It was done, the day was won. Galileo raised his fist up in the air and said to himself "that was for Rock and Roll" as a crowd of Bohemians surrounded him with praise and laughter, claps and jokes. He smiled at them, wishing for each of there happiest new dreams to come true. Scaramouche was beside him, her deep brown hair blowing wildly in the wind...and her looks as true and honest as ever, she stood beside Grandma Pop, who was looking slightly younger than Galileo remembered. Her long blonde hair and floral headdress keeping a wise wisdom about her, Galileo managed to hop on stage to address the growing crowd of flocking Bohemians. He remembered the initial aftermath of the battle, he had sung like his heart, his life, depended on it, because it did. Killer Queen and her officers and been defeated, and ran away to who knows where, her once trusted advisor and police chief Commander Khashoggi had now turned traitor and joined the ranks of the Bohemians, and was forced to deeply apologise to each member, after the Seven Seas Of Rye had wiped them all clean, only to be restored to there rightful states by the music of Galileo and Scaramouche. A few moments after Galileo took to the stage, and was passed a mic by Paul McCartney (who had made it his mission to restore the great stadiums of the past, and find all the instruments of rock) Galileo couldn't say anything, the weight of the moment on his shoulders, he decided to try his best at a victory speech "Thank you all for helping me- I mean us" he gestured to Scaramouche and Grandma Pop, who were stood beside him, a few steps behind. "We wouldn't have done all of this without you, I know Brit and Meat would be proud of us if they could see us now" a few moments after the battle, Pop had sent Brit and Meat to recruit the final few GaGa Kids and show them the power of rock, and then set to work leading them in forging a new world, one that embraced music, rather than subjugated it. Galileo thanked the efforts of all Bohemians and they returned thanks back with shouts and cheers of excitement, they cheered for a while before Galileo gave a few final words "now I know these next few months won't be easy, but it's up to us to restore the world to it's greatness yet honour of the mighty Queen" he said to amazing applause from the crowd. Scaramouche led him down the stairs as they walked out the stadium towards the camp that Bob the builder and Khashoggi had set up, many colourful tents were set out around the stadium like various odd sweets, they had used the grounds as a staging area to welcome new bohemians and give them a place to live for the moment, as Galileo and Scaramouche used Wembley as a HQ of sorts. Galileo gave a small noise to instruct the busy Bob to turn around, he turned and stood up straight to greet the new leader "Hello Galileo sir...good to see you, the camp is going well, Khashoggi will soon have a security perimeter set up, and then we can get busy with the real business" he uttered with a cough, Galileo glanced at Scaramouche, who only gave a short shrug and a verbal "Eh...Khashoggi doesn't seem so bad" luckily Bob didn't hear that, the things that Khashoggi had done to the Bohemians should have put him far beyond redemption, but somehow he was still working happily alongside the people he hurt and interrogated. Bob stepped aside as a busy messenger stepped in and addressed Grandma Pop "my lady Pop! I bring news!" Galileo let the man pass, he was shorter and had a light brown hair and pale complexion, but far uglier than Galileo, who took pride in that. The messenger addressed himself as Crazy Frog, and began to quickly mumble and chatter towards Pop, Scaramouche got herself in the way "hey now Frog boy, what is it? You seem nervous there" the boy nodded as Galileo took a step closer, looking down at the boy "it's the Killer Queen, Madame Pop, she's locked herself in the lowest vault at the Globalsoft Tower...your converted GaGa Kids are trying to work there way in, but it's no use" he concluded at a short sharp breath. Silence, Pop and Scaramouche thought for a second on how to get in there, Galileo himself was more confident "sure, let the MegaBitch hide" Scaramouche said at last, echoing Galileo's thoughts exactly "she's lost, I doubt she'll last any longer" Pop chimed in, Bob turned around with a small grin "yeah, she's the last thing Globalsoft have, we kill her, and we are the champions" he smirked, Scaramouche chuckled, Galileo shook his head "no" he said at least, as Bob and Scaramouche turned to him with puzzled look "we won't kill her, I want to question her myself" he said, his voice getting oddly more sinister, as all heroes did. but at that moment a familiar face came into the scene escorted by two guards, it was former Globalsoft Commander Khashoggi, he had still worn his uniform, but ditched the long coat in favour of a black and red lined blazer, with many silver buttons. He kept his brisk tone of voice with a slightly cautious phrase of speech "I'm afraid the Killer Queen is far too mad to be reasoned with-" he was going to continue, but Pop had coughed an interjection "then we kill her, and then we seize the Tower" she sounded more like a warlord than a hippie, but that was a feeling around the stadium, they needed to take down the last remnant of GlobalSoft and see that a better age succeeds it, Khashoggi hadn't finished speaking yet, so he cleared his throat "there, who could live up to the Killer Queen's legacy, he was Minister of Defence at GlobalSoft and took my position as police Commander before I was exiled" he said with a heavy voice, Galileo took a curious step "who is this person?" He asked, Khashoggi gulped and lowered his sly voice, as if in fear "his Drowse"

At the tallest peak of the tallest tower on Planet Mall, the flag of the Bohemians was raised in pride and unity, the flag was a crest of Two lions, crowned and perched beside each other beside a large golden ring, inside was a even larger and grander crown, and on top was a fiery Phoenix spreading it's wings. Sat beside the two lions were a pair of Fairies or as Scaramouche named them, Angles. The new Bohemians planted the flag and raised there fists towards it, showing the world that the mighty GlobalSoft Tower had been taken. However, several layers beneath, in the furthest bunker and the deepest hole, the faint sniffling and crying could be heard, along with ferocious chanting and pounding on a mighty metal door, secured with a thousand locks, inside, the Killer Queen sat. She was sad, for the first time in her life, she was scared, and cold, and alone. The brainwashed GaGa Kids had turned against her, her police had disbanded, her Commander had turned traitor, and her legacy was ruin. At the moment, the new Bohemians had managed to overpower her personal guard of the Super-yuppies with sheer numbers and worrying determination. One of the idiot teachers had been trapped with her in the Grand Vault, a tubby and short man, with a rather spirited black moustache. He held the rank of Captain back the old days of GlobalSoft, but had left to serve the younger cloned GaGa Kids, he was beloved as a grandfather to many children, but even his face was grey with worry. Killer Queen ran a slender hand through her long brown hair and pulled up her fur coat, it was deathly cold, and she had thoughts of killing the Teacher beside her, clawing out his eyes and brutalising him, just to have something to eat, it had been days. Somehow, the bloodsucking children, as she had imagined, were still pounding and trying to crack the vault door, if that was her on the other side, she would have radiated the room and let them starve...but these were children after all...stupid stupid children. The teacher had been leaning on the wall for a while now "trust me, your grace...soon someone will come for us, Agent Breakthru, or-" she held up a sharp hand for silence "quiet...I'm thinking here you oaf" she spat, every second wasted here was agony, while that pretty boy and his female were most likely setting right the world that was hers, or was once hers. The Teacher stood next to the Killer Queen, she was a sight to behold, even now, as a wreck of a model. Her pale and blemish-less skin was perfect, and her figure even more so, she befit the title completely, the Teacher was lost in her beauty for a moment, as many were. Suddenly, the vault shocked, and for a second Killer Queen stood like lightning, expecting the vault door to slam open be faced with a two dozen angry teens, but alas, none of that was true "What was that?!" She exclaimed, the Teacher resumed his stand, taking to the door to feel for any cracks "it sounded like...something coming out of orbit..." He said with worry, Killer Queen heard the scuttle of children, the Bohemians had fled, reinforcements? She knew exactly what he was referencing, she grabbed him by the little shoulder "no! You can't mean that! How would the Bohemians even find the Final Annihilator?!" The teacher shook his head "they didn't madam...the Transceivers have gone off" he looked to his transceiver communicator, the Bohemians didn't know how to work GlobalSoft Tech, that much Killer Queen knew, she glanced at the communicator in his hand "what does that mean?! Answer me!" She glared, the Teacher answered immediately "all of them madam, it's a Flash Signal" she knew exactly what that meant, the rage in her eyes showed it "Drowse"

A few thousand feet about the GlobalSoft Tower, a large black and sleek warship hovered above the Tower, it's curved front like a dagger blade, and it's side perfectly straight and narrow, with unmistakeable red indents and a snake-like pattern underneath it's hull. Some thousands of feet above that, was the Final's colossal mass was enough to block out the sun and cover the tower in deep dark shade, a large yet small planet-sized station, it's creation done in secret, only with the highest ranking members of GlobalSoft privy to the design of a weapon that was made to destroy any hope of resistance. Standing in the bridge, a ghost figure, only escorted by two Super-Yuppies, a outline of grey tracked onto the bridge to silence from his officer, the Super-Yuppies departed at a wave of his hand as the Minister Of Defence, Police Commandant and now Prime Minister Drowse stepped forward and took a long elegant walk to the observation glass, a short, young, blonde haired boy, Flight-Supervisor and Lieutenant Eli Lambert, Drowse's personal aide, came strutting in wearing a light grey suit and blue tie. He addressed his aid with a slight smile while Eli presented a high-tech tablet to his superior "it is just as you predicted, sir" he began in his accent-less voice, such was his charm "the Killer Queen has confined herself to the vault, and hundreds of Bohemians still remain in the tower" he said at almost a murmur, Drowse looked down to him and gave a long nod "Pull the Red Special out-" he began to walk along the bridge "begin firing sequence, make it so there is nothing left of that building" Drowse leered forward to look down at the Tower, and the black battleship moving out of it's disastrous way, at this point, a gigantic crowd of young children and teens were on the roof, looking up in confusion. The Killer Queen hadn't given the order to unleash the Final Annihilator on the rebels at the time, because she considered them no threat, and was confident that Khashoggi and his thugs could take care of them. Since GlobalSoft's fall from grace the decision was made among the remaining high officers of the army, navy and parliament, to bring in the Final Annihilator. An operator at a control panel turned to Drowse "Final Annihilator charged, systems primed and locked" he nodded, Drowse smiled and thought of the Killer Queen for a moment, her utterly oblivious of what happens above her, and what her closest friends think of her. Drowse then thought of the hundreds of Bohemians who currently occupied the tower, there leader Galileo, and his confidence at there victory, all of that would soon change. His lips parted to say a single word to the operator, a word that would end the Killer Queen, what remains of her legacy, and the last reminder of the GlobalSoft Corporation "Fire" and with that, the laser beam struck out, making nothing but ash and death. Exactly as Drowse planned. The Killer Queen had died screaming.