kill him. Is he different this time around, compared to my first life here? Turles killed him then, I think…'

"So this leader, Guru you said?" My mom asks. "He died recently?"

"Yes...It has been difficult, but we are bouncing back." Moori replies.

We sit in silence for a moment, before I finally think to ask about Nail.

"Nail is the strongest of our people. He has gone to great lengths to ensure our people's safety, training many hours a day. Your arrival and strength will surely push him to new heights. Not to say that he was complacent, no." Moori explains quickly. "But knowing that there are children alive that are stronger than he is will push him further."

"Well, if he ever needs a training partner, I'm down," I reply. "He is very strong. I'd gain a lot from it as well."

"I'll be sure to pass that along. Now, we don't have much in the way of food, but I believe the oceans and rivers have plenty of fish. You are free to hunt, as long as you don't kill for sport." Moori tells us.

We agree to his demands, and he lets us settle in. He leaves shortly after to tend to some business, and we finally have a chance to talk amongst ourselves.

"Prince Kll, what is the plan now?" Kakarot asks me.

I pause at the title, feeling the nobility of it settle upon me. While I had been king once in the past, I hadn't been a part of the bloodline. Now, here, I am actually in line to inherit the throne.

"What happened to Indivia?" I ask.

"I'm not sure. After Vegeta was executed, Indivia was taken away from me. I had actually been taking care of him during the entire fiasco. I tried to defend him but I was overwhelmed...My own father and brother…" Kakarot replied, shaking his head.

"I don't think anyone blames you, Kakarot," I say after a moment. "You are not infinitely strong. You alone stood by my father, and for that I owe you."

Kakarot nods, before looking up at me from where he sat. "You speak to me like you've known me for a long time."

I laugh, before replying, "I guess I just feel close to you already."

"Now, you asked what the plan was?" I ask, "We're going to train, and in less than two years, we will return to Planet Vegeta. We will have our revenge, and I will take the throne. By force if necessary, but I have a feeling that I will not need to."

"Kll…" My mom said quietly. "Is that really what you want to do?"

"Like he said, mom. Prince. My father believed I could one day be the strongest of our people. I plan to show them exactly what that means.

Planet Namek - 6 months later

Time seemed to almost pass slowly on Namek. The people were very idyllic, peaceful. The bright sunlight, the pure air, the clear skies. It's enough to make a person not want to ever leave. Of course, peace would only be temporary. Even today, the quiet of the planet was interrupted by explosions of light and sound.

A blast of energy rocketed past my face, just barely dodged as I bounced backward from my attackers. The attacker on the right lunged forward, his fist slamming into my hastily raised guard, as the attacker on the left moved in for a leg sweep. My legs are caught, thrown out from under me, but I manage to get my hands under me. With a small blast of power, I launch into the air, regaining the advantage I once had. The first catches up to me, but I'm ready for him, my jab knocking the air from his stomach. I aim for an uppercut, but he's suddenly yanked back by a long green arm, pulled from harm's way, while launching themselves at me.

I catch a kick with my left hand, dodge two follow-up attacks before a third manages to clip my side and throw me back. I spin, the air around me filling with tiny motes of blazing light, that suddenly expand to the size of volleyballs.

"Haaa!" I yell as I direct them towards my foes.

The one closest it caught in the blast, knocked from the sky, but the one further back manages to dodge. He catches his friend, before turning to face me.

"Stop!" Kakarot says, breathing heavily.

Combat has Stopped!


Kakarot Lvl 11 7100XP

Nail Lvl 9 5800XP

Total Reward: 12900XP

-380XP till Level 6!


Nail blinks a few times, before pulling out of Kakarots arms, and floats softly to the ground.

"How do you keep getting stronger?" Nail asks. "Last month you weren't even half this strong."

"It's part of my Saiyan biology. I get stronger the harder I push." I explain. "You and Kakarot are both getting stronger as well, which in turn pushes me further."

I didn't have the heart to tell him that with my new level, I'd be even stronger.

"Kll...you said that we'd wait almost two years, but even now, the two of us are stronger than the rest of our race combined," Kakarot says. "Why wait?"

I consider how best to answer that, but I am interrupted instead. There is a crackle of energy and a flash of purple light that seems to coat the entire area for a moment. High above us, a jagged crack has formed, filled with swirling energy. We watch in stunned silence as five Saiyan Space pods appear from within the swirling energy, each hurtling towards the ground, crashing as the pods tend to.

"What is happening?" Nail asks.

I watch the pods for a moment, sensing the energy levels within. I don't recognize any of the signatures, but at their strength levels, I would assume they would have been in the Strike Forces. High above there is another crackle of energy, as the jagged crack shrinks shut. Below us, the five pods open, as the figures step out and into the open air of Namek.

'I am confused...very, very fucking confused.' I think, studying them closely.

I start to drop from the sky, Kakarot and Nail following behind me, till we all touch down a short distance from our visitors.

Kakarot, who had been watching my face, suddenly asks, "Kll, who are these guys?"

I shake my head in response, watching them take in the area around them. The five figures look around, tapping on their standard-issue scouters, talking into them, but seem to not receive a response.

One of them reaches back into the pod behind him, tapping on the console. "Captain, this is definitely Namek."

The one seemingly in charge gives him a look, before tapping on his scouter once more. "Then why isn't anyone responding?"

"Maybe we should ask the locals?" One response, pointing over at us.

"Oh?" The leader says, noticing us at last. "Men, introductions!"

"Yes, Captain!" They all chorus back.

"Oh god fucking kill me," I whisper as they begin to dance.





"Captain Ginyu!"

"And together we are!" They all chant, dancing around in a circle, "THE GINYU FORCE!"

Kakarot and I share a glance, before looking back at them. Nail, who had been watching in silence, seems to have finally reached his breaking point.

Pushing past us, he steps in front. "Why have you come here?" He asks roughly.

"Why are we here?" Captain Ginyu asks, perhaps surprised that anyone would demand answers from him. "We were called here by Lord Frieza to deliver new Scouters, and deal with some pesky malcontents...Though, I was under the assumption that most of the Namekians were dead. Our Scouters are showing thousands of energy signatures. This may make finding the Dragonballs take slightly longer than projected."

"W-what did you say?" Nail stutters out, as I hear Kakarot whisper "Lord Frieza?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes, of course. Namekian, could you please point us in the direction of the Dragonballs?" Captain Ginyu asks, almost nicely. "I'd rather not need to massacre multiple villages to track them down."

Nail stands there in an almost stunned silence before a snarl seems to rip its way out of him. "Over my dead body!" He roars, his Aura exploding around him.

He brings both hands to his chest, a flashing ball of energy forming in an instant, before shoving his hands forward. Before the Ginyu Force is even able to react, let alone move, the energy washes over them, turning them into dust, along with several miles of land beyond. As the energy fades, he seems to almost deflate, his breath coming in ragged huffs.

"Good job Nail," I say, grabbing his attention. "That's exactly what you were training for. To defend your people from those meaning to do harm."

"It doesn't matter...there were sent here. Someone else knows about the…" He says, before suddenly stopping.

"The dragonballs?" I ask.

"...How do you know about the Dragonballs?" He asks, his eyes taking on a glint of suspicion.

"Calm down Nail. If I wanted the Dragonballs, I wouldn't need to send for those idiots. Right?" I ask.

"What are Dragon balls?" Kakarot asks. "And why would Frieza want them."

Nail glances at him, seeing the confusion on his face. "You haven't told your friends?"

"I saw no reason to, no. None of us speak Namekian anyway. They are useless to us." I explain.

"...I need to speak to Elder Moori." Nail says, before launching himself into the air.

"Kll?" Kakarot asks.

"I'll explain later, I'm sorry. This situation is...weird." I reply.

Kakarot watches me for a moment before finally replying. "Yes my Prince."

Age 762 - Timeline 14 - U7

A small squat figure sits on a floating throne, drinking from a tall glass. As he watches the world outside the broken viewport, he can't help but think out loud.

"Where are the Ginyu Force?" He says, before sipping from his drink. "They should have been here hours ago…"

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