(A/N: Okay, here's the epilogue! NOW you'll know what completed the even happier ending! I'll get this started!)

So DK and Candy had been married for 2 years, and they had no problems. They loved each other more and more with each passing day, and they were happier than they'd ever been in their lives. But they were about to be even happier real soon. Here's what happened just a short time ago.

Candy hadn't been feeling too well in the mornings for a couple of weeks, and she didn't know why. She talked to her mother about it one day, and her mother said, "Candy, I had sickness like that when I was pregnant with you."

"Wait a minute! Are you saying that I'm not feeling well because I'm...?" Candy couldn't get the word out. She couldn't be pregnant... could she?

"It's possible, sweetheart. You should get tested and find out." her mom said.

"Okay..." Candy said. She didn't think she was expecting a baby, but she might as well find out if that was it.

Because getting tested by a doctor was expensive, she went out and bought a pregnancy test. To her surprise, she was pregnant! She was nervous, but at the same time, she was really happy. But how was she gonna tell DK? And how was he gonna react? Yeah, DK was out with Diddy right now, spending time at the banana plantation.

Hours later, DK and Diddy returned, and Candy knew that she had to tell DK.

"DK, we need to talk." Candy told him as soon as he and Diddy walked in the door.

"Okay. Let's talk." DK said.

"Alone." Candy said.

"Oh! Well, okay." DK said. He followed Candy into their bedroom, and Candy closed the door behind them. Diddy, not knowing what else to do, went to his room and decided to play a video game on one of his handheld consoles.

Getting back to DK and Candy, DK said, "Okay, what do we need to talk about?"

"I found out why I've been sick in the mornings." Candy told him.

"You did? What's causing it?" DK asked.

Candy didn't reply. She handed him the pregnancy test.

"What is this?" DK asked, not sure what the object was.

"It's a pregnancy test." Candy told him.

DK was so shocked, he almost dropped the test. But Candy told him, "Don't freak out! My mother told me that she got sick in the mornings when she was pregnant with me. She figured that I might be having a child myself."

"Okay..." DK said, a little calmer now.

Sure enough, the test showed that Candy was pregnant.

"So... you're saying that we're...?" DK said, surprised.

"We're going to be parents." Candy said, more nervous than happy.

"This is great!" DK exclaimed in happiness as he picked Candy up and swung her round. Seeing how happy he was made Candy relax and feel happy about the baby. But then DK stopped short and said, "Oh no..."

"Oh no?" Candy said, her nervousness returning as DK set her down.

"Remember when Diddy and I baby-sat Baby Kong?" DK asked. (A/N: This happened in the cartoon series episode "Baby Kong Blues".)

"Yes..." Candy said.

"You thought I was making up a story after you told me that I should baby-sit the baby more often. But I wasn't making anything up! I swear!" DK began.

"You really had trouble with the baby?" Candy asked.

"YES! I thought it'd be easy, since I cared for Diddy when he was a baby, but then I had a horrible realization: I didn't know how to care for this baby! And Diddy wasn't able to help, since that was his first time caring for a baby!" DK said. (A/N: The time DK got turned into a baby in "Ape Foo Young" doesn't count as Diddy's first time caring for a baby. He hadn't done much before Candy showed up and looked over DK. As for Candy, she didn't really remember that day.)

"How did you forget to care for a baby when you cared for Diddy during his infancy?" Candy asked.

"I figured it out later that night. I must've thrown my baby-care knowledge out the window as soon as Diddy's baby days were over. Didn't think I'd find myself caring for a baby ever again." DK moaned, head in his hands. (A/N: It's just a theory I have. Not a fact.)

"Apparently, you figured that once your nephew wasn't a baby anymore, you wouldn't need to know how to care for a baby." Candy guessed.

"That's... pretty much it. I wish I hadn't done that, though, now that we've got a baby on the way. What if I mess up and prove that I'm not capable of raising our kid?" DK asked.

"I'll help you as we prepare for our baby. By the time he or she arrives, you'll be ready, and caring for our child will be as easy as banana cream pie. You've also got a big heart with lots of love, and that's the most important thing." Candy assured him, rubbing his back to help him feel better.

"You're going to be a great mom. You always know just what to say." DK said as he gave Candy a hug.

"And you'll be a good dad. I'm sure of it." Candy said, returning the hug. Then she added, "You know, I think Diddy will be happy to learn how to help care for the baby. So if he's not out with Dixie while I'm at work, you'll have extra help."

"You know something? You're right. But that's after we tell him about the baby. He doesn't know yet." DK said.

"Right. We'll tell him." Candy smiled.

Later on, they told Diddy about the baby, and he was really happy for DK and Candy, but he was even happier that he was getting a cousin.

"You wouldn't mind helping us take care of the baby when it gets here, would you?" DK asked Diddy.

"I wouldn't mind!" Diddy replied. He really wanted to make up for the time he and DK took care of Baby Kong.

As the months went on, DK and Candy prepared a nursery for the baby, and Candy was able to teach DK and Diddy how to care for a baby. Dixie even helped once she knew. She'd helped Chunky care for Kiddy when Kiddy was a baby. Kiddy was a toddler now, but Dixie still helped, and she also kept the knowledge of caring for a baby. Plus, Dixie and Candy had been watching over Baby Kong before DK and Diddy took over.

Before they knew it, the baby was due any day now, and they were all set. They didn't know if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl (the ultrasound didn't show), but they would be happy, no matter what the child was.

"When is the baby gonna get here?" DK asked Candy one afternoon.

"Whenever he or she decides that it's time to come out, I guess." Candy said.

"I hope it's soon." DK said.

"Try to be patient. I want this baby as much as you do, but it'll be here in due time." Candy replied.

Around 11:30 that night, Candy awoke, feeling weird. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. But she figured that this could mean one very important thing.

"DK, get up!" Candy said, shaking her husband awake.

"Huh? What's going on?" DK asked, still tired.

"I think it's time!" Candy said.

"You want the time? It's 11:30 at night." DK told her.

"No, it's time!" Candy said.

DK then realized what Candy was saying.

"NOW?!" DK almost screamed.

"Yes! We need to get to the hospital!" Candy said.

"Oh man!" DK was freaking out, but he knew that his wife needed to get to the hospital. He also needed to let Diddy know what was going on.

DK quickly hurried to Diddy's room and woke him up to tell him that he and Candy were going to the hospital.

"The baby's coming?" Diddy guessed.

"Yup." said DK as he hurried back to his and Candy's room to grab his wife, and her suitcase.

When DK and Candy left the house, Diddy went to DK and Candy's room and sat on their bed. He was there just in case someone evil had been spying on them and figured out how to get the Crystal Coconut. If that was so, he was going to guard it with his life.

Meanwhile, DK and Candy went to see Funky, who flew them to the hospital (since there wasn't a hospital on Kongo Bongo Island). He wasn't too happy about being woken up, but he forgot about it once he knew what was up.

Then we skip the birthing scene, and we saw Candy sitting up in bed, holding a small baby gorilla wrapped in a soft, blue blanket. DK was standing next to the bed, looking at their child in awe.

"We have a son..." DK said.

"Yes, we do. Look at him. He's already looking like your double." Candy said. It was true; the child was the spittin' image of his daddy, though his eye color was the same as his mother's.

"Yeah, but I like his eyes. He got them from you." DK said.

"True. But he looks so much like you." Candy said.

"Does that mean we're naming him..." DK started.

"Yup. Donkey Kong IV." said Candy. (A/N: But they still call him 'Jr.', not to be confused with DK's dad, DK Jr.)

"Thought so." DK replied, pulling his wife into a hug.

DK and Candy both fell asleep shortly thereafter.

The next day, DK and Candy were calling their relatives and friends with the news about the baby, and everyone was glad. They were even happier when DK and Candy returned to the island with the baby in tow. Everyone loved the child, even though Cranky wasn't showing it. But DK and Candy were the happiest. Their happily ever after was complete at last.

The End

Okay, I know this story wasn't as long as its predecessor, but I did my best. Hope you enjoyed reading about DK and Candy's happily ever after!