(A/N: This story picks up right where "A Happy Year" left off. I hope you enjoy it!)

It was around 11:00 a.m. on New Year's Day on Kongo Bongo Island, and that's when everyone who attended the New Year's party at DK's last night started waking up (except for Bluster, since he left after DK and Candy announced their engagement). Boy, were they ever surprised to find that they were still at DK's house!

"What happened? Why is everyone still here?" DK asked, asking the question the others were asking themselves.

"Guess we were too tired to go home after all that celebrating." Dixie said.

"First, we were celebrating the arrival of the new year, and then we celebrated the fact that DK and I are engaged to be married." Candy said as she looked at her hand, seeing the ring DK had given her last night around midnight.

"Oh yeah! We'd better give DK and Candy some alone time so they can start planning their wedding." Diddy said.

"After we've had some breakfast first." DK added.

That's when everyone remembered that they hadn't had breakfast. But it was close to noon, so it would be more like brunch. With that in mind, everyone but Candy set off for home to get something to eat. Diddy wanted to go with Dixie's family so that DK and Candy could be alone while they planned their wedding.

"Can I go with Dixie?" Diddy asked DK.

"If Chunky's okay with it, sure." DK replied.

So Diddy asked Chunky, who was perfectly fine with it. With that, Diddy set off with Dixie and her family.

Now DK and Candy were alone. They both ate some banana bread (DK made some for breakfast the other day, and there was plenty left), and they started to plan their wedding.

"So far, we've both made plans to not rush the wedding." DK said.

"I was thinking that we could get married in the summer." Candy said.

"Most weddings do take place in the summer, but now we have to figure out which month. Do you want it in June, or August?" DK asked.

"What about July? That's a summer month." Candy said.

"Well, June is a popular month for weddings, but lately, everyone and their brother has chosen August as the perfect month to tie the knot." DK said.

"Let's give July a chance." Candy suggested.

"Okay. For you, my love." DK said, agreeing to it. Then he said, "We don't need to worry about a minister, since I've decided that Cranky can do it again. He was the minister the first time we did this."

"That's true." Candy said.

"I'm also thinking of asking Diddy to be my best man." DK said.

"I should ask Dixie and Tiny to be the maid of honor and flower girl, respectively." Candy said. (A/N: Remember, in my stories, I'm keeping Tiny in her look from "Donkey Kong 64".)

"If Diddy, Dixie, and Tiny were here right now and heard this, they'd glomp us while thanking us over and over for asking them to be in our wedding." DK said, and he couldn't help grinning at the image that popped up in his head.

"You're imagining it right now, aren't you?" Candy asked.

"How did you know? Are you some kind of psychic?" DK asked, a little surprised.

"The look on your face hinted it." Candy replied. Then she remembered something else, and said, "If we're going to have a flower girl, we should probably have a ring bearer."

"Kiddy's the age for that job, and I do owe him for when he helped Dixie save Diddy and me from KAOS." DK said.

"Sounds good. And I know that we'll be inviting everyone but the bad guys." Candy said.

"That's only because they left after I tricked them into thinking that I shrunk the Crystal Coconut and turned it into a pendant for you." DK smirked, remembering when that happened. (A/N: That was in the chapter where the group celebrated Candy's birthday in "A Happy Year".)

"Yeah. Even if they found out that it wasn't the real deal, they still won't be able to find it." Candy said.

"And they won't be getting it when we marry this time." DK said.

"Oh, before I forget... I'm still living at my place until our wedding." Candy told him.

"That's okay. Now do you want to live here after our wedding, or do you want a new treehouse built for us to live in?" DK asked.

"Here's good." Candy said.

"Okay. I'll see about getting this place expanded in time for our wedding. You know, since we're going to be married, we might want this place to be a little bigger." DK said.

"That's a good idea. You know something? You're amazing, and not just because you're the ruler of the island." Candy told him.

"Not as amazing as you, the only woman I'll ever love with all my heart." DK replied, pulling Candy into a kiss, which she was only too happy to return.

So it looks like they've got quite a few of the plans handled. Stay tuned if you want to see more!