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~~-time 7:34am -place Santa's workshop meeting room ~~

?/Jack's pov

As i listen to the guardian's chit-chat in the mouthy meeting that i am forced to attend even though i would much rather be at home or anywhere else then here.

And just as Bunny and North start to fight (chit-chat) about who has the better holiday while Tooth and Sandy try stop them, soon the sound of static begins to flood the room and as the static gets closer/louder the guardian's go into their fighting positions, i however am trying to stay calm while keeping up my appearance as Jack Frost.

Then when a very tall man appears in front of the me and guardians, he is a man with extremely long, slender arms and legs. He also has 4 to 8 long, black tentacles that are protruding from his back, and He is wearing a black suit, black dress shoes and a long flowing red necktie, His face is pure white and slightly ghostly, thus giving nothing as to his thoughts away, and he has no eyes, but he still looks straight at me with a sad/worried look on his ghostly white face.

And i run towards him ignoring the shouts of the guardian's to stay away/ get back here, i soon come to a halt in front of him as i say worryingly ; why are you here? ;.

I feel a soft push at my mind when i open my mind i hear a sad/serious/worried male voice say " My little one i am so truly sorry, but we've searched from soon after you left for this place and the others are still searching, however i had to come here to get you, because your one of the only who can find them " i hold my hook-staff tightly as he pulls out a all too familiar Teddy bear and a Hatchet that's just as familiar.

The air around the room begins to freeze quickly making the guardian's uneasy as I growl out coldly ; WHERE ; he holds out one of his hands to me and I waste no time in taking it as the guardian's try to stop me.

Just for us to vanish as they almost grab onto me, soon we reappear in the middle of Slenderman's forest i take off like a bullet towards where Laughting Jack is in the forest, when i find him i see A tall monochrome clown, He has long matted black hair fell over his shoulders and his black and white ringed eyes glare hatefully at the ground. His ringed clown nose stood out long. His attire consisted of black and white feathers sprouting from his shirt on his shoulders; his shirt was striped black and white, as well as his black pants, His arms extended past his knees and his razor sharp black claws are clawing angerly at blood stain burnt ground, his long Razer sharp fangs bared in a dangerous snarl, his black wolf's ears are pressed against his skull in anger while his long twin black wolf's tails are moving slowly in irritation.

As he kneels down by burn marks and some blood on the forest floor, i walk towards him and wrap my arms around him as i say ; Jack what happened to the kids while i was gone? i thought that Jeff was watching them for us while I at that dammed meeting and while you were on mission in Texas ;.

L J growl's dangerously at the reminder as he says ; he was and now nobody knows where he is ether ; i unwrap my arms from L J as i feel myself begin to transform into my real self/appearance to that of Jokla Frosti, my sex changes from that of a male to that of a female, my snow white hair grows past my lower back, my eyes turn from a ice blue color to a snow white color with a crimson red ring in the middle of my right eye and a sapphire blue ring in my left, both of them with a wolf's black slited pupil instead of a human's round, my human/normal-spirit's round dull teeth and finger/toe/nail's turn into Razer sharp fangs and black/white claws, my human ears turn into snow white wolf's ears and my tail bone begins to lengthen then divides into two until it becomes two long snow white furred wolf's tails.

And my old blue hoodie and ripped tan faded pants, change into a long sleeve gray shirt with white swirls Sewn into the sleeve edges, the upper shirt callor, and the bottom of the shirt, and a pair of black pants with red swirls Sewn into the left pant leg and sapphire swirls Sewn into the right bottom pant leg, my clawed feet remain bare and my wooden hook/staff turns into a metal/steel death scythe with a silver dase and a long black blade, and a double bladed spear with the same coloring appears on my back.

I turn my gaze towards L J and Slenderman as i say ; let's get this hunt started shall we ; both of them nod their head's and the wind swirls wildly around me, at their answers my eyes turn a cloudy white color as i use one of my power's to see what happened to Jeff and the kids.

(normal pov)

(In the forest where the foolish and the stupidity brave die horrifying deaths, however this forest is also a safe place to those whom call it home, however today their Screams of delight are mistaken for that of fright, the mistake being with danger, fear, hate, pain, in the form of some spirit's.

Jeff the killer is chasing around his two young charges for the day as they scream happily as the three of them play a game of Killer's and Victim's (Cop's and Robber's but with knives, gun, weapons, etc) with Jeff as the Killer and his two charges as the Victim's, just as the Killer is about to catch his two "victims" a fireball fly's towards him making his two charges say his name in warning and shock.

But the fireball miss's as Jeff jumps out of way making it hit the ground thus burning it, however before Jeff can do anything else he hears the fearful screams of his two young charges, he quickly turns towards them only to see them struggling in the arms of a large male human fire spirit who says ; shh it's okay children this freak won't be able to hurt you ever again, not where he is going ; then no sooner does the fire spirit stop speaking, does he send another fireball towards Jeff.

However when he jumps out of the way this time the fire spirit throw's a snow globe with a loud shout of ; the attic Santa's workshop! ; Jeff see's what the fire spirit intention's are for him, so with a well zoned in throw of his own, Jeff sends his knife flying towards the fire spirit with yell of anger and a shout of ; Let them go now! DAMMIT ; his knife hits the fire spirit in the left shoulder as Jeff the killer is forcibly taken away by a snow globe to the attic of Santa's workshop.

The fire spiritkeeps his hold on the now frantic children even with the knife still in his left shoulder, as he pulls out yet another snow globe and says ; Mother nature's home for herself and her seasonal spirit's ; the fire spirit disappears with the children leaving behind a pool of his blood, burn marks, one of the boy's hatchet and the little girls teddy bear).

Jokla's pov

I growl out dangerously ; i know where the kids are and i well go personally to get Jeff back after the kids are safe, and father you are going to put up a ward around the forest and mansion to keep out all spirit's so that this won't happen again; Slenderman nods his head slowly confirming for me that my wishes were already on his to do list, and without another word we leave to go get the kids back.

unknown pov

I feel my little sister's hold on me tighten as M Nature sit's beside us, and as i glare hatefully at the fire spirit who ruined our game of Killer's and Victim's, i cut M Nature's kind words as i say calmly ; don't worry Lil-sis mama's gonna help papa stuff flame-head over there full special candy ; my little sister giggle's at my words , as M Nature says ; Special candy? what do you mean by tha- ; i cut his words off once again as i smile darkly underneath my mouth gard and say ; She's here ; and no sooner do these word's leave my mouth does the beautiful site of mymy enraged mother come into view along with my father and grandfather who both look just as pissed off.

Jokla's pov

As i take the site of the two young children sitting next to Mother Nature, a little girl 8 years old in appearance/age/mind-set she has back length brown hair with black that fades into white near the end of her brown hair, her brown/black/white wolfs ears are pressed against her skull in fear, while her long brown/black/white wolfs tail is warped tightly her waist, her tearfully jewel green eyes are looking at me happily, and she is wearing a pink nightgown with some blood stains, her clawed feet are bare like my own.

I see no injuries on her so i turn my gaze towards the boy who is 11 years old in appearance/age/mind-set, he has longish rugged messy light brown with with that darkens into black, his face is mostly hidden behind his large grinning mouth guard, on top of his head in front of his light-brown/white/black wolfs ears are a pair of steampunk goggles with yellowish tinted glass, his brown eyes are filled with dark joy as he looks towards the fire spirit knowingly, his long light-brown/white/black wolfs tail is wagging slightly in happiness as well, he is wearing dark blue jeans, a long sleeve black turtleneck shirt, a slightly baggy green-ish gray hoodie, he has a pair of black shoes on his clawed feet and around his waist is a holster holding a wooden handled hatchet with a empty place for the orange handled hatchet in my hand, i sigh inwardly at that the fact that nether Sally or Toby are hurt.

As I throw my son's hatchet to him knowing that he'll catch it with ease, and i turn my freezing cold gaze towards the fire spirit and Mother Nature as i say coldly ; for the creator's sake! what were you thinking you stupid fire spirit! kidnapping someone's children from their home! ; i walk towards the fire spirit as i say chillingly ; Mother Nature do not interfere with this, for if you do you shall not like what happens next ; i ignore her gasp in favor of grabbing the fire spirit by the throat with my claws digging into his flesh until he begins to bleed quickly, as i pin him against the wall.

L J use's his claws to slash the fire spirit's chest open while making him scream even more as L J and i begin to stuff him full of L J's special candy and some of my ice snake's, and last but not least i slowly start to freeze his flaming hot blood then before the deep freeze reaches his heart i stop the chilling advance within a inches of his still betting heart thus making the fire spirit into a living ice scalper, much everyone's but Mother Nature's amusement.

My new art work begins to fade away from view as it goes to join the others underneath my lake, but I don't pay much attention to this as i walk towards Sally and Toby pull them both of them into my arms as I say tearfully ; i was so afraid that we were going to lose you both because of the stupidity of a single spirit ; i feel both my children hug me as well as L J who wraps the three of us in his long arms as he says ; beloved I'll take the kids back home with me ; i turn my head towards L J then i give him a kiss on the lips before I pull away from him and he let's me go as i give him the kids, before I leave for North's.

I send out a wave of my youkai telling Jeff that I'm here then i turn into Jack frost knowing that it well be easier to get into North's workshop, i take a deep breath before I open the sky light/window in the rooftop, wind sets me gently onto my feetin the meeting room however as i wait for Jeff to hurry up, the guardian's walk into the room and North is the who steps forward as he says ; Jack what happened earlier why did you leave with that evil monster so easily! ; at North's calling my father Slenderman a evil monster my nails dig into my palms drawing some blood, Bunny must have smelt the blood because he looks at me worried/curiously.

However just as Bunny is about to say something a battle cry rings out in the room, i close my eyes and wait for them to make the first move and i don't have to wait long, the air around me shifts slightly then i catch my attackers throat in my hand as they were about attack me head on, i open my eyes and i am not the least bit surprised to see Jeff starring back at me as he says ; hey Bitch! ; my eyes turn into their real color as I say coolly ; Brat don't hey Bitch me because your at least three hundred years too young for that right, and then there is the insistent from earlier that you were here almost the whole time! for and you did not inform me as too what happened insistently! ; Jeff now has a look of fear in his unblinking eyes i give him a cold smile as I say even colder ; So i guess that means you Really want to help me make Red snowflake's ;.

Jeff is now trying frantically to break free of my iron tight hold on him as i begin to drag him past the stunned guardian's and out of the workshop doors into the snowy night, and as i continue to drag him round by his now bloody throat in the snow Jeff says ; okay okay I'm sorry for passing out in the attic of that old man's workshop instead of telling you but please don't ; i notice that the guardian's followed me as i bring Jeff face to face with me still holding onto his bloody throat, and i say ; fine no red snow for now however i well be deciding upon your punishment when we get home is that clear ; Jeff nods his head quickly and i let him fall out of my hold into the snow.

But before we can leave Bunny hops in front of our path to the woods as he says angrily ; hold it mate you and that freak won't be leaving until we get some answer's ; i quickly grab onto Jeff's shoulder as he pulls out a knife and he says sadisticly ; so the fucking giant bunny rabbit still thinks he is higherhigher in the food chain ;.

However before ether side can do anything a bright light shines, soon giving way to a brown eyed white haired man in a silver robs, at the mere site of him My hold Jeff tightens until my fingers are inside his flesh making him bleed out, but he doesn't pay any mind to it because he is so close to going into a rage in much the same fashion that i myself am already in, i look at Man in moon hatefully and at the guardian's coldly as i begin to sing with ny voice overflowing with raw power.

I will not make

The same mistakes that you did

I will not let myself

Cause my heart so much misery

you will not break

The way i did, i fell so hard

I've learned the hard way

That you'll never let it get that far

Because of you

I never stray too far from the shadow's

Because of you

I learned to play on the other side so I don't get hurt

Because of you

I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me

Because of you

I am afraid

I lose my way

And it's not too long before you point it out

I cannot cry

Because I know that's weakness in your eyes

I'm forced to fake

A smile, a laugh everyday of my life

My heart can't possibly break

When it wasn't even whole to start with

Because of you

I never stray too far from the shadow's

Because of you

I learned to play on the other side so I don't get hurt

Because of you

I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me

Because of you

I am afraid

you watched me die

you heard me cry every night in my sleep

I was so young

You should have known

Better than to lean on me

You never thought of anyone else

You just saw your pain

And now I cry in the middle of the night

For the same damn thing

Because of you

I never stray too far from the shadow's

Because of you

I learned to play on the other side so I don't get hurt

Because of you

I try my hardest just to forget everything

Because of you

I don't know how to let anyone else in

Because of you

I don't remember most of my life

Because it's been taken away from me

Because of you

I am afraid

Because of you

Because of you

As my singing comes to a close i feel arms wrapped gently aroundme and i smell the scent's of candy, blood and smoke and i hear a rough male voice say gently ; let's go home everyone's waiting ; i nod my head numbly as continue to look at man in moon hatefully.

Even as Jack teleport's me, Jeff and himself home with his black smoke Jeff goes to report in with Slenderman then get medical help from Eyeless Jack, while Laughing Jack carry's me to our room for some much needed rest because today today was not fun not fun at all.

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