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Training Facility #9

When Evelyn reappeared, the room was just like the way it was when she left. Distant cries of excitement can be hard from faraway, but the room itself was completely empty. Evelyn checked the time from a clock, and found he was merely gone for five minutes due to the difference in time between dimensions.

"Host!" The girl shouted, trying to pretend to be pissed off, which didn't take too much acting."You have a lot of explanation to do. Who were those people that jumped me?"

A projector was turned on, and the hologram of a man appeared. Evelyn frowned as the AI switched into a different set of clothes.

"Those people that jumped you were members of the Guardians." The Host explained while pulling up the picture of a white cloak, "They think themselves as peace keepers of all dimensions."

"There were very hostile for peace keepers." Evelyn objected, "And they were extremely well armed and well trained, and they opened fire on me the second we met. If they are peace keepers, then I am not a ruthless killer."

"They are peace keepers to most people." Host explained, "Unfortunately, the Guardians are trained to fight one group of people. People who go into other dimensions and disturb the natural way of things. People like you."

"Why didn't you tell me about that earlier?" Evelyn is now truly pissed."I could have died." In fact, I did die.

"I didn't expect them to notice your move." The Host said, "Your dimensional jump should be out of the Guardian's radar. But now that you have been discovered, there's a problem."

"And that is?"

"When people do dimensional jumps, they leave behind a special signature. These signatures are different for everyone. The fact that you have encountered a Guardian strike team means your signature have been kept in record."


"So, the next time you jump, the Guardians will be able to instantly pick up your movement and send teams to exterminate you."

"That will not be a problem." Evelyn began, "If I stop jumping. Now that there's a professional team of predators after me, I will not be stupid enough to make a move. After all, I can simply stay here and live out my life in peace and luxury." She stood up and started to leave.

"Evelyn Xiao," Host said, "or should I call you Phoenix 208?" Evelyn immediately stopped. After a few seconds, she turned around, her hand gripping tightly into a fist.

"How do you know that?" Her voice was mixed with anger and fear."And what else do you know?"

"I am a computer that is capable of sending people into different dimensions and generating almost unlimited resources. A bit of hacking wasn't too hard to do. As for how much I know, let's just say I know more about you than you ever will, birdy." Evelyn bit her lips and tasted blood. She thought her secret is safe, and by leaving her original world behind she can start all over again. Someone who knows everything about her is not what she expected.

"We're done here." Evelyn turned and left angrily, not stopping even though the Host was speaking to her. She wants no more contact with her past.

"You can't win a war by yourself. Maybe you can win a fight, but you can't win a war." The Host said loudly, "There will be an expedition soon, and the current team might need a hand in terms of dealing with the Guardians. Come to me when you are ready to truly start over again."

Evelyn's room

Evelyn laid comfortably on her huge bed. The soft pillar and white sheets were a blessing to her after the hell like torture and killing in the Hive. She sat up and took a sip of coke and sat back down. The Host might be a dick in terms of respecting privacy, and just mean in general, but it is certainly generous in terms of daily pleasures.

That was when a door bell rang. Evelyn groaned in annoyance but still decided to check it out. She got up from her extremely comfortable bed and walked to the door. Not knowing who the guest is, Evelyn opened the door slightly, leaving just a gap to see who's outside. The person turned out to be the last person she expected to meet. Ava. So she's the team leader The Host was talking about. Of course, who else can it be?

Evelyn reached for the door handle and tried to close the door, but Ava was not giving up that easily. She put a hand on the door and held it in place. Evelyn signed and stopped. She's not feeling like getting into berserk mode just to close a door. "If you want to say something, say it here and now."

"Can I at least come in and have a drink?" Ava asked with a warm smile, making Evelyn unable to reject her. The black haired girl finally gave in and moved aside, and the blonde girl walked into the room.

"What do you want?" Evelyn asked coldly as the two girls sat down in opposite sides of a desk, her last encounter with the blonde was not so nice as the two fought for different sides.

"Coffee will be nice." Ava answered, mistaking the question on purpose.

Evelyn signed and stood up before moving to the kitchen. A few seconds later she returned with a cup of coffee and a bottle of vodka. She handed the coffee to Ava. "You didn't just come here for some coffee. What do you really want?"

"I was planning for a mission for my team when I heard an interesting news from the Host." Ava took a sip of her coffee. Evelyn had to admire how she can make the most common actions into a beauty. "I have heard about the group that's hunting dimensional jumpers down, the Guardians, and I think my team and I are going to need your help."

"I don't work well with others." Evelyn rejected, pouring some alcohol into her mouth. One good side of having her mission in Resident Evil is her resistance to alcohol, which is no longer capable of making her drunk."Trust issues."

"Of course." Ava said, lightly resting the coffee cup onto the desk, "Operation Imperial March, right?"

Evelyn signed deeply. She thought she had already escaped from her dark past, but it seems to be coming back for her. Can these people understand the concept of privacy? "How much do you know?"

"Not much." Ava reassured, "Just the name. I was hoping you can tell me more about it."

"What makes you think I will tell you my secret?" Evelyn asked. "How will it help?"

"It's always better to tell someone your sorrow." Ava said sweetly, "It will make you feel so much better. You don't have to be stuck in the prison of the past. What's gone is gone. We are in a place where the past will not matter. What's important is the present."

Evelyn took a deep breathe, but eventually decided that the blonde girl is correct. She needs to get out of the nightmare and try to make the present lighter. "I was a member of the secret organization Phoenix Corp." Evelyn explained, her thought flew back to what happened year ago. "Phoenix Corp was a black op organization built to protect earth from dimensional threats."

"Wait, when you say dimensional threat do you mean?" Ava suddenly asked as she connected what was said to their current situation. "People like us?"

"Yes, in cases of invasion from other dimensions, in case of invaders like us appears, Phoenix Corp would be there to stop them with any means necessary." Evelyn explained, "At first, everything was fine. We forced the invaders away and killed those who refused to leave, all were done without anyone knowing it. But suddenly, everything went wrong."

Ava sat back on her chair and relaxed, as if listening to a casual story, not classified information.

"In order to understand what happened, you must understand a few things about Phoenix Corps. First, members are chosen from birth, and are taken away from their families to the training facilities, where they were trained to fight, to kill. The choosing of recruits is very mysterious. Only those high up the chain of command understand how to decided who to recruit. Second, Phoenix Corp works discreetly, which means no one knows our work. This means our agents receive neither glory nor honor. Third, due to extreme high casualties and mental problems, no operative ever survived past 25. Forth, we must act according to very restricting rules. Fifth, and most importantly, decisions can only be made if a council of twelve commanders all agree on the same thing."

"One day, there was a warp gate that opened in Texas. I was a co-commander back then. The commander, Kyle, was a dear friend of mine. We were very close as we knew each other since we were kids. The two of us led a group of soldiers and surrounded the warp gate. Warp gates can continuously pump units in and out as long as it is functional, making it a useful tool for full scale invasions. We knew it was a pathway to dimensional invaders, and for some reason they are not coming over, but regardless we must destroy it ASAP."

"Unfortunately, in order to undergo an important decision like destroying a path to another dimension, we must gain permission from the council. After the message was sent and no response returned, I went to Kyle and told him that we must kill the gate now as if we don't, we will be risking a full scale invasion from an enemy we know nothing about. But Kyle was trusting the council too much, after all, he was a member of the body. He told me he will only act with a command from the council. When I pushed on he literally held a gun to my head."

"He sounds mean." Ava shrugged and suggested.

Evelyn merely giggled."Not many members of Phoenix have a good temper. Kyle was not the worst. But anyways,back to the story."

"Just like what I was afraid of, before the order from the council came, the warp gate was activated, and countless enemy fighters charged out. We had the defensive advantage as thankfully Kyle was clever enough to order some trench lines to be built and covers to be constructed. But there were too many enemies, and we were eventually overwhelmed."

"When the reinforcements arrived and destroyed the gate, most of my men were dead, others heavily wounded. I took a blade in the chest. It left a deep scar there." Evelyn lightly touched her chest in an area slightly below her heart. "Kyle lost an eye, and we were the lucky ones. I was quite angry at the council, but eventually I got over it. But Kyle was different. He...he became completely different. He started to question everything we stood for. Our methods, our purpose. Everything."

"I don't understand, how did an elite fighter appear in our school?" Ava asked.

"Like I said before, I was especially close with Kyle. When I noticed he's doing things that seem strange, I decided to start a secret investigation on him. Eventually I discovered Kyle was conspiring against the council, which might not be so bad if that doesn't include killing those who doesn't completely agree with him. He was planning to take out the rest of the council and control the Phoenix Corp as a dictator by gaining support from the bottom level soldiers. "

"Like I said before, the low level agents were already quite pissed off. When Kyle went to them and promised a greater future, a future in which they don't have to be forced to sacrifice themselves for those who they don't even know, they were more than happy to take the deal. Kyle's plan was to march on the council and eliminate the commanders and the council guards during a monthly meeting, where the commanders will be far away from their army. Thinking this action is similar to the clones turning on the Jedi in Star Wars, so he decided to name this uprising the Imperial March."

"I found out about that plan, and I decided to go to Kyle and knock some sense into him. A civil war will only weaken Phoenix Corp and potentially create weaknesses in our dimensional defense. Unfortunately, he turned out to not be the dear friend I thought he was."

"What did he do?" Ava asked, realizing what the girl was getting at.

"He pretended to agree with my suggestion, but the second I turned around, I was knocked out." Evelyn said sadly, "When I woke up I found myself in a trial. A trial by the council, and I was charged for conspiring against Phoenix Corp. I was sentenced to death. It turned out that a member of the council got tipped off that someone's planning to go against them during the monthly meeting and warned the others, and they decided not to meet again until the one behind everything is in chains. Kyle was desperate because he can't fight all eleven other commanders at once, even if he has the element of surprise. So he planted the crime on me to ease the council down. What a friend he was." Evelyn smashed the table before her angrily, smashing it into pieces of wood and glass. Ava was quick enough to pick up her coffee.

"I was stripped off my rank and thrown into jail, where I was tortured for a long time by the council for the exact list of people who conspired with me. Luckily for me, I managed to escape when the Imperial March occurred, and the entire Phoenix order was thrown into chaos. After I made it to safety, I found a school and settled down. I was planning to live a normal life, finish school, go to college, maybe marry someone and find a job. But this happened." Evelyn said, waving her hand at the room. "Now I am back to a war that I fought so hard to escape."

Ava stood up and sat down beside Evelyn, holding her right hand to comfort her. "Don't worry, I will never betray you." Evelyn looked up at Ava, surprised. Ava stared back, showing nothing but the want to help. Evelyn finally smiled warmly, something she hadn't do for a long time.

"I will help you, and as long as you don't betray me, I will not turn on you. But if you do betray me, I swear to god I will kill you. Now, which universe are we going?"

Ava said nothing, but she held out something. Evelyn took it. It's a green arrow.

The next day...

Training Facility #9

"Who exactly are we waiting for?" Luke asked Ava. The two of them were waiting in the teleportation room. Two other followers sat around them. There were more followers available, but arrow verse is not somewhere a large force can be helpful in. The plan is to go there with a small elite team and get a place in the story line. A long as the jumpers have successfully blended into the story, it will be so much easier to do other things. All four wore casual clothes to be as normal as possible.

Luke is actually quite unhappy as Ava is keeping a secret from him. When Ava disappeared for a while yesterday and returned with a smile on her face, he wondered where the girl went. And he is wondering even more as the four men and women are waiting for someone who he knows nothing about.

"For a millionth time, it is a surprise." Ava replied. "But I can assure you it is a pleasant surprise." Luke had no choice but to sit back down. At least he's sure Ava will not harm him.

The four heard footsteps closing in from the hallway leading to the room and turned around. They found a girl in dark Mandalorian armor that covered every inch of her skin. The only reason they knew it's a her is because the armor is a female style. She wore a black helmet that covered up her face entirely and had a white T symbol in the center. She had multiple weapons strapped around her belt. Pointy blades extended off her elbow and knee plates and shined beneath the crimson light.

"What in the world are you doing here?" Luke asked angrily, his eyes started to turn silver. "You are not invited."

"Quite the opposite." Evelyn replied, her voice clearly portrayed through her armor. "I am very invited."

"Luke, she's who I was waiting for." Ava explained, "She's coming with us." Luke signed before standing up and pulling Ava aside to discuss privately. Evelyn smirked and sat down on a chair and started to flip a pistol around her index finger. The pistol belonged to the white cloaks she killed.

"This is a bad idea." On the opposite side of the room, Luke shook his head and pointed rudely at Evelyn, "I don't trust her. We know absolutely nothing about this woman!"

"I believe we can trust her." Ava explained quietly, "I know enough about her past. She is just a girl who is hurt but pretends to be strong. She uses a tough armor to hide her vulnerable body. She might be a killer, but then again we all are. Bottom line is, she is not evil!"

Luke signed deeply. He waited for a few seconds before answering. Ava waited patiently until he finally replied. "Fine, but I will always keep an eye on her. If she does anything suspicious, there's no telling what I might do." Ava nodded and the two returned to Evelyn and sat down.

"Guys this is Evelyn." She introduced, "Evelyn, this is Luke, a close friends of mine." Luke held a straight face and Ava kicked him beneath the table. "This is Catherine, another friend of mine and one of the best fighters under my command." Catherine is a girl with brown hair and a British accent. She was way more polite than Luke and actually held her hand out. Evelyn took off her glove on the right hand and grabbed her hand and shook it. "And this is Ethan." Ethan is a tall teenager with a pair of glasses. He looked numb and even blushed slightly when Evelyn took his hand. "He is an expert in arrow verse."

"So what's the plan huh?" Evelyn questioned after seating back down. She continued to fiddle with her pistol. Finally Luke gave her a warning look, and Evelyn shrugged and laid her pistol lightly on the table. "I know we are going into the arrow universe, but I have no idea why we are going there and how we are going to do things."

Ava started explaining. "When we heard about the Guardians, we realized we must do something about it in case them somehow manage to locate us. True, the chance of them finding here is extremely slim, but if they do, there will be nothing left for us to do but to die. So, we decided to prepare for war. There is a lot of things that we lack as fighters. Training and Weaponry being on the top of the list." Ava stared at Evelyn, whose opinion can't be seen under the helmet. Ava continued.

"When we thought of training, arrow verse immediately came to our mind. After all, the impressive changes of people like Oliver Queen and Sara Lance are astonishing. If we can receive the same experience they did, we will be able to emerge as warriors that can at least stand a chance against the Guardians. As for weaponry, the Mirakuru is just a start. Arrow verse contains multiple sources of power, including martial arts, magic, meta-human, speed-force as so on. Angels and Demons walk the earth. If we can just grab a couple of them, the mission will be worth the risk." She finished.

Evelyn smirked, a voice that made Luke want to punch the girl in the face. "That is a grand target, and the reward is huge, but do you have the plan to pack it up?" Ava looked confused, and Evelyn continued. "Oliver Queen survived the five years because of the protection from the plot. No matter how many times he is near death, he simply can not die. I can't say the same for you guys." The look on Ava and Luke and the followers started to darken. "I mean no offense, but look at you guys. Like you said, you have neither military training nor plot protection. How can you survive in a place filled with terrorists that torture and kill those they meet?"

"If Oliver Queen can survive, then so can we." Luke said loudly, more than unhappy at being undermined, "Plus, are you not going to be there to protect us?"

Evelyn laughed loudly. Her voice gave others the impression of a chirping bird and would have been an entertaining sound if the situation is not so serious. "If I am there to make sure you are safe and sound, then there is really no point of going there. You might as well play a RPG shooting game and hope you can become an elite sniper in the process."

"She's right." Ava said just in time to stop Luke from going mad. "If things go wrong, Evelyn must not be there to save us. It is the only way to ensure that we become the fighters we need to be."

"But the danger..." Ethan asked. His sound gave Evelyn a weak feeling.

"Is a risk we have to take." Ava cut him off before turning to Evelyn."Just go there and do what you have to do. I am sure you know about tactics and plans so much better than I do." Evelyn nodded and sat back down. Ava looked around at the four other teenagers. "Get ready, we leave in 5 minutes."

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