a/n: hey ava's nonbinary now sorry i dont make the rules (wait im the author)

Their head swam with all the words, the berating they had been forced to swallow after their 'suicide attempt'.

The pact was complete.

Ava can't feel anything but the bandages and the smoky thoughts drifting through their head, as though Wrathia is making her dragon's nest in her skull.

Ava can't really refer to their body or mind as female anymore, since they have two people merged into one soul. It's hard to come to terms with this sudden change, but it's not really so bad.

Being sent to therapy isn't as good.

Unfortunately, there really isn't much they can do about it.

It's nighttime again, and Ava stares up at the ceiling with an empty heart. After their attempt at death, their temporary foster parent had dumped them in the school permanently.


Sleeping comes like waves, lapping in and out along with their conscious state. It's simple, and Ava drifts...

.. right into another place.

It's dim and dreary, but there are some fairy lights strung here and there, as though this place isn't truly dark yet. Drawers make up the majority of the haphazard walls, creaking ominously and promising death to all those who get too close.

Ava glances at the hazy purple smoke, and they follow it. It's familiar, with the crescents and stars hidden amongst the tendrils of purple wisps.

Their hands are pink and transparent. It's odd, and Ava can see the vague outlines of bones.

They shudder and continue walking.

Blocks that Ava might have played with as a child litter the floor and tower up into the darkness. It's terrifying.

Ava finally comes across Wrathia, who is sprawled across several ornate looking pillows, dolls of many forms surrounding the floor.

Candles flicker dangerously as their feet wander closer.

"Ah, so you've finally made it." Wrathia purrs, turning so she can look at Ava better. "It took you long enough."

"Nice to see you too, Wrathia." Ava drawls, sitting on one of the pillows with some grace that Ava didn't know they had in them.

Wrathia sneers, her face contorting into a harsh image of queenly wrath, much like her name implies. "Your sarcasm is not appreciated. Now listen. We need to discuss plans."

Ava sighs and pulls their dress down a little bit, adjusting it and making sure she at least imitates Wrathia's lazy grace.

"Talk." Ava demands, and Wrathia blinks. Then she laughs like she's seen her most hated enemies all die in equally horrific ways.

"Oh, silly sweet darling... you don't make demands here." She cackles, her molten skin cracking and blistering with the heat of a roaring wildfire.

Ava scowls, their eyes glittering gold for a split second while they remember that, they don't know where they are. "Says who?"

"I say it, you blabbering child." Wrathia hisses, magma bubbling out of her skin and eyes, fury in tangible form. "This may be your mind but I am still a resident of this cursed place."

"My mind?!" Ava shrieks, standing up instantly. Their skin is dark red, shapes of wilted poppies blooming into being around their feet. "You just forced us to meet in my mind, and you make it so you have control?" Ava's eyes are blood red, rage and injustice blistering and festering.

"You made this pact, Ava, so you have to take consequences." Wrathia snips back, breathing out more purple smoke with angry pointed shapes hidden, a promise and a threat.

Ava sits back down on a poppy-patterned pillow, their skin slowly changing back to the unhealthy milky tone they had before. Ava's anger is simmering beneath the surface, but they can and will hide it long enough to have a somewhat civil conversation with the demon.

"Now then," Wrathia mutters, her mood affected by the heavy and thick magma slowly and threateningly dripping gently out of the drawers. She's hesitant now. "Let's get to discussing our haphazard plan."

Wrathia wipes away the magma, and tells Ava some more about her story.

Ava is given a thick tome, a half soul, and a confidence drainer, the weight of the duty of defeating the universe's most powerful overlord grabbing at their heart and tearing through like paper.

They're sent back to the real world with a drawer in their chest and a heavy feeling in their skull. It feels like there's magma dripping out of her eyes.

One glance at the mirror and Ava knows it's the truth.